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Month: November 2023

Diablo 4 Duriel Battles Quick and Effective Strategy

Hey there, Diablo 4 warriors! Today, I’ve got something super handy to share with you. We’re going to tackle a challenge that can be a real thorn in your side – defeating Duriel quickly. You know, Duriel, the boss that loves to scurry and burrow, turning what should be a swift victory into a prolonged battle? Yeah, that one.

The Simple Trick
But don’t worry, I’ve got your back with a simple trick that’s going to change the game. Here’s what you do: after you’ve dealt with the initial phase of the fight and taken down the two guardians, get everyone in your party to stack up right behind Duriel, near this little notch in the arena.

Why This Works
This positioning does something magical. It causes Duriel to charge straight into the notch, effectively going nowhere. This traps him in place, letting you and your team unleash a barrage of damage. The best part? If you do it right and hit him hard enough, you can take him down before he even gets a chance to burrow.

What If He Still Burrows?
Okay, let’s say he still manages to dig his way underground. No stress! Often, your damage-over-time effects will finish him off while he’s hiding. And even if that doesn’t happen, you’ve already skipped most of his second phase, saving precious time and reducing the hassle of the fight.

Real-World Results
I’ve tried this method myself, and let me tell you, it works wonders. In one of my runs, we almost had Duriel down before he burrowed. And even though he did manage to dig, our damage-over-time got him good, and he popped back up, defeated.

The Bottom Line
This trick isn’t hard to pull off. Just get your team to huddle up behind Duriel, and you’ll find the fight much smoother. You’ll see less of his annoying charge and burrowing antics, and you’ll speed through those repetitive Duriel runs.

Wrapping It Up
As always, I appreciate you guys and gals tuning in for these tips. I hope this strategy helps you take down Duriel faster and makes your Diablo 4 experience even more thrilling. Remember, it’s all about teamwork, timing, and taking the fight to Duriel in a smart way. Keep battling, and I’ll catch you in the next one!

Diablo 4 S2 Class Rankings After New Malignant Rings Updated

Hey Diablo 4 warriors! It has been a wild ride since we last ranked the classes in boss fights. With the recently added malignant rings, things have changed quite a bit. So, where do the classes stand currently in tackling the challenging tier 100s and the formidable Uber Lilith?

Here is a recap of the old rankings:
5th Place: Druid
4th Place: Necromancer/Rogue (depending on the situation)
2nd Place: Barbarian
Top Spot: Sorcerers (ball lightning build)
The Diablo 4 experience has been fantastic, even though the rankings indicate that only a few classes are capable of defeating tier 100s and Uber Liliths.

Druid – Solid, but Lacking the Umph (5th Place)
With builds such as tornado, wolf stormclaw, and boulder, druids are among the most durable and versatile classes.
The new Inexorable Will ring enhances mob clearing, but does not significantly enhance single-target burst damage.

Necromancer – Impressive but Overshadowed (4th Place)
Damage builds such as Bone Spear and Shadow are in high demand.
The Sacrilegious ring enhances gameplay but requires a trade-off in DPS due to occupying a ring slot.

Rogue – High Damage but Fragile (3rd Place)
Rogues are strong due to a bug that boosts combo points, leading to incredible single-target burst.
Despite their new malignant ring, their ranking has not been significantly affected.

Barbarian – Crushing with sheer force (2nd Place)
There is a great deal of damage dealt by barbarians, especially when using the Hammer of Ancients build.
As a result of the new ring, Red Fur, their one-shot potential has been significantly increased.

Sorcerer – The Uncontested Champion (1st Place)
Ball lightning builds continue to dominate with high, consistent DPS and excellent mob clearing abilities.
With their new malignant ring, they are able to increase damage by up to 60%, cementing their position at the top.

In conclusion:
The rankings remain similar to pre-malignant ring updates, but the gap between classes seems wider.
The mid-season is dominated by sorcerers, followed closely by barbarians and rogues.
While druids are powerful, they lag behind in terms of raw burst power.
It’s an exciting time in Diablo 4, with classes displaying incredible power and demonstrating unique playstyles. What do you think of the current class hierarchy?

Please share your experience and strategies as we continue our exploration of Diablo 4!

Diablo 4 S2 Spinning Boulder Druid Build

The Spinning Boulder Druid build revolves around manipulating core skills and utilizing companions to amplify your damage output significantly. With the right setup, you can achieve hits ranging from 200,000 to 400,000, and possibly even higher.

Build Planner:

Weapons and Armor
Helmet: Vil’s Prayer
Chest Piece: Insatiable Fury
Gloves: Metamorphic Stone (Place the Boulders core skill here)
Pants: Tibault’s Will
Boots: Symbiotic
Weapon: Shepherd’s Aspect (Ensure core skills deal an additional 20% damage for each active Ally or companion)
Amulet: Dolman Stone
Rings: Stampede and Retaliation

Skill and Stat Priorities
On the gloves, focus on Attack Speed, Critical Strike Chance, and Lucky Hit Chance.
For the boots, prioritize Movement Speed, All Stats, Willpower, and other useful stats.
On the weapon, aim for Damage to Crowd Controlled, Critical Strike Damage, Core Damage, Vulnerable Damage, Willpower, and All Stats.
For the rings, look for Critical Strike Chance, Lucky Hit Chance, Maximum Life, Damage to Crowd Controlled Enemies, and Critical Strike Damage.

Companions and Abilities
Utilize a total of nine companions – four Ravens, three Wolves, and two Poison Creepers. This will give you a 180% multiplicative damage boost from your two-hander, thanks to the core skills modification and the active companions.

Vampire Abilities
Prey on the Weak
Feed the Coven
Blood Boil
Sanguin Brace
Feel free to swap out abilities based on your preferences and the situation at hand.

Gems and Paragon Boards
Armor: Ruby
Weapon: Emerald
Accessories: Diamond (or Skull if resistances are maxed)
For Paragon Boards, focus on Weariness, Scythe Talons, Aven Wrath, Energize, and Calm Before the Storm.

Gameplay Strategy
The main strategy revolves around utilizing your Boulders core skill effectively while keeping your companions active. Ensure bosses are always poisoned thanks to your Poison Creeper, and be mindful of your skill rotations to maximize damage output.

Advanced Tips
Pay attention to your resistances, and adjust your gems accordingly.
Make use of the skill tree and Paragon Boards to fine-tune your build for optimal performance.

Conclusion and Additional Resources
This build provides a unique and powerful way to tackle the challenges of Diablo 4, offering immense damage output when set up correctly.

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