Hey Diablo 4 warriors! It has been a wild ride since we last ranked the classes in boss fights. With the recently added malignant rings, things have changed quite a bit. So, where do the classes stand currently in tackling the challenging tier 100s and the formidable Uber Lilith?

Here is a recap of the old rankings:
5th Place: Druid
4th Place: Necromancer/Rogue (depending on the situation)
2nd Place: Barbarian
Top Spot: Sorcerers (ball lightning build)
The Diablo 4 experience has been fantastic, even though the rankings indicate that only a few classes are capable of defeating tier 100s and Uber Liliths.

Druid – Solid, but Lacking the Umph (5th Place)
With builds such as tornado, wolf stormclaw, and boulder, druids are among the most durable and versatile classes.
The new Inexorable Will ring enhances mob clearing, but does not significantly enhance single-target burst damage.

Necromancer – Impressive but Overshadowed (4th Place)
Damage builds such as Bone Spear and Shadow are in high demand.
The Sacrilegious ring enhances gameplay but requires a trade-off in DPS due to occupying a ring slot.

Rogue – High Damage but Fragile (3rd Place)
Rogues are strong due to a bug that boosts combo points, leading to incredible single-target burst.
Despite their new malignant ring, their ranking has not been significantly affected.

Barbarian – Crushing with sheer force (2nd Place)
There is a great deal of damage dealt by barbarians, especially when using the Hammer of Ancients build.
As a result of the new ring, Red Fur, their one-shot potential has been significantly increased.

Sorcerer – The Uncontested Champion (1st Place)
Ball lightning builds continue to dominate with high, consistent DPS and excellent mob clearing abilities.
With their new malignant ring, they are able to increase damage by up to 60%, cementing their position at the top.

In conclusion:
The rankings remain similar to pre-malignant ring updates, but the gap between classes seems wider.
The mid-season is dominated by sorcerers, followed closely by barbarians and rogues.
While druids are powerful, they lag behind in terms of raw burst power.
It’s an exciting time in Diablo 4, with classes displaying incredible power and demonstrating unique playstyles. What do you think of the current class hierarchy?

Please share your experience and strategies as we continue our exploration of Diablo 4!