Hey there, Diablo 4 warriors! Today, I’ve got something super handy to share with you. We’re going to tackle a challenge that can be a real thorn in your side – defeating Duriel quickly. You know, Duriel, the boss that loves to scurry and burrow, turning what should be a swift victory into a prolonged battle? Yeah, that one.

The Simple Trick
But don’t worry, I’ve got your back with a simple trick that’s going to change the game. Here’s what you do: after you’ve dealt with the initial phase of the fight and taken down the two guardians, get everyone in your party to stack up right behind Duriel, near this little notch in the arena.

Why This Works
This positioning does something magical. It causes Duriel to charge straight into the notch, effectively going nowhere. This traps him in place, letting you and your team unleash a barrage of damage. The best part? If you do it right and hit him hard enough, you can take him down before he even gets a chance to burrow.

What If He Still Burrows?
Okay, let’s say he still manages to dig his way underground. No stress! Often, your damage-over-time effects will finish him off while he’s hiding. And even if that doesn’t happen, you’ve already skipped most of his second phase, saving precious time and reducing the hassle of the fight.

Real-World Results
I’ve tried this method myself, and let me tell you, it works wonders. In one of my runs, we almost had Duriel down before he burrowed. And even though he did manage to dig, our damage-over-time got him good, and he popped back up, defeated.

The Bottom Line
This trick isn’t hard to pull off. Just get your team to huddle up behind Duriel, and you’ll find the fight much smoother. You’ll see less of his annoying charge and burrowing antics, and you’ll speed through those repetitive Duriel runs.

Wrapping It Up
As always, I appreciate you guys and gals tuning in for these tips. I hope this strategy helps you take down Duriel faster and makes your Diablo 4 experience even more thrilling. Remember, it’s all about teamwork, timing, and taking the fight to Duriel in a smart way. Keep battling, and I’ll catch you in the next one!