DIABLOGUIDES is a platform where you can find unbiased, high-quality content regarding emerging technologies, innovations in the IT industry, and blogs on fields of study ranging from technology to lifestyle. We provide enterprise-wide coverage, intensive analysis, and advice answerable to an interested community of game enthusiasts.
This blog has started in 2002 that brings unbiased gaming news content, reviews and covers all relevant information about the gaming industry. Apart from driving high-quality content, we aim to maintain a multi-reader focus and provide an environment where gamers and developers can contribute and share their expertise on all aspects of the video game industry through guest posts, article submissions, and direct feedback. The idea was conceived in 2000 [team split up in 2002] when Dane [Deer] combined his lifelong interests of being a gamer with his abilities in writing to help create what is now known as one of the most respected video games websites on the internet. In its early years, it went through many different iterations. Still, for a while now, DIABLOGUIDES Gaming has been a website providing news articles for games released in North America covering console videogames being sold at retail stores in PAL territories.