BEHAVIOR INTERACTIVE officially announced on April 28 that David King, a character that appears in Dead by Daylight , is gay. The background that did that happen will be spoken in the Academic Book 11 “Dedicated” scheduled to be distributed on April 29.

“DEAD BY Daylight” is an asymmetric multiplayer game in which four survivors trying to escape from a closed location and one murderer who stops it. It is a popular work that has been services for more than 5 years since the release in 2016. It is scheduled to celebrate its sixth anniversary in June of this year, and is expected to be even more exciting.

Under such circumstances, a new academic book “dedication” was announced on April 21. The posted images were impressively treated David King, and the community was rumored to be a deep -floping content of his past. And April 28. An article entitled “Notice about David King” will be posted on the official website. The outline of a new academic book was given, saying, “Today, David King will officially announce that Davy King is the first gay character of Dead by Daylight.”

Academic book 11 “Dedicated” is a content that focuses on a new side of David King. It is said that his life before he was taken to the entity. The memory entitled “The importance of being in the king” tells him about his struggle to accept his own identity and sexuality, and how he has become a gender.

DAVID KING é GAY ????❤️ (adept) - Dead by Daylight Gameplay DBD LGBTQI

Speaking of David King, one of the survivors appearing in Dead by Daylight. He participated in Chapter 5 “A Lullaby for the Dark” that appeared in 2017, and he is a tall and muscular man in this work. He is impressive with a short -cut two -block and a jacket with his sleeves. His main features are that while he dislikes weak bullying and inconvenience, he has a short -hearted and unaware temperament, and has a bad habit of jumping into the whirlpool in search of excitement.

It was suddenly announced that he was a gay. It is also found in the “Overwatch” series that gives existing characters the color of homosexuality. However, it is a new approach to Dead by Daylight, and may be surprising for some fans. However, this is not the first time that this work approached LGBT issues.

BEHAVIOUR INTERACTIVE, the developer of Dead by Daylight, announced in May 2021 that it had invited GAYMERX, a group that provides LGBTQ+culture consulting, as an external partner. In response to this, he professed to incorporate the theme of “LGBTQIA2+” in the game in the future. Respecting diversity, it suggested various support and content distribution in the future. By the way, “LGBTQIA2+” is a wide range of sexual minorities and those who are the supporters.

In June 2021, an event was held in the game in accordance with the pride month (PRIDE MONTH), a movement to enlighten the rights of LGBTQIA2+. This is to distribute items with a rainbow color that symbolizes sexual diversity. In the same month, a video distribution entitled “#Intotherainbow” was launched on YouTube’s “Dead by Daylight” official channel. This was a feature of LGBTQ+games of the parties, and the distribution lasted for more than 4 hours. Given that the 5th anniversary commemorative distribution was about an hour, it was a long distribution that shows a serious attitude to face LGBTQIA2+.

In this way, this work has provided some support for LGBTQIA2+community. This may be related to the popular streamer who distributes this work, and that there are many LGBTQIA2+people. And this time, it was announced that David King was gay. It is said that there were various conflicts in treating a stereotyped male character like him as a homosexual. With the cooperation of Gaymerx, he seemed to have succeeded in removing it into an appropriate expression.

The Academic Book 11 of “DEAD BY Daylight”, which depicts a new aspect of David King, will be distributed on April 29. In addition to the pride month held in June 2022, related items are being distributed as in last year. If you enter the exchange code “PRIDE2022” in the in -game store, you can get two types of Rainbow magic. Let’s check it together.