err is humans and in the end nobody is perfect.
This could be the summary of what happened on Friday at the koi event.
After announcing the three new content creators, the events caused an event that was going to be a gold brooch for the organization of the tents, it becomes an authentic nightmare.
In the article we will collect as much information as possible and detail everything that has happened in the last hours from the announcement, the reactions of the selected themselves, either by Twitch or by social networks and the words of IAI such as Carmen, two of
The visible faces of the project after seeing everything that happened.

Both, after seeing the noise on social networks, went out quickly to ask for forgiveness and got down to work to amend it and make a decision later.
IAI himself recognized later that it was the worst event he did, and KOI Chief followed that line and commented you fall and get up. You are wrong, you correct and assume the consequences. You are wrong, you correct and assume the consequences.


Why have the three chosen receive so much critic?

When the three chosen came out, the first thing they did was seen their social networks to try to expose them.
Kurt was taken from 2015 in which he has comments out of place, but it is also true that this occurred 6 years ago.
People can change and surely several of those tweets were hot and without thinking afterwards.
Kurt himself, when opening Stream the next day he recognized the mistakes, even though he did not remember the time of many of those tweets and apologized.
He made a special emphasis to apologize to KOI because the organization had trusted him and that this can damage them.
On the other hand, Isabela is the creator of content, of the new signings, which is best known thanks to her role as Olivia in London Eye.
During these last months there have been several messages shaved in networks, and a thread has been shown with several catches of their conversations has appeared, and it is not the first time that there is talk of it, for the moment, she has not commented on any comments to the
Finally, the most popular case has been Dakota (@Ajromantto on Twitter).
Tracking their networks, and without having to lower much in their history of publications, they found some comments outside of place and various controversial likes made the alarms soon jump and criticize KOI for having chosen the creator of Andalusian content,
Another of the things that has screened the most has been the video and its constancy on the purple direct platform.
Its presentation video was recorded vertically and in terms of quality, originality and design there are many that could be better, watching a little on Twitter.
In addition, watching his history on Twitch, he has not broadcast for months, so there are people who have outraged this.
After the thread and all the negative comments, he apologized for his past actions and this afternoon will open directly, presumably giving explanations about these failures.
Once the whole context is taken, several clear things must be taken out: KOI has made a mistake, they have recognized it and will put a solution in it, which in this world is the most important thing, and more seeing the newspaper library in other previous cases.
This has also demonstrated the large number of haters or people who seek that someone who is going well or has the opportunity to sink them because they are not the protagonists, something that seeing how Twitter is making Twitter lately, it does not surprise me.
In line with this, we have seen people who have no touch or scruples in such a complicated situation for the KOI structure.
It is out of place to put your postulation presentations to content creator in the tweets of IAI and Carmen asking for forgiveness for the mistakes made, when the last thing they think is who to sign to replace them.
With all this explained, it will be time to wait a few days to see the final resolution of KOI and if they will change or remain the three new signings that came out on the Gamer stage at the presentation event of the IAI Esports Club by 2023.