Call of Duty: War zone 2 has a new, wide-open map called the DMZ. Coming from the original Building 21, the DMZ is an area where you can either use your tactics and strategy to take on opponents head on, or use stealth and guerilla warfare to get in close undetected.

The Mid-Season 1 of Call of Duty: War zone 2 must in fact bring a new location to extraction mode DMZ.
Nevertheless, Building 21 just opens his gates for curious players later.
You can discover what has actually been understood to know so far.
What is Building 21?
According to current information, this is an entirely brand-new, playable location far from the regular DMZ-Ma pal March.
Soon after the start of the mid-season 1, Structure 21 is not included.
In German the location is called Structure 21.
As soon as the area is active, you need to get a unique key card on the regular map to get access to this area at all.
The idea is similar to the hardcore shooter escape from Markov.
Here is the Labs- a sort of endgame location that is only available to players with a Labs key card.
We will show you what else is known for Building 21 and how you get to a key card.
Incidentally, the mid-season likewise brought the very first EVE raid to Call of Responsibility.

Here you can see the trailer:

COD CARBONE 2: DMZ-everything about Building 21

When does Building 21 come?
There is presently no date for the brand-new DMZ location.
How do I get a key card?
Although the area is not yet readily available, the key card can already be discovered.
The following techniques have currently found players:
Get the big commandant helicopter from paradise
Conquers a SAM turret (the rocket sign on the map) and collect the materials
At the end of a DMZ match, other airplane fly over the map and throw materials
Essentially, all the stimuli that come from the sky
Steals the key card to another player
The approaches discovered do not offer you a guarantee that you can really capture a key card for developing 21.
Once you have found a key card, make sure that you leave the card as soon as possible.
As quickly as you have extracted it, they are stored in your essential cabinet until the structure 21 is readily available.
What do I find in Structure 21?
That can not be said safely at the minute.
You currently know that it is a kind of natural laboratory.
The brand-new assistant rifle Chimera can likewise be discovered here-but you likewise get that by other means.
You will likewise find strong smuggling weapons with many attachments, massive loot in safe and lots of locked doors that just expose their tricks with other key cards.
According to the Cod blog, just the hardest and finest operators survive here.
Nevertheless, we will only be able to evaluate how difficult the new location is after the release.


The DMZ mode is an effort by Call of Responsibility to permeate the popular extraction shooter market.
The mode is presently still in a beta status and offers fairly a couple of content.
Nevertheless, a new location like with Structure 21 indicates what COD is still as much as.
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