The well of the Siofra River is a large area located underground in Elden Ring. At first it seems a beautiful scenery with several strong enemies, but in fact there is a puzzle to pass this area. So how to solve a puzzle with a well on the Siofra River?

Elden Ring - Siofra River Well How to Light All Flames & Ancestor Spirit Boss Fight Location

Having descended on the first lift to the depths of the Well of the Siofra River, you will come across a large open area with a plot of grace, called the shore of the Siofra River. You will see a large stone plate with a pointer for a fire in front of the grace. Go to it, and a hint appears to light it.

ignition flames

There are six lights that you need to light to complete the puzzle. Torches on the steps located to the right of the banks of the Siofra River will also light up when you burn stone signs. The layout of the tables can be seen below.

You will have to defeat some followers of ancestors and avoid lightning balls, but you can quickly solve the puzzle, if well oriented in the area. After the ignition of all the lights:

  1. Climb the steps to Hallowhorn Grounds.
  2. Go to the big beast at the end, and a hint will appear to touch the remains.
  3. Get ready for the battle with the boss with the spirit of the ancestor.

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