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Overwatch 2, a Ping System to better communicate

While the beta phase of overwatch 2 should soon start, Blizzard unveiled in detail (source in English) its new communication system via a ping system. The FPS is therefore a rather classic action roulette and messages in team shooting games, allowing the teammates to communicate with each other without flood the vocal chat.

Overwatch 2 Developer Livestream - 18th March 2022


While the Voice Chat exists since the output of the first opus, OW 2 will have a real ping system, allowing to transmit accurate information to your teammates without opening your microphone.

This ping System is very similar to what we already know about FPS and team games. It makes it possible to identify the presence of an enemy, to communicate on your intentions as well as ask for help.

In addition, a ping on an enemy will follow a few seconds, as long as it is visible. On the other hand, if a character disappears (like Sombra), the ping will be placed at the last known place of the enemy.

This novelty should help to communicate better between players, especially low level where the vocal chat is rarely used wisely. In addition, Blizzard considers that this new system will improve communication within a team without using your microph1. This could therefore hope to limit the toxicity to Overwatch 2.

A date for Overwatch 2?

If you still not have a date for OW 2, the Blizzard FPS is more and more over time. While a beta phase should be started soon, we consider that Overwatch 2 should go out around the start of the school year 2022 (at the end of August / early September).

Rocket League Beginners Manual – Control Manual, Tips and Tricks for Beginners

Rocket League is a football video game for vehicles developed and published by Psyonix. Rocket League Currently it is one of the most popular games currently being played. That’s all because Rocket League was to play for free and it’s a game with low demands on which you can do pretty much everything. You should understand the basics of the game itself as well as the controls and settings that you can improve.

Rocket League Beginner’s Manual

This game can be played on the PlayStation, Xbox, the PC and the switch, but each has different controls. You can re-assign them, but they are good for the beginning.

The controls are as follows (PlayStation / Xbox / PC / Switch):

  • Accelerate: R2 / RT / W / ZR
  • Back: L2 / LT / S / ZL
  • Tax: L / L / A, D / L.
  • Jump: X / A / right mouse / B.
  • Boost: Circle / B / Left Mouse / A.
  • Powerslide: Square / X / Shift / Y.
  • Lifting / slope: L / L / W, A, S, D / L.
  • Air Roller: Square / X / Layer / Y.
  • Language chat: R1 / RB / F / R.
  • Focus on Ball: Triangle / Y / Room / X.

20 BEST Beginner Tips For NEW Rocket League Players

Customize settings

The settings you start at the beginning of the game are decent, but many have played with the settings and found the perfect combination you should use. All of these changes can be made by selecting the correct tab in your settings menu to make these changes.

Recommended settings:

  • Field of view: 110
  • Distance: 270
  • Height: 100
  • Angle: -4
  • Stiffness: 0.5
  • Camera Shake: Off

Interface Settings:

  • Nameplate Scale: 135
  • Name shield mode: standard
  • Team-Coloured Boost Meter: a

Video Settings:

Can only be changed on the PC:

  • Texture Detail: quality or performance
  • Maximum fps: 120 or 240
  • Particle Detail: Performance
  • World Detail: Quality or Performance
  • Transparent door posts: one
  • Render quality: high quality
  • Disable all other check boxes

Training and Freeplay

These two things are amazing if they just start. I recommend you to play a little first and then continue with the actual gameplay. Because sometimes some people are annoyed about their game and they may be insulted. You can do the following training scenarios:

  • Freeplay
  • Antenna
  • Custom
  • Tormann
  • Striker
  • Tutorial

Basic movement

Basic antennas

A basic antenna is executed by jumping to tilt your car by 45 degrees back to the rear while holding down the boost button. This will cause your car to fly over the field, but this is not a capability that the new players understand.


An demolition is when you chase the car of another into the air and everything you need to do is save your thrust and to come to another car at full speed.

Turn around

The turning is running when you press a direction on your steering mechanism while typing twice on your jump button. Your car will work forward and this is a useful ability you should know in every situation. It is often used with kickoffs in the last second to make sure you are the one that beats the ball first.

double jumping

If you tap your jump button twice, a double jump is performed, which gives you a little more broadcasting time. With this skill you can block balls that drove to the top of the gate.

A few tips and tricks while playing the Rocket League

Make sure you select the right car. Currently, the best car is the octane number due to its HITBOX. Hitboxes are more important than you think. Click here to learn more about all Hitboxes. Saving your boost is another thing you should do. Do not waste your boost if you do not really need him. If you have to quickly get to the destination, just make double flips. Rotations are also important in the game. The point is that always someone defends a goal. For example, a player goes to his teammate to achieve a goal, and then runs to the gate or half-field so that he can defend himself when a counterattack takes place.

Also, remember that Teamplay is all in this game and its goal is to win and not to achieve as many goals as possible. Do not be torny. Make sure you end the ball hunt. If your teammates go to the ball journey, you can only aggravate the situation through ball hunting and lose the game.

These are all the basic things you need to know to really understand the game. Try not to get angry if your teammate does something stupid. Just play with. If you are interested in trading guides, click here. Play offer HOLE Twitch Prime now for free and get items, rewards and free games in the game RELATED TOPICS : Psyonix Rocket League Guides The Rocket League

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