If the eyes are now turned to the Duo Pokémon Scarlet / Purple as new open world proposal, Game Freak does not forget for asceraft Pokémon Arceus. A new 1.1.0 update “The awakening of Hisui” is available now, to encourage the adventure with renewed content.

In this update, players will have to investigate a mysterious epidemic that contaminates the Pokémon in the region, accompanied by torrential rains. It will be a question of teaming with the cantaker diamond and his Gooxrex to watch these special appearances and catch rare specimens. This Update will also meet Arceus in a dream, and engage in a special challenge for dealing with several legendary Pokémon at the same time – as long as they have finished all the missions of the game beforehand.

New challenges are also awaiting trainers in the dojo, with special disabilities, as combating with a single Pokémon like any Sbire crossed on the roads. Finally, players will be entitled to extensive opportunities in the photo studio, and will receive 30 ultra balls, 30 gigaton balls and 30 jet balls by entering the arusadventure pass mode in the mystery gift menu before Thursday, March 31, 2022.

A last word finally on the starting of an online animation series produced by Wit Studio and placed in the region of Hisui, a small treat whose diffusion should begin during the summer of summer 2022.

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Legends Pokémon: Arceus – Free update 1.1.0