By the end of January, all Xbox One players can request a jubilee present bundle worth even more than $50.

In order to thank the Xbox Community for an effective year in DC Universe online and on the occasion of the 11th wedding anniversary of the video game on January 11, 2022, members and gamers obtain gifts.

Included in the bundle is a 2022 Record Salvation Gear Suit with a CR310 Character Advancement. There is likewise a new bleeding product and 2 fundamental products that can outfit your base caves.

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Jubilee occasion

And also if you wish to place your skills to the test, you should try the elite version of the Rate Force Flux Raids on the page of The Flash as well as Teacher Zoom.

Xbox’s players can make a bling variation of the 2022 Record Salvation Gear Suits, Bleed Auras, a Floating Harbinger Device and also even more.


As DC Universe online member you also receive added presents that have a worth of over $75. This includes a brand-new base camp in the style of the tale with over a lots base things, a new Bleed Chroma and a reward box with an artifact cache, a seal of preservation, an ally and also even more.

Additionally, the wedding anniversary event Anti-Monitor attack returns this year with brand-new things.

If you are not a member yet, you can do that currently as well as secure these special gifts until 31st January.