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How long will the episodes of the fourth season of Stranger Things last?

The fourth season of Stranger Things is positioned to be the largest Netflix event in 2022. Although only the first half of the new adventures of Mike, Eleven and company will arrive on May 27, recently it was given To know that the following episodes are not only one of the most expensive in the history of the streaming company, but that will also be the longest throughout the series .

Recently, Netflix shared new information related to the fourth season of stranger Things, where it was mentioned that The new chapters will last the same as a movie . This will be the times:

-Episodes 1-6 = about 1 hour and 15 minutes each

-Episodio 7 = 1 hour 38 minutes

-Episodio 8 = 1 hour 25 minutes

-Episodio 9 = 2 hours 30 minutes

Along with this, It was confirmed that the budget for episodes is $ 30 million dollars per episode . Although the standard is between 45 and 60 minutes, remember that the blockbusters of recent years have expanded their limits, with series such as Game of Thrones also lasting almost 1 hour and 30 minutes.

Stranger Things Will NEVER Be The Same After Season 4.. Here's Why
The first half of the fourth season of stranger Things will premiere on May 27, 2022. On related issues, here you can see the new advance of the series. Similarly, Netflix premieres animated shorts of stranger Things.

Editor’s note:

Considering that there is still one more season in development, these times are unusual. We are accustomed to the series go beyond the limit to which we are accustomed to the great finals, which will happen at the end of this season. It will be interesting to see what will happen with the fifth season.

War in Ukraine: Moscow

The Russian criminal war on Ukraine has been shocking the world public for days. In many nations, people protest against violence and announce their solidarity with the European country. Also some fans of Dynamo Moscow set a sign by celebrating their former Ukrainian assistant trainer Andriy Voronin.

With his war in Ukraine, Russia’s president Wladimir Putin has been causing horror for a week. Both sides continue to announce many victims, including civilians. The fact that not all people in Russia have long since supported the brutal attack on Ukraine shows a video currently circulating on the Internet.

This should show the fans of Dynamo Moscow during the away game at FK Khimki. The game was held last Saturday (26 February), ie on the third day of Russian invasion. On the video you can see dynamo fans who supported your long-standing assistant trainer Andriy Voronin with speech.

The former Bundesliga professional has been active since 2014 as a co-trainer at Dynamo Moscow. After the outbreak of the war, the 42-year-old escaped from Russia.

Voronin: “Also people in Russia face Putin”

“The whole world supports our country. Also people in Russia face Putin,” Voronin said lastly “Picture” and betrayed, “I have news from all over the world of former players, from other athletes. From Russians too, those of me Write: ‘We are sorry. That’s not we’ “.

Russian anti-war protesters face police crackdown and arrests

For the terrible situation he has “barely words”. “We will continue to fight. And we will win. But the price is so high,” Voronin continued.

In his active football career, the Ukrainian was active, among others, for the 1st FC Cologne, Bayer Leverkusen and Hertha BSC. In 2014, Voronin finished his active career at Dynamo Moscow.

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