Developers are constantly striving to make their games and NPCs as intelligent and intelligent as possible, but they are always so mediocre as the ingenuity of real people. Nevertheless, developers will continue to try and make greater progress, but at what price? “Your scientists were so preoccupied whether they could, they did not stop thinking if they should.” Have you ever heard this sentence? Apparently, Activision never saw Jurassic Park. Activision, new and less recent patents suggest some methods about creating NPC.

A stupid IA can be fun, but intelligent intelligence is impressive and difficult. When we tackle the wicked, we imagine they are real people. Wait, it came out badly. We like to imagine that we beat another human being. That’s why online multiplayer games are so popular. Activision tries to ensure that their NPCs are as close as possible from the human being since 2014. The goal is to make online NPCs impossible to distinguish PCs. One of the most recent patents on this technology explains how information about these NPCs are generated. The patent can be found on Espacenet.

“In an implementation, a game profile can be generated for a game session based on gaming information. (…) Player information can describe various characteristics of a player, who can be used to evaluate If he will enjoy a game session, a match and / or given game. For example, players information may include various attributes, including a screen name (or player identifier), a play style (aggressive, for example), a role preference (for example, an explicit indication given by the player)., a really played role, a duration of game sessions, a number of game sessions played by a given login session, game elements used or purchased by the player, a clan membership or a team, the prefer to play with members of the clan or friends, demographic information from the player (geographical location, sex, level of income, etc.), victory records / defeats, scores and / or other information that can be used to determine if a player will benefit a given gaming session, a match and / or a game. “

These sections are among the most alarming aspects or the most worrying of technology. In simpler terms, Activision will be able to use the information about players in interesting ways, such as copying a preferred load, a style of play and / or card preference, and less cool, like using the name profile of the player, the behaviors involved and the session templates..

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