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Apex Legends Update 1.95 Patchnotizen

Update 1.95 has arrived for Apex Legends, and here is the full list of changes and corrections that have been added with this patch. Season 13 of Apex Legends entitled “Savior” is now live on all platforms and adds a new legend called Newcastle to the game in addition to new map changes and PVE zones. There is a lot to discover in this new season, so everything is new with Apex Legends Update 1.95.

Apex Legends Update 1.95 Patchnotizen

New Legend: Newcastle *
* Passive: bring the wounded back
* Pull allies while reviving and protecting them with your resuscitation sign.
* Tactical: mobile sign
* Throw a controllable drone that creates a moving energy shield.
* Ultimate: Burgmauer
* Jump to an ally or target area and strike to build a fortified fortress.
Monstrous card update
* Newr Poi: Crashed beast
* News PVE feature: IMC weapons chambers
* The card rotation for the season for Saviours will be Storm Point, Olympus and World’s Edge.
* We also remove the longer 2-hour rotation block.
* Rank newly loaded
* The updated APEX LEGENDS ranking list: Saviours adds grades, adjustments to the entry costs and a revision of the ranking points to promote the team play.

Balance updates

Fastened legends

  • Increasingly no longer reduces the head shot damage

Production rotation

  • Flatline & Longbow come out and are now floor prey
  • Rampage & R-301 go in Crafter

Golden weapons

  • Eva-8, Bow, Flatline, P2020, Spitfire

helmets Buff

  • The reduction of blue helmets reducing the head shot was increased from 40 % to 50 %.
  • The reduction in the head shot damage of the purple helmet was increased from 50 % to 65 %.


  • Headshot multiplier reduced from 3.0 to 2.0
  • Damage reduced from 145 to 140


  • Reloading time from 2.6 to 3.1 increased
  • Slightly extended processing times


  • The damage multiplier for head shots was reduced from 1.75 to 1.5
  • The head shot distance was reduced from 64 m to 57 m
  • The cooling time at overheating was increased from 2.5 to 3.6
  • Slightly extended processing times


  • Damage reduced from 16 to 15
  • The damage multiplier for head shots was reduced from 1.75 to 1.5
  • The head shot distance was reduced from 64 m to 57 m
  • Reloading time from 2.8 to 3.2 increased
  • Pull time from 0.7 to 0.8 increased
  • The holster time was increased to 0.75 to 0.65
  • Increase time from 0.55 to 0.65 increased
  • Lower time from 0.5 to 0.6 increased


  • Improved recoil at the beginning of the pattern

Double shell

  • Removed from floor prey and craft packages

Mozambik & Peacekeeper

  • Limited damage from 0.8 to 1.0 increased

box weapons

  • Spitfire Back to Floor prey
  • Mastiff in Kiste


  • The damage was reduced from 19 to 18
  • The capacity of the Purple & Gold Magazine was reduced from 55 to 50
  • Scatter of the crouched hip fire increased
  • Running fastener removed
  • The damage multiplier for head shots was reduced from 1.75 to 1.5
  • The head shot distance was reduced from 64 m to 57 m
  • Reloading time from 3.2 to 3.4 increased
  • Pull time from 0.7 to 0.8 increased
  • The holster time was increased to 0.75 to 0.65
  • Increase time from 0.55 to 0.65 increased
  • Lower time from 0.5 to 0.6 increased


  • Tightened explosion pattern
  • The ammunition capacity was reduced from 6 to 4
  • Ammunition supply: 28
  • The damage per ball was increased from 11 to 14
  • Increased pellet size
  • The fire rate was increased from 1.1 to 1.2

cells & spray

  • The spawn rate of cells and syringes was reduced by about 18 %.

Wall improvements

  • The spin-up time of Sheila was reduced from 1.75 s to 1.25 s
  • The health of “ampedped cover” was increased from 45 to 120
  • The time of AMPED Cover was reduced from 4.25 to 3.6


  • Can no longer turn freely at the start during Skyward Dive

outside the borders

  • When leaving the borders, the following is deactivated:
    • Legend capabilities
    • Weapons, ordinances and vital objects
    • Healing objects (is not canceled during healing)
    • All active passives (e.g. Valks jetpacks)

edge of the world

  • Newly designed windows in the Lava Siphon control tower to focus on the lines of vision
  • Added to cover the lavagrube of lavasiphone
  • Gondel prey was optimized. The likelihood of finding high -level armor was significantly reduced. Climatic and lava siphon remain high-ranking prey pois

Arenas price adjustments


  • 100 → 75

Charge the rifle

  • Level 1: 200 → 150
  • Level 2: 200 → 150
  • Level 3: 450 → 400


  • Base: 400 → 300
  • Level 1: 250 → 200
  • Level 2: 300 → 250
  • Level 3: 400 → 350


  • Level 3: 400 → 350


  • Level 2: 250 → 200
  • Level 3: 300 → 250

Triple admission

  • Base: 600 → 500
  • Level 1: 250 → 200
  • Level 2: 300 → 250
  • Level 3: 400 → 300


  • Level 1: 150 → 200
  • Level 2: 250 → 350


  • Level 1: 200 → 150


  • Base: 350 → 400


  • Level 2: 250 → 200
  • Level 3: 350 → 300


  • Level 2: 300 → 250
  • Level 3: 350 → 300



  • Fixed for players within the smoke from Bangalore, who unintentionally received target aid to goals outside of the smoke.
  • Fixed errors in which Valk could no longer use diving towers if it was previously shot down during its ultimate ability.
  • Fix for the Volt animation for cases in which the weapon and crosshair have a shaky animation when the player is crouched.
  • Removal of cases in which weapons and attachments can be dropped/changed during the interaction with the loading tower, which leads to animation errors.
  • Fix for the legendary “Curse of the Amazon” of the loading defense work, in which the upper part of the weapon blocked the camera view when aimed at pages.
  • Fixed errors for cases in which the user access the replicator and calls its inventory before the user interface for the replicator is displayed, he can drop his weapon and stuck in a crouched position.
  • Canyonlands: Fixed for cases in which players could be blocked if they tried to activate Valks Ultimate.
  • A mistake was fixed in which the season tracker no longer indicated which season statistics they pursue.
  • Fixed the error in which the Sentinel could immediately charge when jumping.
  • Xbox One: Removal of cases in which players sometimes had to skip the legend selection phase because they stuck on the “Waiting for players” on the screen.
  • Fixed the problem in which the knocking of a player in an enemy team and the subsequent dying in front of the kill can lead to the kill being assigned to another team instead
  • Arenen – Problem resolved, in which Boosted Loader was missing on Wingman.
  • Problem resolved, in which finisher were not counted as damage to challenges.
  • Fixed the error in which Purple Evo-Schilde shine through closed care packages, prey pins and lifeline-care packages.
  • Removal of cases in which players could be killed by a death box if they came into contact with it on an airship.
  • Fixed mistakes for a problem in which players were killed when they throw a caustic barrel against an opening door.


  • Removal of cases in which Crypto’s heirloom (sword) seems to be stuck in the middle of his body while his drone is used.
  • Fixed the problem in which inspection of his heirloom with the “Deadly Byte” skin could be displayed a missing arm texture.
  • Removal of cases in which players could call their drone back immediately after activating their Ultimate.
  • Fixed errors in which crypto uses his legendary skin and while reviving by a mirage, with the exception of his sunglasses, which remains visible during the revival.


  • Fixed errors in which the use of Fuse’s Tactical in the water led to the sound overwhelming.
  • Removal of an error in which players can expand the range of motherlode if they are used on flyers, cryptos drone, loot roar and lobas bracelet.


  • Fixed for cases in which Horizons Ultimate disappears when the player opens a door next to it.


  • Removal of an error in which the shield regeneration of Wattson’s ultimate Mirage’s position unveiled when it was invisible during the revival.
  • Fixed errors in which Mirages bait sprint faster when the player is armed with an object than if he is unarmed.


  • Removal of a problem in which the gripping of grounded Loot Rollers can lead to the player is thrown at high speed.

News custom match system

Custom Match replaces the previous private match system.

  • QOL improvements for custom matches:
    • Improvements in the user interface and design.
    • Custom game now saves team names and game settings when you return from the game to the lobby.
    • Match flow improvements.
  • Added new starting parameters to select display goals for Observer in advance.
  • The color palette used by observers when displaying teams has been updated (map overview + highlights)
    • In addition, the color duplicated problem previously occurred in the map overview was remedied
  • The text “Team eliminated” was updated with a unique color for anonymous mode in the custom game.

APEX legends is now available for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S and Nintendo Switch.

Attack of the fanboy / captain / Apex Legends Update 1.95 Patchnotizen

The brand-new Apex Legends occasion recuperates a prominent game setting: these are the details, with date as well as trailer

Algid factor replaces the recovery objects by areas that recover wellness This mode gets rid of healing objects and also replaces them by Large areas that restore the wellness of the tales that are within them. As you will certainly picture, this will cause ingrained fights by the control of different healing points as well as ambushes that will shock the most loosened up enemies. Certainly, you can carry out these techniques from April 19 to May 3 , because the occasion without chains will not last one more day.

This Belongs In An Apex Legends Trailer #Shorts

Apex Legends continues to improve the experience of its players both with parties complete of web content as well as technological renovations that boost the immersion in their frantic items. Be that as it is, Respawn sort to pamper its customers, which is why now take benefit of the occasion ‘ without chains ‘ to recoup a very enjoyed game mode by the area: Algido point .

On the various other hand, and as typical, Respawn will period the occasion with special cosmetics for many personalities and also weekly obstacles for those players who require a more severe obstacle. At this last point, it needs to be noted that users will get a distinct badge, an epic amulet, an element for epic re-45 as well as a legendary aspect if they exceed the challenge of the first days, while the obstacle of the second week will award To the community with an one-of-a-kind badge, an uncommon Apex pack, an Epic Boxer Holospray Nessie and a pack without chains.

We are not surprised to recognize that Apex Legends continues to stand out for its wonderful success, since EA verifies that it has actually not stopped add millions of players in current months. This has actually brought about Respawn to develop a version for Android and iOS ** that, with the name of Apex Legends Mobile, is already prepared to entertain users around the world through Smartphone.

Buzzle! Is a big rampage in “Apex Legends” and “Survival Quiz City”! Compete with physical and intelligence

The next generation virtual e-sports project “Buisu Po!” VTUBER is usually a deep-friendly guest, with a deep guest! Members compete for game skills & brains Planning of fans papers “ Big Popping! Presented by Galleria ” is decided to deliver in 18:00 on May 3, 2022!

The unique rich 14 members and luxury guests compete with “ Apex Legends ” of “Fiji” match “” of intelligence match “” Survival Quiz City “. Who is the strongest member each! ?

Also recruitment of participants in the “Apex Legends” custom match, which will be conducted second in this event! Buzzle! As it is a valuable opportunity to fight with members and custom matches, please try it.

“We can participate in all three games” “Recruitment to 15 teams. If the number of application team is exceeded, it will be a lottery”, the team of hope is for participation from the following application form.

“Apex Legends” Custom Match Application Form is here

In addition, we will contact you for the winning of Twitter, and the interference after winning is done by Discord. We will send it from the event operation account (@ Event_APEX_0503) for DM, so please be careful about spoofing. The latest information about the event will be sent from the same account.

At the event, Galleria gaming PC is afford! New information about collaboration models will also be sent out. VTUBER group “Buisu Po!” By enjoying the game event to be chaos!

Galleria busty! Collaboration model Special page (follow-up, details will be released at any time):

Video: APEX LEGENDS PS5 is worth

The new generation apex legends update is now available on the PlayStation 5. It’s almost weird to type, because we all know that the Apex Legends community hastened to operate its dualsenes in an even more silky interpretation. the excellent Royal Battle of Responden Entertainment.


But now that he is here, how does the new generation of Apex Legends compare to the old loyal version of the PS4 with which we have been timing for more than three years now? You can discover all the details and have a quick overview of a limpid gameplay, with our video on the Youtube Chain **.

However, if you prefer to read all the details, here’s all what you can expect with the new generation apex legends update:

  • Resolution 4K
  • Game at 60 IPS
  • HDR
  • High resolution shadows cards
  • Higher detail level distances

All the features above are present in Apex Legends on PS5, which you can download from PS shop now. You will need to write down the entire game, but for those with stacked internal storage, you will be happy to know that the Apex Legends PS5 version costs about 10 GB less than the PS4.

The update is a welcome addition, especially for all these players who use 4K HDR screens. The colors are really bright and, overall, the visual presentation is much more realistic. However, the lack of haptic return, adaptive trigger and support for the refresh rate of 120 frames per second gives this new generation update a rather generation feeling. Fortunately, ResPawn confirmed that all these features will arrive in a future update, so once again, Apex players will have to play waiting.

So, that’s all for the next generation of Apex Legends. Do not hesitate to share with us in the comments of your reflections on this long-awaited update.

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