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Steam Survival Fest: The best discounts, offers and sales in survival games

This first week of August, Steam hosts the so-called Survival Fest, an event full of demos, discounts and game launches of the genre. Available from August 1 to 8 to 7:00 p.m. definitive, leave alive from a good number of troubles. They await all kinds of hostile forests with newcomers and cities desolate by the clSurvival Festsic zombies plague. The question is not whether we will survive **, but if our wallets will survive.

10 Survival players on the offer of Steam Survival Fest

Although you can admire here the complete list of offers, we have selected 10 great games of the survival genre to which it is worth taking a look, and more at the prices they are now:

  • 7 Days to die for 6.89 euros (70% discount)
  • ARK: Survival Evolved for 8.24 euros (67% discount)
  • Dayz for 23.99 euros (40% discount)
  • Hunt: Showdown for 19.99 euros (50% discount)
  • Project Zomboid for 11.75 euros (30% discount)
  • Rimworld for 26.99 euros (10% discount)
  • Rust for 19.99 euros (50% discount)
  • State of decay 2 for 10.19 euros (66% discount)
  • Subnautics for 14.99 euros (50% discount)
  • The Forest for 4.19 euros (75% discount)

The new Crusade of Valve and Steam

In another order of things, this week Steam hSurvival Fest undertaken a new crusade to the rescue of the covers. The platform will prohibit dirtying the art of games with awards and analysis quotes and try to avoid atrocities such Survival Fest Arkham City.

It will enter in force on September 1 and will impose the following rules for all the graphic resources of the Steam store and library:

  • Nothing to put scores or reviews of any kind.
  • Nor can you put the name or logo of prizes won.

* No texts about discounts or promos (on offer, 90% discount, etc).
* No other text.

We will see if the rest of the platforms continue.

Announced the submerged city survival sandbox game I AM Future. Make your own base on the roof of a building that comes out of the sea

Publisher Tinybuild announced on June 12 the Survival Sandbox Game I am Future. The compatible platform is PC (Steam) and will be distributed in 2022.

I AM Future is a survival sandbox game set in a world after the collapse of civilization. In the world of this work, the former modern city is submerged, and only the rooftop appears from the sea. Humanity seems to have already escaped to another star. The protagonist is a man who wakes up on the roof of a skyscraper. He has no memory of why he was in this place, and he would do survival alone.

The roof of the building floating like a small island is growing, and various ingredients are available. It seems that fishing elements are also available. Ingredients can be used for cooking at campfires, such as brewing coffee or making mushroom stew. The protagonist can check the physical strength and hungry status, and the ingredients are likely to be one of the most important resources.

In addition to the resources that can be collected, there are precision equipment such as personal computers, home appliances, and cars. It is a relic of the former civilization and can no longer be used as it is, but it can be reused by decomposing the parts. It is a material for crafting based on the blueprint on the workbench. It seems that a wide variety of things can be created, from cables that flow electricity to work robots. In addition, the hero’s right arm is cyborg, and it can be upgraded.

Through these crafts, you can create your own base on the roof of the building. In addition, agriculture and other items to enjoy daily life are arranged. It seems that if you introduce AI to a machine, you can deepen your relationship through conversation. On the other hand, there is some danger in this world, and it appears at night. Therefore, it is also necessary to build a barrier.

This work features a bright atmosphere that seems to be a Noh weather that works to live a fulfilling life in a difficult situation, rather than a harsh survival life. On the other hand, there is a mystery such as what happened in the civilization of this world and why the protagonist was on the roof al1. It seems that there are multiple rooftops that can be searched, and in expanding the range of action in search of useful resources, it will also approach the mystery of such a mystery.

I am Future will be distributed in 2022 for PC (Steam).

Stacklands analysis

Since the beginning of 2018, the collective of Designers Sokpop has been developing a game a month thanks to the support they receive from Patreon. The idea of constantly creating and frantically part of a challenge that the four developers were self-imposed the previous year and by which they intended to gain experience by dedicating only 30 days to deepen an idea, leading it to the limits of their possibilities. During these months, and counting the extra titles that often accompany the monthly mini-game, Sokpop has managed to finish more than 90 different games, among which they stand out – according to their own patron – the Title of Strategy with Simmiland cards, the Heliopedia spatial exploration game and the deck Builder Toverblade.

But although with each title the developers experience with different genres, artistic and mechanical styles, it is with the letters with what they usually get better results. The team has perfectly controlled the sensation of random generated by the deck and are experts on counteract it with enough elements as for games to always feel righteous. In addition, and precisely because it is the design element to which they usually appeal more often, they know how to work the gamefeel of the cards so that the final result is always superior to what we could expect from a title created between two people, In just a few days. With Stacklands, his last proposal, the collective demonstrates his good to do through a survival game and construction of cities that we discovered through the interaction between different card packages.

The randomness is the central element in Stacklands. The game, completely set in a single screen where we can place the elements to our liking, offers us a small free card package. In addition to a “citizen”, this package will randomly contain a series of basic letters between which rock, wood, trees and shrubs with berries can be found. To start exploiting each of these primary resources we will have to combine the letters with the citizen, putting one on top of another, and leaving them acting for a limited time until we can use secondary resources, items that we can use for constructions or sell to get even more envelopes of letters. Thus, Stacklands raises two game loops, the first, focused on survival, encourages us to grow our society, being limited by our ability to feed the villagers that we have at the end of each month. The second loop, conditioned by the internal economy of the game, leads us to try to create expensive resources that we can sell for more currencies, so that we have the ability to invest in the most expensive envelopes, with the strangest and most valuable cards. Developing a good game strategy goes by finding the balance between the two loops that reward approximations different from the game, and also, becoming clear that there is a limitation in the number of maximum letters we can have on the board. But once our departure takes off, the interesting thing is to move guided by curiosity. Also because of the satisfaction of seeing the surprises that each of the envelopes keeps for us.

Although among the letters we can find in Stacklands there are “ideas” that will tell us how to develop ambitious constructions, the title is designed so that we are we who discover the recipes following our instinct and applying a bit of logic. Thus, when we reveal the flint, it is natural that we investigate the possibility of making fire. In the same way, when one of our citizens dies, it is normal that we investigate the possibilities to get rid of the corpse. Stacklands, despite having only 100 different elements and constructions, is full of ingenious surprises that take out all the game to the simplicity of representation by letters. While other “major” proposals are limited by the characteristics of realistic representations that introduce, when using letters, Stacklands shows us its different elements such as “similar objects” with which it makes sense to experiment. That’s why it’s not others to try what happens when mixing ese building with sa fruit or ese type of citizen with the idea of the house.

However, the most interesting thing in Stacklands is as it uses all the design elements surrounding the loot boxes in a totally harmless and honest way. To advance the game we have to constantly buy envelopes of progressively more expensive and sophisticated letters that we must pay with money in-game. The satisfaction of opening a package after another, and the pleasure of finding a strange or especially valuable letter, they are a Very important part of our experience as players that we can enjoy openly by not being associated with real money or external elements to the game. Resell the letters that do not interest us or those that we still can not get it out, it becomes especially interesting when we unlock the market and we must choose if we prefer to sell them there, with the cost of associated time, or do it immediately, at a lower price, In the basic system of the game. In the proposal of Sokpop we are both an omnipotent God who plays with a civilization and stressed strategist who must adapt to the conditions of the game. But the mixture works. The two independent loops cross at a certain moment thanks to the characteristics of roguelike that allow us to maintain the accessible “ideas” at the beginning of a new game.


Stacklands surprises a depth that contrasts with the simplicity of your gameplay. By the simple way in which it launches complex ideas and the eloquence with which it presents the bases of any survival game, making it clear that those pillars can give for much more. Sokpop’s goal may not pass by revolutionizing any gender. After all, the collective only wants to experiment with different ideas without arriving at any time to commit to a project, looking for the returns of commercial viability. But this is one of those games that are short, one of the best experiences that has come from the group of creators. A solid, direct and complete title, which takes out all the possible game of the minimum elements that put it to work.

[PWS] Marugaming, 8 Matches with Stable Personnel


Marugaming has taken chicken in the eighth match of Weekly Survival.

17th ‘2022 Pub Weekly Series (PWS)’ East Asia Phase 1 Survival 3 weeks 2 days played online.

On this day, the Weekly Survival game is held on the Battle Ground Smash Cup Season 6, the ‘Map Order and Ratio Selection of the’ Map Order and Ratio Selection ‘in Eran Gel.

The eighth matching magnetic field was formed by Yasanaya Paul Jana.

In the early days of the economy, Beronica 7 and Guangdong Prix were in the midst of the central street, and Guangdong Prix fell on the medium-distance. On this way, the Eagle Ispo was elucidated,

The senior cow is an eumtical, while the day of the Emtech Storm X, the “Rockies” have survived the team and saved the team to the end.

Zen was finalized in the process of pushing the office on the house where the opinion sports is pushing, and eventually fellowship, and after Guangdong Prix has entered the office.

Sunny-sewing uploaded Dana and ISPOs to be used for a while, to shut down vision and organize the car, but continued the momentum, but it was dropped out of the engagement with the crew.

Guangdong Prix also has been opened in the process of being held in Ethii and Go to Push, and the angle was opened. Since then, ATII ATH cared out on the outskirts of Veronica 7 ‘Equipment and Pudding’.

However, ATIII was committed to the seams, and was hit by a strike on Veronica 7 ‘leaf’ grenade.

TOP4 is Marugamiming, Veronica 7, Singapore, and the remaining situation of G & Giroprene.

Holly remnant to the remnant of the Senate, the “Under” was descended as it was killed by G & Giroprenez ‘Gallery’, and Marugaying was based on the stable personnel maintaining Veronica 7, followed by the last ‘gallery’ and finished the chicken.

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