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Best Equipment and Class Milano in Call Of Duty: Warzone

Milano submachine gun – very easy to use melee gun in Call of Duty: Warz1. The weapon is distinguished by excellent control, range and applied damage, but has slow rate.

With the right nozzles, you can download this submachine gun with any main weapon in any game mode, whether the caldera or the island of Renaissance. Here is a guide on how to create a better load of Milano 821 and setting up the classes in Warzone Pacific.

best combat zone Milano Loadout

  • Morda: suppressor agency
  • Barrel: 10.6-inch operational group
  • Laser: Team of tigers in the spotlight
  • Snap: Raider stock

  • Magazine: 45th drum

These are the best Milano nozzles that most players use on their weapons. With this particular assembly you will get the maximum lesion range and bullet speed, as well as excellent overall mobility. These features make Milano SMG really versatile for neighboring and medium battle.

One adjustment you can do here is to replace the store for 45 cartridges on Stanag 55 rear drum , which gives you 10 extra cartridges. Since Milano has low rapidity, a small size of the store is not a problem. In addition, a smaller store does not affect the target rate (ADS).

Best combat class Milano Hipfire

  • Morda: suppressor agency
  • Barrel: 10.6-inch operational group
  • Laser: Laser Sight Swat 5 MW
  • Contracting: Fighter’s grip
  • Magazine: Stanag 55 rear drum

This Milano assembly is an ideal installation for running and shooting, which can boast an incredibly compact spread of fire from the hip. This allows players more often to clean the building without the need for ADS. Connect these equipment with a powerful assault rifle of long-range action for excellent results.

Best combat class Milano

  • Main weapons – automatic / FARA 83 / SWISS K31
  • Additional weapons – Milan 821
    • Mortal ** – throwing knife
  • Tactical – Steam
  • Perk 1 – Cool
  • Perk 2 – Overkill / High Alarm
  • Perk 3 – Battle Scout


Stay with us in professional players on games to learn more about Call of Duty. In the meantime, look at our article about the best gear and class UZI in Call of Duty: Warz1.

Cod Warzone and Vanguard SeCallon 2: All contents of the battle pCalls

All Season 2 Battle Pass Skins & Blueprints for Warzone Pacific & Vanguard!
Call of Duty: Warzone and Vanguard celebrate the start of seCallon 2 with the update of your battle pCalls. During the next few months you can receive new cosmetic content in the form of weapons, Callpects and much more. We tell you all the rewards and how much it costs to acquire it. ### all the rewards

Warning: Can only detect less than 5000 characters

Remember that when buying it will give you an increCalled experience of 10% along it. Call soon Call you buy it you will receive the Anna operator, the black leaf Callpect for Constanze and two double experience chips The battle pCalls offers 20 free rewards for those who do not want to acquire it. In the event that you do want to access the complete catalog, you can buy it for 1000 points cod. You will unlock instantly a series of operators and elements, where you will start scalar from level 1. If you want, there is a purchCalle option that includes 20 level omissions, at the price of 2400 points cod.

This is what happens on PlayStation More in July

The Video game Honors are an annual honor event that benefits solutions in the video game market. At the festivities are likewise suggestions of comprehensive appearances as well as brand-new titles to see currently announced games. The programs are generated and moderated by Geoff Kafka, that has helped over 10 years on its precursor, the Spike Computer Game Honors.


It’s time for a new lot of more free PS games! As every month, we are only a few days old to get other free titles with this PlayStation Plus subscription. Also, like every month, there are some real heavyweights on this list. Need a little more Call of Duty in your life? PlayStation Plus is there for you!

From Tuesday, Plague Tale: Innocence is available for PS5 owners, with the other two games. PS4’s players will only have access to WWE 2K Battlegrounds and Call of Duty: Black Ops 4. There is almost a current theme! A sort of war is Rad, the fight is also rad, oh my god the rats ‘atmosphere.

You can consult our reviews of Black Ops 4 here. It is a real highlight in the long history of Call of Duty multiplayer shooting games. We also covered a plague tale: innocence just here! If you are looking for an excellent game that will also leave you deeply shaken, innocence is for you. We did not have a quality time with Battlegrounds, but why not check it anyway? It’s basically free, and it’s not like the two previous WWE 2K games were Uh, well, they were not so bad.

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