After six years of development, MMORPG Crowfall finally announced the release date. This article reveals what is behind the new game and who it might be of interest to. When does Crowfall appear? Crowfall will be released on July 6, 2021. It was first announced in early 2015 as the Holy Grail for PvP and commercial fans. MMORPG has been in beta since 2020, and everyone can participate for free. Will it be reset after the public beta? Yes, the beta version will be closed on July 1, and all characters, items, and the content will be deleted. At launch, every player starts from scratch.

What kind of MMORPG is that? 

Crowfall is different from other games of this genre because it has its brand new method:

Crowfall relies on different scenarios in which you can move, not a big and open world.

Except for the Eternal Kingdom, these battles have deadlines. Finally, hunger is waiting, devouring the world and ending the scene. This is why you can win the event, and developers have the opportunity to change the rules and structure of the event at any time.

The focus of MMORPG is PvP, even with PvE and the social world. If you don’t know how to deal with PvP, it will be difficult for you to survive in Crowfall.

At first glance, the game’s system sounds complicated, but once you try and handle the activities yourself, it becomes easier to understand:

The Eternal Kingdom is a social world that you can create according to your wishes. You can adjust the size, appearance, and content, such as your fortress and dealer. You can make your eternal kingdoms public so that everyone can access them or use them privately only for you and your invited friends.

You start with the PvE scene. There you can learn the basics of the game and upgrade your first character.

In God’s Reach, you fight each other in 3 factions of PvP.

In Dregs, you fight for the castle in GVG.

With HungerDome, a 60-player battle royale game was introduced.

An MMORPG focused on PvP and a tough stance in 2021

Who is Crowfall for? Crowfall is a PvP MMORPG. If you want to take part in a castle battle or wander in a world that is constantly under attack, you can find a home in Crowfall. Especially in the permanent guild, your battles with other players will be exciting.

To obtain the best equipment, the production plays an important role. However, it isn’t easy to get these resources accurately in PvP. Therefore, Crowfall is not suitable for single players.

But MMORPG is convincing with its rich racial choices and 11 occupations, each of which provides three sub-occupations. This ensures a lot of diversity and replay value. In addition, Crowfall relies on a timeless but very colorful comic style.

How about Crowfall in 2021? Despite innovative ideas, MMORPG is currently being criticized for the following reasons:

So far, the game has done poorly in terms of long-term optimization

Interface and map need to adapt and cannot keep up with modern MMORPG

This tutorial does not explain the system of different activities well

If you want to play PvP, you have to hone PvE first. On the other hand, for PvElers, there is no endgame content

I found criticism repeatedly in the forum, in the comments on Reddit, and in the comments here, which also corresponds to my own experience. These points and the long time in alpha and beta have caused some players and supporters who previously invested money to stay away from Crowfall.

Although it is a public beta, the number of players is currently relatively small. This ultimately reduces the fun of PvP.