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Destiny 2: redeem & free

In our codes guide to Destiny 2, you can find out:

  • How you can redeem the codes
  • All currently valid badge codes for Destiny 2

Not only do you want pretty emblems , but also good weapons in Destiny 2? In our guide to the twilight weapons, we tell you every week which weapon you get in the twilight strikes.

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Destiny 2: Redeem Codes-that’s how it works

Badge codes for Destiny 2 cannot be redeemed in the game itself, but only on the official bungie website . Visit the code-redeem page, register with your platform account, on which you play Destiny 2 and enter the code in the field provided.

Where can I find the new badges in the game?

You will find the redeemed badges in your collection in Destiny 2 under flair> badge> General. But don’t be surprised, the redeemed badges are not highlighted in the game itself. So you have to dig independently through your collection to find the emblems.

All emblem codes for Destiny June 2, 2022

In the following table you will find all currently valid badge codes that you can redeem for Destiny 2.

Code Badge
YRC-C3D-YNC A snieke order
ML3-FD4-ND9 Stay true to you
PHV-6LF-9CP Countdown to convergence
D97-YCX-7JK Broken gamma
RA9-XPH-6KJ Cryonautics
7LV-GTK-T7J Future in the shade
Jyn-jaa-y7d Galile meat trip
L7T-CVV-3RD Heliotrop-labyrinth
VA7-L7H-PNC Nadir’s threshold
7D4-PKR-MD7 Flowering sequence
F99-KPX-NCF Light of the shadow
6LJ-GH7-TPA Onis grin
T67-JXY-PH6 Spirit of the deer
PKH-JL6-L4R Crab
XFV-KHP-N97 The visionary
JVG-VNT-GGG Соняшник

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Destiny 2: 1 million guardians want to steal the light already Savathûn

The witch king, The new extension for the MMO shooter Destiny 2 , which appears on 22.02.2022 (ie soon!), Has already broken a record, as the people of Bungie tell Via Twitter. One million players have pre-ordered the witchen king and thus broke the previous record for the “ most frequently pre-ordered Destiny-2 extension “. We have no shimmer where this record was previously, but we congratulate the people of Bungie!

New exotic weapons

For a celebration of the day you can admire new weapons and exotics in the trailer, in which you can cover the hex king. You can see:

  • large OUVERTURE \ – “ball turn loads fully automatic floors”; The thing looks like a heavy machine gun with a high shot rate, but also some stability
  • Parasite \ – “Worm Werfer with increasing damage”; This weapon, which looks like a grenade launcher for the power slot, extends all serious sharp worms. Brrr.
  • Osteo Striga \ – “Swarming projectiles trigger a toxic salvo”; If you do not cope with a mandrel or the monarch, you may be able to put on these, like an automatic rifle, gun.

The new weapons type Glefe

The greffs that come into play as a power weapon for near and fang fight are distributed to the three classes:

  • Titan-Glefe: Blade of action – placed a shield, while it seems less to act a class capability barrier and more to a small titanium bubble.
  • Warlock Glefe: Blade of intention – sets a healing gun. Forever ages and three days, the fantasy of the Warlock is linked to the support and this looked like an ArcSoul (which, of course, heals and does not make damage) fails in this thought.
  • Hunter-Glefe: Blade of the Convention – Tracking Chain Flash. That’s all says, right? ^^

Destiny 2 ViDoc: Light in the Darkness

New exotic armor

Apparently, at the beginning of the hexenkenigine era, especially exotic armor are planned, which are handling stasis. Honestly, that’s also the time, because real, Stasis influencing EXO armor is available in Destiny 2 (Buy 2 € 29.97) So far not really.

  • Chest protection: Raufreich-Z is intended for Titans and makes a Barricade a Stasis Wall.
  • Gloves: Osmiantie Gloves is described for Warlocks and will be described with “additional cold boot with improved search”. It’s most likely to do with the hiking of Stasis Splitter (where no Stasis Warlock should do without).
  • Helmet: Drill Ranger for hunters; Rounding projectiles cause increased damage. This defensively designed helmet should ensure that Arkus hunters feel more likely to cycle their arcus bar to hide behind it.

Back to Mars

Also, in the future of Destiny 2, Mars seems to play a greater role when you might be able to expect, as it seems to be the weapons forge, with which you can adjust weapons in the future, on the red planet of our solar system.

From a gunsmith scene shown, it can be deduced that you actually have freedom to adapt every aspect of your weapons. Of course, only as soon as you meet the requirements for it. The developers of Bungie had already announced in the past that they must unlock the forge options. It is believed that this is about tasks, as you currently find them on catalysts, masterpieces or ornaments.

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