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Blizzard officially asks mod authors to remove D2ROffline and D2RModding of Diablo 2 Resurrected.

The previously tested Diablo 2: Resurrected I believe many players have already experienced it. In the process of game testing, many great players have Made many MODs for them. Among them, the two MODs that players like most and are most controversial are D2ROffline and D2RModding. But at present, Blizzard has asked MOD authors to remove these two MODs.

As a Technical Alpha test, players have some limitations when playing the beta version of Diablo 2: Resurrected. For example, it needs to be connected, and not all roles are open, etc. However, it is evident that these problems are not problematic for players with extraordinary powers, and there are two MODs, D2ROffline and D2RModding.

D2ROffline is a MOD that allows players to play the Diablo 2: Resurrected beta version in offline mode, while D2RModding unlocks other characters that are not opened in the beta version.

In a sense, these two MODs have indeed broken the test rules set by Blizzard, so now Blizzard officials have personally taken action and issued a notice to the MOD producer requesting the other party to remove the two MODs.

In response to this request for MOD authors to remove their MODs, Blizzard officials also explicitly explained. Blizzard stated that they deeply understand that one of the fundamental reasons for the longevity of Diablo 2 is the support of the MOD community, so the official version of Diablo 2: Resurrected will continue to support MOD.

However, Blizzard will not ignore certain mods that pose a security issue to the game. Security has always been the top priority of Blizzard’s work, so they cannot tolerate mods that may cause significant security problems.

The original Diablo 2 experience is included in Diablo 2: Resurrected, including the Resurrected of Diablo 2, Lord of Destruction expansion, and countless Slaying the magic adventure.

The sanctuary that players are familiar with will now be presented in a stunning 4K resolution. At the same time, the original Sprite-based 2D model in the game has been reborn and will be fully reproduced with 3D physical rendering. The visual effects are updated, and new animations are added, including dynamic lighting, new textures, and new spell effects.

How is Diablo 2: Resurrected different from the original?

The alpha test of Diablo 2: Resurrected and Hack and Slash the Bible has started 20 years and has now begun. This is a short time of up to 13 days, but this is an opportunity to see the changed graphics and convenience. The sensitivity and interest of the original work are close to the past, so it seems that existing fans will be satisfied with it enough. The implementation of the alpha test ends in Act 2.

The Diablo 2 Resurrected you have experienced can be played with almost the same feeling as Diablo 2. Last month, I played the original song again for this test, but I didn’t notice much difference. The 360-degree rotation of the character is not awkward, and the monsters, bosses, and dungeons are satisfactory.

What has changed is the graphics, UI, and convenience. Since it is still the Alpha version, it may be modified in the future, but based on the Alpha version, I checked the original version’s difference.

Diablo 2 Denial is now running on The original game is still available for purchase in the Blizzard Store, but it runs on a separate client. Like other lineups, Diablo 2 Resurrected is expected to enjoy multiplayer games through and Gateway.

Run the game, and the first screen remains unchanged. The Blizzard logo and Blizzard North’s video appeared, and a new Resurrected logo was added later.

The character selection is the same as before, and you can use the button in the upper right corner to check the past graphics. Blizzard announced that it might change the character graphics representing Amazon, but the current Alpha version is the same as the version released last year.

It can be checked in the game in the past. Press the G button at any time to enjoy games with past graphics. For users who want to consider the facts, this seems to be a service.

The original most inconvenient warehouses have doubled from 48 to 100. The inventory remains the same, and there is rumored that there is no separate amulets cache.

It is best to place ten spaces separately from the inventory because the charm of Diablo 2 is constantly in use, but if this happens, the original work may be changed, so you may need to be cautious.

You can use 100 account warehouse spaces in the Warehouse tab. This will significantly reduce the inconvenience of creating a warehouse role as a sub-role.

The gameplay changes are not fixed on the task or status notification screen but disappear at the bottom after the notification. In the original version, if you did not click after the upgrade, the statistics and skill point notifications will be fixed on the screen, and the mouse will be forced to connect. Still, the Resurrected will automatically disappear to the bottom after the announcement.

The most convenient function is to get gold automatically. The range is not as comprehensive as Diablo 3, but it was incredible compared to the content I clicked one by one. I don’t know how many users turn it off and use it, but you can turn it on/off in the options.

Retaining an almost meaningless endurance function, you can choose a mini-map as an option.

Other than that, the gameplay looks almost the same. The dungeon is dark and gloomy like the original, the image of the monster becomes apparent, and the animations such as water and flame become lifelike. It is safe to say that there is almost no sense of heterogeneity like when you first played StarCraft 2.

The most crucial point of this Diablo 2 refusal to test is whether the original tool was implemented naturally. It seems that we can provide enough scores for this part. I think the game performance and balance can only be confirmed after the next test.

Players use the old Diablo 2 Resurrected mod to unlock hidden classes.

Although there are only three professions in Diablo 2: Resurrected Alpha, players can still use the old version of the mod in the original game to unlock hidden disciplines such as Necromancer.

What is that alpha? The Alpha test of Diablo 2’s Resurrected began on April 9th ​​and ended on April 12. The replica of Diablo 2 may be the first time some players have played it.
This is a technical Alpha and can only be played in a single-player game, including the first and second acts and three categories to choose from. However, during the test, players discovered that the backdoor could unlock more courses.

The old mod in the original Diablo 2 unlocks hidden classes
what happened?
On Reddit, user jinfat1 shared a video introducing the capabilities of the Necromancer. However, this seems strange because the Necromancer is not one of the three Alpha categories that players can choose from.

How is that possible? When asked by a user, jinfat1 wrote that he just tried an old Hero Editor modification developed for the original change. Obviously, Resurrected is very close to its original Diablo 2 so that the old mods can work typically.

How did he do that? This is achieved through the Hero Editor module of the original game. You need to create a character and enter it into the editor, and you can play as a necromancer instead of a barbarian. In any case, these classes should be included in the finished game.
Compatibility with the old version is not the first to show how close the Diablo 2 Resurrected is to the original.

What platforms does Das Remaster apply to?
personal computer
PS4, PS5
Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S
Nintendo Switch

What is the remastered content? The resurrected Diablo 2 contains the original Diablo II and the expanded Lord of Destruction.

How does Alpha arrive? Overall, the feedback on the alpha test of Diablo 2 Resurrected is very positive. Graphical improvements and changes in the quality of life were praised.

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