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Diablo 3 Season 24 release date, weapons, patch notes

Blizzard announced the 24th season of Diablo 3 and the content in the related update 2.7.1. Both should be released in July.

When does season 24 start?

The new season will start at 5 pm on July 23.

Patch 2.7.1 will be released a little earlier, that is, July 20.

Season theme

The motto of season 24 is Ethereal Memory. Therefore, we should review the Diablo 2 released more than 20 years ago, and it will return as a remake of Diablo 2 Resurrection in September 2021.

In addition, there are ethereal objects in Diablo 3, more accurately 21 beloved weapons from Diablo 2.

What weapons are these?

Ethereal weapons will have a set of powerful affixes, legendary professional weapon power, and random professional passive abilities. You will also have the unique icons, names, item types, and sounds found initially in Diablo II.

Ethereal weapons will only fall from monsters, boxes, and destructible objects.

You don’t have to reach level 70 to get them.

The rarity of virtual spirits lies between ancient items and ancient items

Each class has 3 Ethereals-each Ethereal weapon has a fixed affix and will receive random legendary weapon rewards and random passive abilities of the class

Void spirits are limited and can only be equipped with one at a time

Void weapons ignore durability loss

Aether weapons cannot be enchanted, transmog, dyed, forged, or traded

New weapon binding account

New cosmetic rewards

These are the new rewards: in Season 24, you can get two new cosmetic rewards. On the one hand, the portrait frame Reawakened Terror. On the other hand, the mummy of the companion.

You can also get the appearance rewards from the 12th season of the previous season:

Breastplate and gloves in the conquest series

Hohe Simmel’s new portrait

Fiala-Géar wings

Heydrich’s gift

What is Hedrig’s gift? By completing the stages of the seasonal journey, you will gain some new professions by defeating certain bosses. It should be noted that for a complete set, you must also use the same hero to open all gifts at each stage.

Season 24 provides you with the following packages:

Monk-Uliana’s Cunning

Demon Hunter-Natalia’s Revenge

Crusader-Chaser of Light

Wizard-Vyr’s magical secret

Barbarian-Call of the Immortal King

Witch Doctor-Soul of Araki

Necromancer-Trag’Ouls Avatar

Diablo 3: Patch 2.7.1 Patch Notes-What’s in it?

Class changes:

Monk | Skill changes:

Mysterious Allies-Fire Allies: Now split into two allies (up from 5), but now all fire allies can be split. The range of influence has been slightly increased, and the damage has been increased from 480% to 1,920% weapon damage.

Mysterious Ally-Fire Allies: The AI ​​of Fire Allies has been improved, so allies can now detonate more reliably.

Mysterious Ally-Allies of the Earth: Damage increased from 380% to 4,500% weapon damage.

Drooling: Teleporting your mind-consumers while the Apocalypse is active will also affect nearby targets without consuming more minds, and the damage done in the process is increased by 350–450%.

Magician | Skill changes:

Mirror: The counter now shows how many mirrors are active on the mirror symbol.

Project changes:

Inna’s spell (4 part set bonus): You get the basic effects of all four spells at the same time. For each active mysterious ally, your damage will be reduced by 5%. Your mysterious partners are no longer harmed.

Inna’s Mantra (6 pieces set bonus): You will permanently obtain the passive skills of all five mysterious allies. Your attack will create the mysterious allies of your choice for 15 seconds and up to 10 mysterious allies. Each mysterious partner will increase the damage done by your mysterious ally by 3,000%.

The thickest boots: Mysterious allies summon two mysterious allies to fight side by side with you. They cause 150–200% more damage and can attack longer in the active state.

Binding of the Lesser Gods: Enemies hit by your Whirlwind Strike ability will take 150% to 200% more damage from your mysterious allies within 5 seconds. Backers who divide the fire receive five times the reward.

Courage Shield (2 pieces set bonus): Use Sky Fist attack to increase the damage caused by Sky Wrath by 125% for 5 seconds. It can be stacked up to 3 times.

Masquerade of Burning Carnival (6 set bonus): The damage done by you and your simulacra using bone spears is increased by 6,000%.


Fixed bugs for monks

All mysterious allies and their abilities can benefit from the increased damage of the mysterious allies’ skills.

Fixed a bug where the 2-piece reward set of Dragon Soul could not be triggered as expected when using Storm Battlefront

Fixed a bug with the ethereal item of the witch doctor | Jibin Hotel

The opportunist’s passive skills now correctly benefit from the +200% damage of all voodoo skills.

What do you think of the changes and innovations in the 24th season? Do you have any specific expectations?

How and when will Diablo 3 season 23 end and season 24 continue?

Diablo 3 has now announced the end time of the current 23rd season. But when does season 24 start? So far, how much do you know about the upcoming new season? Season 23 of Diablo 3 will air on April 2, 2021. Slowly, this is coming to an end, and now the game’s official Twitter account has also announced the official end of the season. When will the 23rd season of Diablo 3 end? Season 23 will end on July 18, 2021. Therefore, if you are playing a seasonal role, you now have less than two weeks to complete your seasonal journey.

When does the 24th season of Diablo 3 begin?

Is there an official start date for Season 24? Although Blizzard has now announced when the 23rd season will end, there is no official release date for the 24th season.

However, over time, a clear and recurring pattern emerged at the beginning of the season, which can already predict the start date of the 24th season.

Mode: The season of Diablo 3 usually lasts about three months. The exact period is still dynamic, but most seasons stay around three months, with a few exceptions. As we all know, there is a time interval of about one to two weeks between the end of the old season and the beginning of the new season. The new season usually starts on Friday.

When does season 24 start?

This leads to two possible dates for the beginning of season 24:

Friday, July 23 (less than a week after the end of S23)

Friday, July 30 (nearly two weeks after the end of S23)

But remember, this is based on speculation over the past few seasons. The official start date for season 24 has not yet been determined.

What can we expect in Season 24 of Diablo 3?

Here you will find the essential aspects to play or change in Season 24.

One highlight-virtual spirit weapon:

The theme of the S24 season will be Ethereal, the so-called Ethereal weapon, to commemorate the legacy of Diablo II.

This is a new type of weapon that will be provided in the upcoming season tour. These weapons will have a robust set of affixes, legendary professional weapon power, and random professional passive abilities. There are also unique icons, names, item types, and sounds found initially in Diablo II.

Fortunately, these killing tools may become very powerful in the new 24th season through the legendary power and passive ability to help you develop a compelling character.

Further changes:

The profession will change-only a few are wizards, and some are monks.

Changes to items such as the buff of the Inna suit or the brave suit of the Crusaders, or the nerfs of the fancy dress party of the Necromancer’s Burning Carnival are also planned.

How Many Similarities and Differences do The Lost Ark have in Diablo?

The highly anticipated MMORPG Lost Ark has now received a release window in Europe in the fall of 2021 and has passed its first alpha test. This game made many fans of games such as Diablo sit up because, at first glance, the gameplay is very similar to A-RPG. However, before Diablo 4, will MMORPG provide an alternative or at least a bridge for Diablo fans? In this article, we have summarized the similarities and differences between the Lost Ark and Diablo games so that you can understand them.

Similarities and similarities

Although Lost Ark belongs to the MMORPG genre, it has several game elements that attract fans of A-RPGs, such as Diablo or Road of Exile. In this section, you will find the most significant and most crucial part of it.

Perspective and control

The first and most apparent commonality between Lost Ark and Diablo games is, of course, the camera angle. MMORPG is played from an isometric perspective, and you can look down at your character from above. You can rotate the camera freely, but the incident angle will only change when using the zoom function to observe your nature.

In addition, the control method of Lost Ark is very similar to Diablo. Characters are not moved with WASD like most modern MMORPGs but with mouse buttons. You click on the desired location, and your character will move there.

The control of the attack is similar. Ordinary attacks are also carried out by clicking the mouse. By default, functions are on the QWER and ASDF keys, and items can be used with keys 1 to 4. Therefore, compared with Diablo, it offsets one line.

Combat system

The core gameplay of the Lost Ark combat system is almost the same as Diablo and other isometric A-RPGs. However, this is an action-oriented combat system in which there is no automatic lock. Instead, you must use your skills to specifically target and position yourself appropriately to hit opponents around you.

Similar to Diablo 3, each class has its resources. It collects or manages these resources in the battle to use skills or use powerful Ult abilities. WoW or FFXIV does not have a global cooldown, but each skill has its cooldown.

Lost Ark will also throw many opponents at you in battle, usually in Hack’n’Slay games. Enemies in groups are enormous, especially in raids, dungeons, and rifts. Dozens of monsters will often appear on your screen at the same time. This makes them more satisfied to use their excellent skills for mass destruction.

Skill system

Another similarity can be found in the lost ark tripod skill system. Its core is a skill level reminiscent of Diablo III. In D3, one of the six runes can personalize personal skills further and adapt to their game style or construction.

The basic system where you can adjust and personalize active skills is also provided in Lost Ark-but more extensively.

There, players will get skill points when they level up, and they can assign these points to individual active skills in their class. These points can be spent on a tripod system to personalize crafts. But compared to the runes of Diablo 3, you can choose more effects.

Each ordinary active skill has eight passive effects, which are distributed in three levels in the tripod. You can choose additional products for each level of skill. For example, a fully expanded skill in The Lost Ark will have three different effects at the end.

Similar to Diablo 3, this can be a pure attack or a duration increase or completely change the skill. Additionally, a single attack can be turned into three episodes, or the craft will gain the life deprivation effect of the vampire. So there are many options for different builds.

Loot Spiral and Gear System

One of the essential features of Diablo games loved by many gamers is the cool loot spiral. Just like Pinata, when monsters and bosses are slaughtered, colorful items will fly to the ground. Then, your search for armor pieces that are stronger or more suitable for the current construction, among many useless things.

This loot spiral works similarly in Lost Ark. You upgrade your character, and at the same time, you get weapons and armor from your opponents. Later, you can obtain armor from raids and dungeons at higher levels, or you can cultivate materials in the endgame to forge armor or upgrade it to higher levels.

There are fewer colorful loot fireworks in MMORPG than Diablo, but fans of giant loot piñatas will still be worth their money here. In addition, there are big world bosses that really rain and extraordinary treasure caves.

In addition, in the Lost Ark, similar to Diablo 3, there are many different ways to make your clothes better:

You can make the NPC recalculate the secondary statistics, similar to Diablo 3

Build or move elemental resistance by inserting runes

The carvings on the rings give them special effects, etc.

So you end up in a spiral that aims to improve your equipment and become stronger and stronger continuously. So the potential of minmaxen is enormous.


Since Lost Ark is not a one-on-one Diablo replica, some differences may delay one or another Diablo fan of MMORPG. This is the most significant and most serious of them.

Setting and story

The first and one of the most significant differences in the MMORPG settings. Unlike Diablo, in The Lost Ark, we are not in a dark, cruel medieval environment, where blood flows in rivers, and people are mutilated. Instead, the Lost Ark tends to use several different settings and mix them into a colorful pile.

Depending on the category you start the game, you will eventually enter the magical kingdom of elves, destroyed steampunk cities, Asian martial arts environments, or other environments. These starting areas represent different continents in The Lost Ark, you can prepare these continents, and each continent has its theme.

A Korean development studio also produced Lost Ark. Therefore, it has a unique Asian appearance and continues to appear as characters and armor. However, these garments partially expose or exaggerate the size, such as weapons from Berserker or Destroyer.

The story also revolves around demons. There are dark and sinister places, but it does not come close to the brutality of Diablo. There are many colorful and happy elements such as dances, facial expressions, and fancy cosmetics in the stories and games.

MMORPG elements

Another difference is, of course, the MMORPG element in Lost Ark. Compared to Diablo games, you will never be completely alone here. You will meet other players in the open area. There are also classic MMORPG elements:

A detailed role creator

Need team raids and dungeons


Life skills such as collecting resources

Excellent navigation system where you can sail by boat

An auction house where you can trade with other players (Diablo 3 used to have it. But… we better not talk about it)

World bosses and world events, such as Chaos Rift, where a large number of players gather

Open PvP in certain regions

End Game

Unlike Diablo, the MMORPG element in Lost Ark is particularly evident in the endgame. In Diablo 3, players will usually cultivate essential secrets to get better equipment for their construction. This can be done in small groups or individually.

Diablo has three other seasons that have their themes and bring special effects and game mechanics, such as the ethereal weapons for the upcoming 24th season. Although each season will start a new role, they must also start from 0 to upgrade and equipment.

To get the best equipment in The Lost Ark, you must go to raids and chaos dungeons and get items, armor, and upgrades on the farm. Only by traveling with a team can you succeed there.

The content is instantiated and usually has its mechanism. In the guardian raid against the boss Nekrasena, a giant scorpion, you must chop off the tip of the tail with a particular item to prevent him from making powerful attacks.

In addition, endgame content (such as raids or dungeons) has daily or weekly caps. This means that you can’t send them endlessly to get the best items as quickly as possible because you can only enter them in a limited range or get a certain amount of loot from them.

Three simple achievements in Diablo 3 that can be used to protect cute Pets

In the 23rd season of Diablo 3, you should have achieved three achievements during this season’s travel. For this, you will receive a cute pet as a reward, and we will show you which achievements are beneficial to Flawless Victory.

What happened in Diablo 3? Since April 2021, Diablo 3 has started its 23rd season. In this season, you can earn special pet Lacunijunges at the end of the season. But in the community, the question reappeared again, which of the three achievements in the 23rd season is the easiest to unlock pets.

In this overview, we show here three achievements on Diabloguides that you can easily accomplish. We will provide you with tips and guidelines on how to operate.
Simply sacred
Boss mode
Speed ​​demon

Simply sacred
what is this? This may be the most straightforward achievement in season 23. You should complete the 75-level large nephalem portal in a personal game.
How does it work? For this, you need some better equipment. The 75-level big gap corresponds to the 16-level difficulty. With the core equipment of Season 23 (a set of 6-point bonuses, weapons/items to enhance your gear), such a portal should be easy to implement.

Boss mode
what is this? To achieve this achievement, you should kill all bosses within 20 minutes of starting the game.
How does it work? The simplest method is a team of three or more participants. Before the game begins, the group discusses which player runs to which boss. Use the town portal and then transmit it on the map. You can protect each port from the boss and then move them one by one.

In the boss mode guide in Diablo 3, we will show you exactly which boss you should split and how to split so that you can quickly achieve your goals. Besides, if you solve this problem for the first time, we will provide you with tips and tricks.

Speed ​​demon
what is this? When the character is level 70, complete a nephalem portal on Torment 10 (or higher). But it takes up to 2 minutes.
How does it work? To achieve this goal, speed needs to be accelerated. The difference with separate push builds is that you can quickly complete the nephalem portal with the help of fast builds. But they have little potential in the higher Rift Valley. But on Qual 10, there is no problem with speed construction at all.

If you play with at least one other player, the project will become easier. Then, you split and quickly clear all content in the nephalem portal. It’s best not to collect loot-it takes time. Shortly before the appearance of the portal guard, players needed to transplant themselves to the city to close the portal directly. This saves time again.

What are the rewards?
This is what this season’s travel gives you: if you complete this season’s journey completely, you will receive three rewards.
Two portrait frames
One companion

For many players, Lacunijunges companions are the highlight of season 23. When you summon it, just like other pets, it will collect the gold coins that opponents have dropped for you. Therefore, companions provide convenient assistance for your adventure. Have you completed three achievements or even used others? Write down our experience on Diabloguides in the comments and exchange ideas with other participants.

How to Fast Power Leveling 70 Level in Diablo 3 Season 23

In the level guide for the 23rd season of Diablo 3, we showed you how to reach the highest level of level 70 quickly. This is a speed balance. MeinMMO offers you the steps to use and not use Challenge Rift. What does this guide show you? Here, we introduce you to how to quickly upgrade the new season character in the 23rd season of “Diablo 3” to the highest level of 70. We are talking about experienced Diablo 3 players who have been with them for one season or another. Bloody beginners who are just starting to use this crack and killer should take some time to level up instead of rushing.

Do you now have a mighty legendary power? Then, leveling will become easier for you. If you skip this step, you can start simply from here now.

Level 1-24
This is your choice: according to your preferred game style, you can get the Holocaust reward in the Hall of Pain, upgrade to level 1-3, or clear the nephalem portal and complete it. To get the Holocaust bonus, some practice is required.
Solo players should quickly get the Holocaust bonus. Group players can reach level 30 but should switch to the regular nephalem portal because, as a group, it usually progresses quickly.
Using these methods, you can upgrade to level 24.

Every 8-10 level, you will go to the blacksmith and try to make more powerful weapons with him.
Visit suppliers in town regularly. They can sell you rings or amulets with “+damage.” These are great for leveling.
If you use a socket to rob a headgear, it is best to put a red gem in it, bringing you more experience points. If you have a weapon with slots, then red rocks are also applicable here. They directly cause more damage in the level stage.
During the game phase, you should constantly adjust the difficulty. The rubbish mobs should be knocked out with 1-3. If almost everything is a blow to you, then the problem will increase. If you need a longer time, you can increase the difficulty of the game.

Level 24 to 40
From now on, experience has shown that it is best to be consistent with the Nehalem portal.
You should complete these portals as soon as possible (so please adjust the difficulty accordingly)
Group Tip: Designate a player to close the portal immediately after the leader of the rift dies. In the remaining 30 seconds (until it closed), he then returned to the group, and everyone continued to kill the mobs in the portal together.

40 to 70 levels
After reaching level 40, you can teleport to this city and visit the mystics there. You are now fully developing this feature.
Now make a yellow 2H weapon in the smithy, level 70,
Until the weapon attachment rate reaches a certain level (freeze, stun, etc.), you will create as many 2H weapons as possible.
Do you have such a weapon?
Do not? Then, continue to use the pad and try again.
Yes, it is? Then enter the mystery and rollover other secondary rewards (instead of having% rewards). You want to reduce the level to as close to 30 levels as possible.
Once you can carry these weapons, equip them and increase the difficulty. In the best case, you have already taken a 70s-class gun at level 40. Then set it to Torment 6, and if it is still too difficult, then slowly feel yourself falling.
With the high damage output of weapons in the 70s, you should now be able to make good progress.
Upgrade to level 70: From now on, you can upgrade through the nephalem portal. Regardless of whether there are guns from the 1970s, this is the current method. When you have 70 weapons, it’s best to withstand a high level of torture-if you don’t have 70 weapons, and you can still complete the portal quickly when you encounter difficulties.

What will happen after 70?
Which version you play now and start the journey of this season is entirely up to you. As a bonus for seasonal travel, you will get 23 starter sets in Season 23, which play an essential role in the Great Rift Valley.
Choose a set you want to play and complete the journey of the season, chapter by chapter. Then, use the class you wish to use the starter set to open Haedrig’s gift. With six bonuses, you can play the game at a high skill level and get the key to the enormous rift in the ordinary rift.

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