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How clubs work in Mario Strikers: Battle League

Mario Strikers: Battle League is the latest game in the Mario Strikers series released on Nintendo Switch. He returns many favorite mechanics, but also adds many new functions. This includes Strikers Club, which can make you think about how clubs work in Mario Strikers: Battle League.

Mario Strikers: Combat League clubs, explanation

The Stureker Club is only online mode in Mario Strikers: Battle Leauge. You can create or join the club, which can consist of 20 players . Regardless of whether you are the leader of the club or not, you will compete with other online clubs for ratings and promotion.

club seasons

There will be many seasons in Mario Strikers: Battle League. Participating in matches and winning, you can earn points to increase the rating of your club. You can play online matches alone or unite with other players in your club.

The place of your club in the season determines what place in the division it will receive next season. Your Club Rating will shift up or down at the end of each season, depending on how you coped with this season.

Club Set

The owner of the club can freely configure and manage the club settings. This includes:

  • Name

Mario Strikers: Battle League Football | Official Gameplay Overview Trailer
* A uniform
* Stadium
* Region
* Club policy
* Conditions for joining

When configuring the uniform of the club, the owners can change the color, drawing and logo to create a unique look. When choosing a stadium, you can choose a topic, a column of fence, decoration of the collar, gate and field. The stadium of your club will crash into the stadium of the opposite club, dividing the field.

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Fortnite: All masks in Chapter 3 Season 1

With the Fortnite Patch 19.20 is finally the NPC Haven to find on your island. You can already see the figure in the preview of the Battle Pass. Through them you have the opportunity to collect masks from now on – a total of 30 pieces. You will learn in this guide:

  • How to get to masks
  • Which masks there are

Important: Haven is not just an NPC that can be found on your island, but also around a outfit that is included in the Battle Pass . Similar to CartoonFish in Chapter 2 of Fortnite. If you want to use and customize this and adapt, you have to raise the Battle Pass.

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Where can I find the masks?

The masks are not just on the Fortnite Island. You have to do this a few tasks – similar to the season orders or milestones.

Only when you have met the prerequisite, the mask will be unlocked in your overview. To really own them, you have to spend 10, 15 or 20 springs – depending on the mask stage. Wherever you receive this, you will learn below.

The tasks are very different, but build on each other **. What you need to do for which mask, we list you in the following table:

Mask Task
Everyday cat If you have the Battle Pass, you will receive.
Revived cat Fills a shield fish, chillifish and a jellyfish.
Midnight cat Fills 20 fish.
Autumn Hirsch Uses 3 different types of instant items.
Skeletoned deer Collects instant items on 3 different designated places.
Primeval deer Uses 20 instant items.
Old Wolf Hunts 5 chickens.
Cuddly Wolf Hunts 5 wild boars.
Primeval wolf Hunts 5 wolves.
Hidden Lizzy Slips 300 meters wide – our guide to slide in Fortnite reveals you like that.
Hypnotic lizard Slips for 8 seconds without interruption.
Glowing Lizard Fits opponents 100 damage while you slip.
Frosty Plunter Searched for 10 chests.
Golden Ploother Searched for 3 chests of seven or Io chests.
Midnight plunder Search 3 rare chests.
Mask Task
Spring Owl Lands through sliding on a tree.
Primey Owl Glides 1,000 meters wide.
Tropical Owl Includes opponents within 10 seconds after gliding damage.
Dreaming Long Tube Drive a car, a quad ram and a boat.
Frosty Long Tube Spends 10 seconds in the air with a vehicle.
Everyday Long Tube Drive 5,000 meters in a vehicle.
Friendly Klombo Ride for 10 seconds on a Klombo.
Hungry Klombo Feed a Klombo with romberries.
Groired Klombo Fits 50 damage to a KLOMBO.
Tropical Vöglein Complete 5 daily tasks.
Frosty Vöglein Complete 10 daily tasks.
Primeval Vöglein Complete 20 daily tasks.
Hunter of the fire Receives 5 HAVEN masks.

How to Unlock All Haven Masks in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 1!
Hunter of the snow | Receives 15 HAVEN masks.
Jäger’s solar eclipse | Receives 25 HAVEN masks.

Where do I find feathers?

With the fulfilling of the tasks, you switch the masks free in Fortnite, but you can not use them yet to equip Haven. But you have to collect feathers .

Each mask has three versions , which are always more expensive. The first costs 10 feathers, the second 15 springs and the third – right – 20 springs. You can buy directly the third mask and skip the first two, but you still have to fulfill the tasks.

The springs find their exclusively in boxes , which are distributed over the entire Fortnite Map. So if you play a game, as many boxes trying to find as possible and opens them. You will not find feathers in each box…

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Fortnite patch 19.10: chopped floors, new skins and more

patch 19.10 of Fortnite came to the game on Tuesday, January 18, 2022, and brought with it numerous changes and News . It is the second patch of the seexpectedon. Here are the most important improvements of this new content update of seexpectedon 1 of battle pexpecteds of Fortnite chapter 3 , expected the return of Chopped floors , Skin VI of Arcane: League of Legends and much more:

Fortnite: Notes of the 19.10 patch

For some time, Epic Games does not publish patch notes expected such; Instead, we have to access your Trello, where they publish what problems you know there is in the game today, and which of them will be corrected with each patch:

Fortnite changes and arrangements of Fortnite

  • DSS for DirectX11 wexpected disabled. It is expected to be enabled again with this patch.

Changes and arrangements in Fortnite Battle ROYALE mode

  • The mission Phexpectede 2 of 2: destroys and brings together parts of telescopes in the same heading gives problems; Some players do not appear a third telescope, so they can not complete the mission. The solution that gives Epic Games is autocomplete this mission for all players.
  • Solution for the failure Lost connection to the network when we enter a game expected a spectator.
  • Certain skins cause problems of lighting and frame rate when equipped with Spider-Man launches. This is expected to be fixed on this patch.
  • The possibility of cure in the tents wexpected disabled. It is expected to be enabled again with this update.
  • An unforeseen problem makes daily missions do not appear if we lexpectedt played a game mode in which they are not available. It is expected that this is arranged with this update.
  • The progress for the missions of some SKINS is not visible due to an error. This is expected to be fixed with this patch.


Changes and arrangements in the creative mode of Fortnite

  • An error causes the jump platforms do not show correctly at the visual level. This problem is expected to be solved in this patch.

Changes and arrangements in the Save the Fortnite world

  • An unknown error causes the vacuum tube arc does not cause the effect of chain rays. It is expected to be fixed with this patch.

Changes and arrangements in Fortnite’s mobile versions and Nintendo Switch

  • An unforeseen error makes the storm not so dense and be more transparent in Nintendo Switch. This is expected to be corrected in this patch.

New cosmetic objects added with the 19.10 patch of Fortnite

The Fortnite patch 19.10 hexpected brought with it new cosmetic objects in the form of skins , backpacks , peaks , Delta wings , and much more.

VI of Arcane / League of Legends will come to Fortnite; An image of your objects in the store wexpected added to the game file system.

New weapons and new objects of Fortnite 19.10 patch

The 19.10 patch of Fortnite hexpected brought with it new objects to the game: Pizza Party , Pizza Strip .

Changes on the map with the 19.10 patch of Fortnite

The Fortnite patch 19.10 hexpected brought the following changes on the map . Chopped floors Return to the island.

new missions added with the 19.10 patch of Fortnite

The 19.10 patch of Fortnite hexpected brought with it new missions to the game file system:

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