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Wow Patch 9.2: Official preview on Tazavesh heroic and mythical

When Tazavesh with patch 9.1 came to the live servers of WOW, the enthusiasm kept largely within limits. As well as past dungeons was the covered market at the beginning only in mythical mode available. Stupidly there was no particularly large incentives for most players. And so many players looked in only once and let the well-designed dungeons then left months left.

This will certainly change with WOW Patch 9.2. Because, as has been known for a long time, the Dungeon will now be playable in heroic difficulty and in a mythical-plus variant. Thus he is playable for the first time via the automated group search and also offers high-level rewards with matching key stone.

Tazavesh is split into two parts

So that the visits do not take too long, Tazavesh as before already Mechagon and Karazhan is divided into two parts. But there is a special feature. In contrast to previous dungeons, the total of eight bosses are not evenly distributed. Due to the placement within the dungeon, the first part will contain five bosses, while only three bosses waiting for you in the second part.

Shortly before the release of Patch 9.2 Blizzard has now published an official preview, which of course we do not want to consider you.

Tazavesh, the veiled market – official preview

The heroic level of difficulty of Tazavesh, the covered market is available in the Dungeon Browser (I). The megeteon is divided into two parts: miraculous streets and so’leah’s chess train. To log in, you need at least item level 185.

  • Bosses : 8 (5 and 3 each)

  • Difficulty : Heroic and mythical
  • Level : 60

The 9 MAJOR Features of Patch 9.2 - Eternity's End | Shadowlands

You can engage in a series and Tazavesh immediately enter, but to get to the entrance of the dungeon, you have to complete a short quest series. It starts with Beherberger Ta’rela, the innkeeper in the idyllia of Oribos. At the quest “Al’ter Gauner of Oribos” you will be commissioned to meet you with the mysterious contact person Al’dalil, which introduces you to the world of the cartels with their complex relationships and their preference for refined puns. He will help you and then find your way through the dungeon.

Wow Patch 9.2: Official preview of Tazavesh heroic and mythical-plus (2) Source: Blizzard

Part 1 – Wonderful streets

  • Zo’phex The Guardian \ – In order to get inlet to the wonders who hide behind the golden gates of Tazavesh, you have to pass guard Zo’phex. Zo’phex is the top responsible for safety and ensures that any smuggling goods are burned immediately… including their owners, sees.
  • The Great Menagerie \ – The XY cartel “acquires” rare and valuable items to sell them. Exotic beasts, forbidden technology and even cursed artifacts – there is nothing about what they’re back. The cartel procures whatever your heart desires… as long as you put enough money on the table.
  • Posttraumfiasko \ – in the P.O.S.T. Office (primary place to the property transport) something went wrong. Dimensional portals distribute deliveries uncontrollably in all directions, and the automated control system of the office has a malfunction. If the chaos is not brought under control soon, the city will soon be the post office… ONS THEN PACKAGES FLY FLEN.
  • Myzas Oasis \ – The drinks are ethereal, the mood is intoxicating and bouncer Zo’gron is impatient. If the artists of this oasis do not satisfy their audience, they will not rely on this place as they entered.
  • So’azmi \ – Among those Mittler, who live according to the law of the blade, no one can take on so’azmis. As a fatal assassin of the cartel so strive to always perfect his technique. It gives him great pleasure to demonstrate opponents his martial arts and cut them into pieces.

WoW Patch 9.2: Official preview of Tazavesh heroic and mythical-plus (1) Source: Blizzard


  • Hylbrand \ – The theft of an ancient titan artifact revealed its protector: Hyl firing, sword of the keepers. If you do not succeed in neutralizing Hylbrand’s innumerable security logs, a final move to the grave threatens you.
  • Timehead Hooktschwanz \ – Monthly plans went into the bushes as so’leah in the middle of Timefäpt’n hookted ‘raid showed and her prey steel. The lunatic pirate queen reveals their true shape and now tramps everyone who stands in the way.
  • SO’LEAH \ – SO’LEAH’s power hunger achieves its highlight in this last fight. After the cartel carrier has unleashed a power that she does not fully understand, she is turned into a creature of unusual wildness. While more and more uncontrolled power flows from the artifact, so’lah must be stopped before her deeds still destroy the foundation of the shadowlands.

There is a lot of booty on you – you just have to get out of the market stalls of Tazavesh. Gathered your allies and get ready to haggle your life. Have you already visited Tazavesh in the mythical variant and how did you like the dungeon? Can he keep up with Mechagon and Karazhan or was little excited?

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King Mysteria takes the Mexican pride on the cover of WWE 2K22 to give “an effect hit”

2K today announced all the news and features of WWE 2K22 , the next delivery of the emblematic video game franchise with King Mysterious on the cover to celebrate its twentieth anniversary as Estrella de la WWE. The Mexican wrestler is a globally recognized icon, and it is clear synonymous with the Mexican tradition within free wrestling with the footage of it, opening the way to many other agile and high-flying fighters.

The decorated Mexican wrestler has head multiple championships along the historic career of him, acting with his own style and carrying a series of colorful and iconic masks, showing that the definitive underdog always hits differently.

Through a private conference with different Hispanic media from all over the world, and where we were able to participate actively, the Mexican fighter wanted to give the eternal thanks to WWE for trusting in his figure to be the cover of a title purchased by many: I am looking forward to sharing the stories behind the great moments of my career with a dedicated community full of players and connect with WWE fans in a totally new way while playing through my 2K Showcase.

Fully new features

They asked king that It was not at all a surprise as such for him: I went realized little by little we were with something truly special for the game of 2022.

A couple of days ago I got the news and it was curated People began to wonder if I would finally be the cover of the game. He also wanted to comment The desire that has to fight with his son , That he debuted very little in the show of the wrestling and that he hopes hopefully to continue participating with him so that the legacy of Mexican pride remains.

From the game engine redesigned Up new checks and visual improvements, WWE 2K22 is ready to look, feel, play in a more realistic way and with a phrase that stays throughout the title: a blow of effect. The engine, together with the more impressive WWE 2K graphics to date , guarantees an unprecedented level of realism for the franchise.

Along with an updated and intuitive control scheme, as well as an enveloping presentation and varied camera angles, the players will feel the pressure and reward of each blow, kick and punch that can be given with all available wrestlers in the title of 2K.

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