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Escape from Tarkov Arena offered both PvP and PvE

Escape from Tarkov is a particular product that has set its genre (you can find other, older games of this type by force, but Tarkov is associated with such fun). Many followers, such as the changed The Cycle or the dedicated mode in Battlefield 2042, are also trying their hand at such gameplay. However, this does not mean that the developers intend to sit indifferently – now, they have announced that they are preparing Escape from Tarkov Arena. What is that?

Escape from Tarkov Arena is a spin-off, a completely separate title from the original. The arena mode has evolved and will develop into a standalone game focused on gladiator-style combat – we’re invading the arenas in the city of Tarkov. However, do not confuse the gameplay with the deathmatch mode because Arena will offer both PvP and PvE. We will also get a progression system with unlockable equipment and weapons. The matches are to be more focused and dynamic, but not without the hardcore nature of the original. What about the Escape from Tarkov players themselves?

The biggest surprise is waiting for them because of the opportunity to play with your characters in Escape from Tarkov Arena! Edge of Darkness pack owners (costs $ 140) will get free access to the spin-off. For all other Escape from Tarkov owners, Arena will be available for purchase as a DLC. Those who do not have the game will have to purchase Escape from Tarkov Arena as a standalone title.

We do not know the price of Escape from Tarkov Arena. Also, the release dates. The tests have been announced for this autumn.

Overview of Mad Experiments 2


Escape Game, popular success in recent years, do not stop emulating. In addition to board games and the books you are the hero, this theme has also been adapted into video games. If the undisputed leader in this field is Escape Simulator (which I warmly recommend), a small Quebec studio led by a Frenchman, PlaytoTher Studio , tries to find the exit door. After getting out Mad Experiments in April 2020, the Canadian studio returns with a new title, soberly entitled MAD Experiments 2 .

Mad Experiments Escape Room (Chapter 2)

On the menu, for the moment, only the prologue and the first chapter. The first takes about twenty minutes and the second leave up to one hour (unless you opt for the mode offering an unlimited duration). In short, the adventure is currently quite short; Two additional chapters should be added before the end of early access.

In addition, specify that the title is currently only available in English. It’s not at all problematic for puzzles, which rest very little on the text. On the other hand, it is a little more embarrassing for the narration, which occupies an important place. The first game had been translated, so it is likely that it will happen for 1.0.

Let’s come to the heart of the subject: riddles. Their difficulty is well balanced: they are hard enough not to be found instantly (in any case not all) and simple enough to not block the players too long. There are very few interactive objects, which is in itself an index: if you can interact with an object, it is probably useful. It is in itself almost a pity: it would have been better to have more disruptors.

On the other hand, and this is a different welcome compared to Escape Simulator: the room evolves a lot as the enigma advances. It is very pleasant ; This really gives the impression of progressing, not to stay blocked at the same point.

Early Access

About a month ago, I tried Mad Experiments 2 on the occasion of Steam Neo Fest . I wrote a detailed return on my experience, which only wore on the prologue. I finally decided not to publish it, waiting to see what the game would give to its exit; I did well.

The game has been significantly improved since. He knew a lot of small changes, which facilitated some riddles too complicated at the time. The developers are really listening to the returns of players, who are invited to express their opinion from the main menu.

This listening is really positive because the title still suffers from many youth mistakes. Let’s take two concrete examples. First, you can only transport an object at a time. If you want to take another one, you have to let go of the one you held before… and it then floats in the air. In addition to the unrealistic aspect, it hinders mobility since it is not possible to cross objects. Escape Simulator offers an inventory system (to store several on themselves) and trash can (to get rid of unnecessary objects) that are much more efficient.

Manipulation of objects is also a real problem of the game because the simple fact of turning them to be able to read them easily holds the obstacle course; In Chapter 1, I had to take an object, turn it, let go, take it back from another angle and redo it to be able to read it simply.

Second, the multiplayer is quite poorly integrated. Indeed, it is not possible to invite directly to people to join us (or at least I did not find how to do it): you have to create a room, give it a name and share this name to our friends, who must then enter it from their menu. Similarly, a room is only valid for a specific chapter: If you want to make the prologue, then the first chapter, you have to leave the game and create a new room for all players.

Finally, players are represented only by masks, customizable. It’s nice to be able to choose his appearance, but it often makes it difficult to know where our partners are, much more than if they were represented by a whole body.

Sunday, everything is allowed

In recent months, it has become a routine: every Sunday, my friends and I explore some Virtual Game Escape Rooms. The exit of a new game in this area has particularly interested us. The demo was unconvincing, but the title has improved significantly since. Is it necessary to recommend it? It’s hard to say. I am convinced that at its complete exit, the game will offer quality experience; short, but friendly. On the other hand, the Escape Game are in essence a content to almost zero rejoicing: I redisted the prologue after trying it in anticipated access and it just allowed me to see the improvements. My first experience has suffered from poorly finalized puzzles, which will not suffer subsequent players. On the other hand, it is also nice to participate in development, to discuss directly with developers on improvements. They listen to our returns and this is seen, which may be enough to justify the relatively modest price of the game (9.30 €, minus a 10% reduction valid until 04 April).

Aperçoined on PC by Alandring thanks to a version provided by the developer.

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