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Released at Steam of Chess -style rogue light strategy game “SHOTGUN KING: THE FINAL CHECKMATE”. Checkmate is also a shotgun.

On May 12, developer Punkcake Delicieux launched the chess -style rogue light strategy game “ Shotgun King: The Final Checkmate ” for PCs. The price is 800 yen. This work has been distributed on ITCH.IO since April, and has been on Steam.

“Shotgun King: The Final Checkmate” is a strategic game with a roggy -like element that looks like a chess. The protagonist is a black king. He was a long -lasting fallen king. As a result, his subordinates were pulled out by the white king, and even the knights and his wife’s queen were abandoned. Without hearing the last warning from the bishop, the black king will put a shotgun in his own revenge (resentment).

On the board, there are multiple white pieces and only one black king. The game progresses for each turn. King can move in eight directions up, down, left and right, and diagonally. You can move the king every turn or shoot the enemy piece with a shotgun. A shotgun can do great damage as you shoot at a close range. After shooting, move again and reload the shotgun. The goal is to hit the white king while kicking the surrounding pieces. The enemy camp moves multiple pieces every turn. Since the opponent’s piece also moves according to the rules of the chess, it is necessary to go around while determining which piece will move and where. Black king may die in one shot if the opponent’s piece is checked.

Every time you clear the stage, the player can get a permanent upgrade. You can increase the range of shotguns, increase bullets in a wider area, or reduce the HP of white pieces in exchange for range. However, players do not unilaterally upgrade. All black king upgrades are also set with the upgraded white camp. Bishops have been added to the enemy, two nights are added instead of one bishop, and all players are enhanced and traded off. The player will build a strategy while determining the balance of such strength.

“Shotgun King: The Final Checkmate” is based on the winning works that participated in Game Jam Ludum Dare 50. The prototype that participated in the jam was produced in 72 hours. Currently, “Shotgun King: The Final CHECKMATE” is distributed for free of charge. In the demonstration version, you can play games equivalent to endless mode with half the number of upgrade cards in the product version. The product version includes story mode, including five types of difficulty, Steam achievements, and MOD support. In the future, it seems that balance adjustment, bug correction, localization, etc. will be promoted in the demo version along with the product version update.

“Shotgun King: The Final Checkmate” is on sale for PCs at Steam/ The price is 800 yen for the Steam version, and the version is more than $ 6.00US (users can adjust the purchase price). In addition, the version is also provided with a Steam key in addition to the game file itself.

Hullpan Sulapivajän Adventure Criminal Friends РChewable Lost Judgment Green The Kaito Files

There is also a voice exhibition in both English and Japan. The player can choose which language wants to listen to. Each option works greatly with a few side characters. I am actually quite happy with the kingdom of English, to Crisp’s Freeman , which is a full button choice for the character.

The very long experience of the Kaukka story is not, as it takes to experience the seven hours if you focus on the main roof. If you are looking around Kamurocho with hidden rhopers and get lost to play different mini games from darts to punching baseballs, the number of hours can be lifted upwards. In myself, the final texts rolled on the screen on the screen after ten hours after I had collected everything possible. Not as long as the main games, but quite comfortably for the DLC.

series of lovers big recommendation

The Kaito Files is a familiar ryu ga gototko studio in both good and evil. The players are served a criminal condition that is at the same time as the appetus and serious. Much of the charges are always spending on the venues, but also new content whip.

Nevertheless, it should be noted that when the final texts rolled on the screen, it was really satisfied. The story was revealed as a matter of interest than what the beginning gave the wait.

DLC-addicts yes, if you have kept the head of the head. This is a suitable length of experience that does not discover much outside the main roof. This can be considered either as good or as a bad thing, depending on the player.

Lost Judgment: The Kaito Files - Full Game Gameplay Walkthrough (DLC)
I himself entertaining an adventure with a great thing. I even have to keep that there was no side tasks available, but the whole was a martial choice without any larger sprints.

If Yagam is getting rid of the yagam in the future, I’m not very bad would like to have a bigger role.

_The Kaito Files is sold separately or as part of the Lost Judgment Digital Ultimate Edition and the game’s Season Passport.

Final Fantasy XIV Expands Player Favorite Ranking

On November 23, 2021, MMORPG FFXIV will release its following plugin Endwalker. For this reason, the last major content update of the current Shadowbringers extension has recently been launched. Nier Raid is about to be completed, and the Queen’s Arms mission is about to launch. The story will take you to the events of Endwalker, allowing players to directly immerse themselves in the new events at the time of release.

Shadowbringers – Published: July 2, 2019

This is Shadowbringers: After FFXIV established itself as a powerful MMORPG, developers accelerated again with the current Shadowbringers plugin. In terms of scope, it has the most dialogues and cutscenes to date, and it also brings the first graphical upgrade of the PS5 beta.

In Shadowbringers, the player came to another world for the first time. In Hydaelyn’s first fragmented world, the elements are severely out of balance, and the world is full of light. Therefore, the player must first abandon the role of the warrior of sunlight and turn to the dark. In the process of saving the world, you get help from the enemy for the first time.

Shadowbringers also brought two new jobs, but there are also new playable races, including Hrothgar and Viera. One of the most significant changes in the ability to freely shuttle between servers in the data center and visit friends.

The high risk, many tragic moments, and plot twists make it the most highly rated FFXIV plugin on Metacritic, and it is also very popular with MeinMMO readers. In our survey, Shadowbringers swept their opponents with more than 50% of the votes and won first.

Heavensward – Published: June 23, 2015

This is Heavensward: The first plugin of FFXIV appeared on the first fan festival, thus marking the beginning of the MMORPG success story. Although the development team of A Realm Reborn is not sure whether the game will survive, Heavensward encourages them to believe it.

After the players in ARR become victims of a nasty conspiracy and are charged with murder, they must flee to the city – state of Ishgard. For 1,000 years, this country has been engaged in a terrible war with dragons, but this war is not as fair as the church claims. Therefore, you have embarked on a journey of uncovering a thousand – year lie.

Heavensward has brought up three new combat classes for the new playable characters of FFXIV and Au Ra in terms of gameplay. Their dragon scales fit the theme of the plugin very well. In Heavensward, raids are divided into normal mode and epic mode, so that casual players can also experience the story.

Heavensward is very popular with FFXIV fans. Because of its tragic story, you have to accept many losses. Some players shed tears in Cutscenes, which is why add – ons ranked second in our survey.

Stormblood – Published: June 20, 2017

This is Stormblood: When Stormblood was announced, FFXIV had become one of the medium and large MMORPGs of this type.

For the warrior of light, the journey now goes to the east. Since the failure of version 1.0, the power – hungry Garema Empire has tried again and again to gain a foothold in Eorzea and conquer the city – states there. The defenders fight back and hope to end the Empire’s rule in the occupied Alamigo and Doma provinces with an offensive. At the top of the resistance is the player character.

Although there are no new playable races in Stormblood, players have already received two DDs, Red Mage and Samurai, as new jobs. The add – on shows the four areas of Eureka for the new upgradeable weapons, where the applicable laws are entirely different. Hardcore attackers can look forward to the first Ultimate Raid Bahamut.

Although there is no shortage of actions in Stormblood, it is second to last in our polls. Some FFXIV players are troubled by the fact that the position of the add – on is constantly switching between Doma and Ala Mhigo, and there is no real focus. Eureka’s content is also not popular with many players.

A Realm Reborn – Published: August 24, 2013

This is A Realm Reborn: The base game is regarded as a phoenix resurrected from ashes in the gaming community. After the disastrous launch of version 1.0 of FFXIV, the game was utterly offline and revised. The result is ARR, which gives players a better gaming experience.

You started as a bit of adventurer who entered the vast world, became famous for himself, gained fame, honor, and wealth, or just helped other people in need. But you will soon be drawn into the vortex of power struggles, conspiracies, and conspiracies, and you will never be able to escape.

On the game level, Rebirth Domain brought the first batch of raids to Final Fantasy 14: Bahamut and Crystal Tower, where players can obtain unique and powerful equipment. In addition, the rich production system of MMORPG has also been modified, bringing many quality of life adjustments such as content search, making the game experience more enjoyable.

A Realm Reborn is considered the salvation of FFXIV, but it is not very popular with many gamers. The basic game starts slowly, and it takes a long time to start. The gameplay of the low – level classes is not exciting either. Therefore, ARR ranks last in our survey.

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