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Xbox announces Game Pass games for May left

Like every week, here we are again. Xbox has announced the titles that will be added to Game Pass in the two weekly remaining of the month, to complete the May Games that have been adding from day 3. The first additions of this batch will arrive today will arrive today will arrive today will arrive today same, while the last ones will extend until Friday 27. As always, we are going to it.

Today, May 17, it comes strong, since five new games are added. Two of them are available for all systems (Xbox, Cloud and PC consoles): Jurassic World Evolution 2 , this Frontier and Umurangi Generation Management Title in its Special Edition, a game of First person photography that arrives at Game Pass with its launch for Xbox. The same day will arrive at PC Her Story , the particular mystery game of Sam Barlow, while the first skate will be published in Cloud Gaming through EA Play. The one that is missing is Little Witch in the Woods for consoles and PC, a narrative game that comes in an early access form on the same day of its premiere.

Xbox Game Pass Games To Play Right Now

Next Thursday, the 19th, will be incorporated Farming Simulator 22 to the Microsoft subscription on all platforms so that we can get to work with our farm, the same day in which it will also be added Vampire Survivors For PC, a roguelike full of hordes of enemies.

On Tuesday 24 another pair of games are added: Floppy Knights (cloud, PC and consoles) and Hardspace: Shipbreaker (PC). The first coincides with its launch on all platforms, and it is a strategy game and deck creation in which shift fighting are part of missions that we have to make to help our neighbors. Hardspace, which also arrives with the exit of its early access, is a game in which we will have to disassemble and cut spacecraft to obtain valuable materials to settle a debt with a megacorporation.

On the 26th it arrives alone Sniper Elite 5 for consoles and PC, the new installment of the mythical Saga of Reborn snipers, on the same day of its launch. The last spike will be that of Thursday 26, and will include Cricket 22 on PC and Pac-Man Museum+ (this collection with 14 games of the saga) out of all systems.

Of course, the hurry parrophy. On May 31, seven games will leave the service: EA Sports NHL 20, Farming Simulator 19, Knockout City, Resident Evil 7, Spellforce 3: Soul Harvest, Superhot Mind Control Delte and Yes Your Grace.

Multiversus, the fighting game with Warner characters, will have Beta open in July

Multiversus comes loaded with news, because they have shown a new trailer, confirmed new characters and set a release date for an open beta. The video, of course, is the one you have up here, and serves to present these novelties, which include among their new characters the demon of Tasmania (Taz in Looney Tunes), the iron giant (The Iron Giant) and Velma (Scooby -Doo).

De la Beta, on the other hand, have not commented on many details, beyond that all users can access without prior registration and will take place in July of this year. The updates of this free-to-play, yes, they arrive casually near the premiere of their closed alpha that will begin next Thursday, May 19 and will be available until day 27.

MultiVersus HUGE NEWS! Beta Info, NEW Trailer & MORE Characters
Like the final title, these tests will have Cross-Play among all their systems and, at least to the one in a few days, we can access through this link.

In addition to the new characters, it has other Warner franchises such as Jake and Finn as an adventure hour, Wonder Woman, Batman, Superman, Tom, Jerry, or Shaggy of Scooby Doo, each with specific skills. The characters will be customizable and can be used in three different modes, both online and at local play: 2Vs2, 1VS1 or 4 players in a all against all. Multiversus, whose combat system reminds the proposal of Super Smash Bros., was presented in November last year after a multitude of leaks.

Multiversus will be available at some point in this year for Xbox One , Xbox Series X and S , PlayStation 4 , PlayStation 5 and PC .

The Stretchers Review – Friends with the rescue!

The Stretchers Nintendo Switch Review | Is It Worth It?
Nintendo rises high. The Switch works very well and the number of quality games on the platform is exceptional. Even if we expect low -budget titles to be offered in all open play markets, the level of conservation is excellent. The games published by Nintendo, in particular, offer players a wide variety of choices with regard to Switch. We can see it with regard to cooperative games.

However, although the Jon-Cons controllers are not the most specific controllers, they do absolute wonders to bring friends and family to participate to try new games for themselves, wherever they go.

So we discovered that they team up with the independent Swedish game developer Tarsier Studios to create a game designed for cooperation. It is a nice surprise, especially since the game is very fun (with a warning).

A hand

Tarsier, the team behind Petits Cauchemars and Tearaway unfolded, is currently working on a continuation to the old, but they have been relatively calm for two years. It is logical that they have an aligned game, but to release The civilians in the way he was, without brass band and simply throw it, seems very strange. Games published by Nintendo often see a lot of promotion. Smaller games with less resources tend to fall on the edge of the path, both in terms of marketing and quality.

But Tarsier presented an adventure that offers cooperative actions with enough variety, as in other local cooperative games such as trop cooked! , Continues to return to the end.

The central principle of the game is simple. One of your friends and yourself play the role of two paramedical paramedics in the Greenhorn islands, where the nasty Captain Brain is causing “dizziness” among the good residents, leaving them suddenly struck with incapacity. As two doctors on call, you have to work in a team to bring together patients at levels spread over the island. Using your faithful stretcher, you must place the patient on the stretcher and keep it until you have reached your ambulance.

The location of the patients is not always distinct, so you must use your cunning (or open all doors and move obstacles) to find all the hidden people in the level. Certain obstacles require coordination with your partner to be overcome, but you must also work together to move each person with caution on the stretcher in order to avoid dropping it on the ground or being hit by objects.

Verticality in levels too. They force the players to timer their movements while reflecting on the configuration and demanding excellent coordination skills to progress. There are time problems that start easily but that go up fairly quickly in difficulty. The ambulance is also part of your equipment later in the game.

The levels are based on scores, then find fun hidden objects and secrets within each level will enhance your score, while a bonus will be offered to you to finish the work within the time limits. There are also other objects, such as safes and valuables, which can increase your score during collection, but which must also be stretched in your ambulance. However, it’s not as simple as throwing your patients in the ambulance and calling it one day. These patients need to be saved!

Driver or dizzy

This is where the other element of the game comes into play. Not content with stacking sturdy bodies, The civilians forces you to take them to the medical center. This means that the ambulance must be driven there and that the player who takes the driver’s place must then cross the city to complete his mission.

He has vibrations of simpsons Hit and Run in his physique, with the possibility of making a way through small obstacles such as stop panels and barriers, but to bounce back on other cars when you zoom in zoom rear on the medical center. This is a fun addition to the game that contributes to giving depth to its relaxed and humorous approach.

There are other activities available too. Collection objects located on a fairly large map can offer fun extras, such as new hats for your characters. These are generally accessible by performing odd work missions around the card. They include rapid and timed challenges and cooperative tasks, such as slaughter of trees, but they all require teamwork to be completed and offer a pleasant alternative mini-game to the main missions.

Appeal stretched

While The civilians is undoubtedly fun to play with a partner, but the fact is that this is conditional to have it. The game can be played solo until the end, but its attraction decreases considerably in solo mode.

Checking the two characters at the same time with both sides of the controller can operate when the control diagram is simple. Frères: a tale of two threads testifies with its unique action button. But The civilians has many more controller entries and asks you to coordinate your movements with more care. The result means that you will take too much time to save additional time, or you will find it difficult to keep the two characters reliably, apart from those who have an expert hand coordination. And even in this case, the game was designed for two players. The reality is that it is not as fun in itself.

As the game is also based on the use of half a controller for each player, this also means that the owners of Switch Lite will find it difficult to play it without buying joy-cons. It does not work with two separate controllers (tested with a pro controller and a joy-cons). Consequently, Switch Lite readers should almost certainly invest in Joy-Cons to play it realistically in cooperation.

It’s not much to look at. The bright colors and the large open world annoy by a relative lack of details, with irregular contours in the environments and models of characters anchored or held in the hand. This choice may have consisted in compensating for the pseudo-opening structure of the world. Nevertheless, other technical problems, such as cadence reductions (particularly in driving) and bugs, also annoy the experience.

It is always easy to recommend The civilians to those who love their switch with friends. Local cooperation will always be an asset on the platform, so that the natural home of the game would have always been the switch. This requires good coordination, a quantity of content that can be replayed with a change of partners and, above all, it is delicious.

But be notified that if you are a solo player, you could find more entertainment elsewhere.

Disclosure: Otre copy of revision of The Stretchers was provided graciously by Nintendo.

The Godzilla starts on Wednesday

On Wednesday, May 11th, the big event chooses Godzilla and also King Kong Incall of Duty: Warzone Online – Operation Monarch. MeinMMO reveals you the routine, the procedure and also one of the most important details concerning the event.

The existing Period 3 of Call of Task: Warzone is everything about the large beasts. Operation Monarch begins one of the most committed event of the totally free Fight Royale as well as brings Godzilla and King Kong to Caldera. One of the most essential info is readily available here:

  • When does the event begin?
  • How does event mode job?
  • Is there a regular battle royale throughout the event?

  • What exist as rewards?
  • What else does the event obtain into play?
  • What takes place after the event?

We tie the trailer for the event and also the current Battle Pass of Period 3 below:

Cod Warzone: Operation Monarch – All details

What exist as rewards? So much there is no news. Experience has actually revealed that there are most likely special tasks with reference to the event.

If you do a task, you get thematic cosmetics. If you do all the jobs, there is an additional benefit.

This might mean that the MID-Season 3 begins promptly after the event and also brings further MAP modifications.

When does the event start? Operation Monarch goes online on Wednesday, May 11th, at 6 p.m. According to the present condition, the event runs for 2 weeks until May 25th.

Throughout the match you have to find the “Monarch Stream Gadget”. You take control of the controllers over the monsters.

Nevertheless, the devastation of both monsters can cause additional damage to the Warzone map. Currently at the beginning of the Season 3, a great deal has changed to Caldera and there might be much more.

What occurs after the event? According to the existing condition, Operation Monarch runs for 2 weeks. This emerges from the playlists released by programmers Raven Software.

How does the event setting job? Playing is played in teams of 4 as well as the policies are basically based on the normal Fight Royale rules. 150 people are tossed over Caldera as well as whoever is still at the end wins.

The Roadmap of the Period 3 introduces to the MID-Season that there is more tricks to uncover in the underground of Caldera. A main intro shows that the surface is no more risk-free (using

What else does the event entered into play? In addition to the crazy event mode, new Cosmetic packages involve the shop, with an ideal monster topic. The Skin bundle with the blue Godzilla-Skin is currently on the internet, the trailer for the bundle is on YouTube (using

  • Godzilla destroys whole areas with its nuclear atom
  • King Kong throws boulders as well as stamps over the map

You after that apparently fight the monsters with special tools that you can discover on Caldera. Special bunkers open up that give you with a huge war tools for the fight.

How specifically the search for the tool functions is still vague. If they are examined by a player, it is also not completely clear whether the beasts trouble all the time across the island or only.

On the way to triumph you can fall back on particularly big aids. King Kong and Godzilla can be controlled by you.

Exist normal battle royal throughout the event? Don’t you like the event, you do not need to play along either. The typical Battle Royale modes will certainly additionally be on the internet and you will not be compelled to turn over the monsters.

We will certainly bind the preview of the upcoming playlists here:

As quickly as there is new details and also even more information, we upgrade the post appropriately.

On Wednesday, May 11th, the huge event goes with Godzilla and also King Kong Incall of Duty: Warzone Online – Operation Monarch. When does the event begin? Are there regular fight royal throughout the event? What else does the event come right into play? ** In enhancement to the crazy event setting, brand-new Aesthetic bundles come to the store, with a suitable monster subject.

Operation Monarch has the prospective to become a flagship event of the Warz1. However it needs to be shown whether it can verify the high expectations.

Warzone Godzilla VS Kong Event NEW Gameplay Trailer - Operation Monarch Event! (Warzone & Vanguard)

Till then allow’s know whether you take a look at the event as well as what you anticipate from the monster strike. We more than happy to review your comments on the subject.

If you choose to learn more information on the subject of Warzone, then take a look here: Cod Warzone: “Searching for an excuse for a year to remove it”- chief designer wishes to erase expert innovation

Which are the Best Strategy Games for PC for multiplayer in 2022?

Strategy games are a popular genre, and thanks to many new releases and remakes, everyone is still talking about them. We show you the 12 best strategy games with multiplayer for 2022. These work on PC, but some games will work on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and Switch.

Age of Empires

Age of Empires is a series of very successful real-time strategy games. The various parts functioned at different times in human history.
The purpose is to advance your people in the era and build a kingdom. You fight other people, and other players may also take over.

How does it play?
The game is played diagonally from above in an isometric perspective. Players can place buildings, recruit workers and warriors and give them orders.
A round is won when the player eliminates all opposing races or creates a wonder of the world. A round can also last for several hours.

How strategic is the game?
In the Age of Empires, you have complete control over your buildings and units, and you can decide for yourself which technologies to research and which direction people should go.
Chance plays only a small role in the initial distribution of raw materials. However, Age of Empires ensures that all starting points are relatively evenly supplied.

Single vs Multiplayer?
Age of Empires has a ton of single-player backgrounds. You can create a wide range of campaigns and scenarios and compete against computer opponents, some of which are difficult.
In the past, Age of Empires mainly was played together over a LAN connection. Today, the HD versions of Age of Empires II and III are great for playing games with friends because it allows connections via Steam.

Who is Age of Empires for?
Age of Empires is a classic among real-time strategy games. In particular, players looking for tactical depth, great difficulty, and long-lasting gameplay will get their money’s worth with AoE.
This game is suitable for beginners and hardcore fans. However, you also have to be a fan of outdated graphics to enjoy the game entirely. Despite being available in HD, many things in Age of Empires look dated. On the other hand, this has a high nostalgia factor.
The Definitive Edition of Age of Empires 2 is available from November 14, 2019, and includes new graphics, new sounds, and even brand new content. In October 2020, the definitive edition of the third volume was released.

Are there any similar alternatives?
In terms of gameplay, Age of Empires has plenty of alternatives. The most famous are probably Empire Earth, Stronghold, or StarCraft. But the following games on our list are also relevant, even if they barely differ in-game speed.

Civilization VI

Civilization is a series of strategy games, like Age of Empires, about building your Civilization and eventually becoming a world empire.
However, the most significant difference from the age of Empires is that Civilization VI is turn-based and has different ways to win the game.
The use of time has also increased significantly. A turn in a civilization can consume dozens of hours. Still, and perhaps because of this, the Civilization series, which debuted in 1991, is so popular.

How does it play?
You compete against other nations with your people on a virtual world map divided into many hexagons. Each player takes turns performing actions and can move troops.
Unlike real-time strategy games, the focus is on many diplomatic and cultural aspects.
To win the game, you can easily conquer the world. Depending on the version of the game, there are other criteria, such as winning through diplomacy, culture, or dominating space. Round limits are also possible, where the player with the most victory points when the limit expires wins.

How strategic is the game?
Civilization VI is one of the kings of strategy games. It offers many game options and tactics, a lot of depth, and a wide range of difficulty levels.
Civilizations don’t get boring due to different races, maps, and victory conditions but can be restarted at any time as needed.

Single vs Multiplayer?
Civilization VI works well in single-player and is very entertaining, although the AI ​​sometimes makes strange requests or weird moves. There are different world maps with different scenarios but no campaign.
In multiplayer, the game is more fun because other players and opponents also think. However, turns in multiplayer games take a long time.

Who is Civilization 6 for?
The Civilization series has always been something for big-tactics fans who want to spend a lot of time building their empires.
Lovers of diplomacy and strategy will get their money’s worth. However, if you don’t want to get used to waiting times in turns, you should turn to real-time strategy games that bring significantly more speed and action.

Are there any similar alternatives?
There are now many versions of Civilization, so you can even find a replacement in the game series: “Sid Meyer’s: Alpha Centauri” is considered a gem by fans. In terms of tactical depth, our next candidate also directly offers himself.

Total War: Three Kingdoms

Romance of the Three Kingdoms is one of the latest entries in the Total War strategy game series. The first part was released in 2000, while the Three Kingdoms was released in May 2020. One of the most strategic games in the series, the goal of the latest installment is to build an empire in China.

How does it play?
You slip into the role of a conqueror and pit your army against other armies. The focus of the game is on combat and tactical decisions.
You watch what’s going on from above and command the troops. You give them a checklist at the beginning and let them parade. The decisions you make before and during the battle affect the battle’s outcome.

How strategic is the game?
Three Kingdoms is really about strategy. You have to decide which battles to fight, which troops to deploy, and how to deploy them on the battlefield.
On the eve of the battle, there are still diplomatic and economic decisions to be made. It is necessary to supply the army and conquer established or looted villages. Every decision changes the course of the game.

Single vs Multiplayer?
Total War focuses on conquest. These can be experienced in a single-player game or a two-player multiplayer game.
Three Kingdoms has a feature where two players can also become enemies in a multiplayer campaign. So far, the players have mostly worked together.
Additionally, Romance of the Three Kingdoms offers custom battles in which players can compete against each other.

Who is Total War: Three Kingdoms for?
Romance of the Three Kingdoms is a game for fans of tactics and combat. Anyone who has ever wanted to command a large army will find what they are looking for in this game.
A campaign can always be saved, so you have to invest much time in conquests, but you don’t need them in one fell swoop. Great for short skirmishes every night.
Total War also relies on a lot of diplomacy and communication with AI. However, she occasionally makes exciting decisions that you have to live with.

Are there any similar alternatives?
The best alternative to Three Kingdoms comes from its Total War series. Medieval 2: Total War 2006 and Total War 2011: Shogun 2 is one of the best strategy games.

StarCraft II

StarCraft II is one of the kings of real-time strategy games. This is the development of a good league system and eSports leading to large tournaments in StarCraft II. The game focuses on three races, Terran, Zerg, and Protoss, who fight against each other. Compared to the Age of Empires, the focus is not on people and ancient weapons, but everything becomes alien.

How does it play?
Players build buildings, recruit units, and command them from an ISO perspective. This requires Vespene gas and mineral resources. These can be broken down on the map.
Therefore, the three races have different buildings and units and different play styles. The Protoss have few but powerful units, while the Zerg try to use their numerical superiority to outsmart the enemy.

How strategic is the game?
StarCraft II offers several strategically essential approaches. This includes resource and unit management, monitoring the enemy, and developing possible attack strategies.

Single vs Multiplayer?
StarCraft II has an extensive single-player campaign that includes a compelling story. You can also play different scenarios and difficulty levels individually.
Thanks to, you can also simply compete with other players. There is also a league system where the best players end up in the Master League.

Who is StarCraft II for?
A round of StarCraft II can be a very laid-back and relaxing evening activity. But it can also push players to the limit.
You have to show high speed in StarCraft, at least if you want to experience great difficulty or multiplayer. Some StarCraft players even set records for the craziest keystrokes per minute.
If you like deep strategy games that are still full of action, and if you have no problem with speed and alien environments, then you’ll find StarCraft II to be a lot of fun. However, there will be no new content for strategy games in the future.

Are there any similar alternatives?
There are plenty of alternatives in the real-time strategy game space. Matching the settings, Command & Conquer would be the most obvious choice.

XCom 2: Battle of the Chosen

The turn-based strategy game XCom 2: War of the Chosen takes place in a world full of aliens and danger. XCom works in secret. So being sneaky and using cover plays an important role. However, battles must be fought repeatedly, in which guns are used primarily.

How does it play?
The task is to eliminate the opponent without killing yourself. Players command different units and can send them to any location on the map and have them eliminate opponents there.
By using the environment smartly, your units can stay in cover and attack without getting hit. But be careful. The enemy also hides his units, which is excellent for surprises.

How strategic is the game?
There are many strategic elements in the game using different unit types and systems, such as cover and flanking.
Turn-based gives you time, and you can think carefully about your moves. The great difficulty forces the player to think about every move. If you like it to be mainly tactical, you’ll be glad.

Single vs Multiplayer?
You will follow a campaign and a story about the chosen campaign in a single player. Here are three aliens with a lot of personalities.
In multiplayer games, fighting each other is the most important thing. The correct positioning of the unit is critical here.

XCom 2: Who is the Battle of the Chosen for?
Anyone who likes to tackle tactics, lure opponents into an ambush, or shoot from cover is a perfect fit for the world of XCom.
Thanks to the large modding community, many parts of the game can also be tweaked to your liking.
However, XCom 2: War of the Chosen isn’t for the frustrating player. Some tasks are inherently tricky.

Are there any similar alternatives?
The original XCom creators are currently building their games. Phoenix Point is in Early Access and is known by many as an XCom 2 clone.

Steel Division 2

Steel Division 2 is a real-time strategy game set in World War II. The goal is to use tanks, infantry, and other units to win battles.

How does it play?
In the beginning, the player builds a deck of different units that can be used during the battle.
These units can be placed on the battlefield and then march on the enemy—frontline shift where troops meet.
The goal is to eliminate the enemy with a good strategy and troop deployment.

How strategic is the game?
Steel Division 2 has a lot of strategic depth. Due to the lack of a health system, it is also necessary to use suitable weapons for certain types of armor. Otherwise, it will just burn your troops.
The construction of defensive positions played a role. If you lose your position, the opponent can use it to defend against future attacks.

Single vs Multiplayer?
Steel Division offers players a single-player campaign and six historical movements that can be played alone or in cooperation with the computer.
There are also multiplayer scenarios where players can also compete against each other.

Who is Iron Division 2 suitable for?
If you want to break out of the medieval setting and still love real-time strategy, you can find your game in Steel Division 2.
Instead of building your city or army, the game jumps right into the action. Players should be interested in units and vehicles and have a lot of patience to familiarize themselves with the game.

Are there any similar alternatives?
Different versions of strategy games rely on modern units and scenarios. Raid 4 is closest to Iron Division 2. Company of Heroes also offers exciting multiplayer tournaments.


Hearthstone is an online collectible card game from Blizzard Entertainment. It’s set in World of Warcraft and offers nine different classes with their playstyle.
On top of that, Hearthstone is full of wit and humor and also pulls the lore of Warcraft a little through Cocoa. Familiar faces from Warcraft games pop up again and again.

How does it play?
In Hearthstone, you compete with another player. At the beginning and beginning of each round, playable cards are drawn.
Cards usually cost mana, and you only have a certain amount of mana per turn. Each player has 30 health and can be directly attacked by spells or monsters.
If one player’s health drops to 0, the other player wins.

How strategic is the game?
Card games have a strategy side and a random side. The strategy in Hearthstone is to build the deck before starting the game, just like playing cards correctly.
However, luck affects which cards you draw yourself and what your opponent draws. Also, many cards have random effects that can be positive or negative.
Another complication with Hearthstone is that you first have to get the right card when you open the pack.

Single vs Multiplayer?
Hearthstone is a multiplayer card game where you compete against other players.
However, some expansions also bring single-player content where you can face many opponents. Building your deck and strategizing against bosses play a significant role here.

Who is Hearthstone for?
A game usually lasts no more than 15 minutes and is great fun. The card game also awakens a passion for collecting and is excellent fun developing your deck ideas. Hearthstone is the perfect card game in between.
However, Blizzard’s card game is lightweight, lacks in-depth mechanics, and has random effects that might frustrate rather than entertain strategists.

Are there any similar alternatives?
Players who prefer a more tactical approach can try the LoL card game Legends of Runeterra. If you want to be more tactical, you can use Magic: The Gathering.

Conqueror’s Blade

Conqueror’s Blade combines action MMOs like Mordhau with strategy games like Total War. The aim is to win a battle, and you lead the battle as a commander in action.
You are both a warrior in action and the leader of your troops. In April 2020, the MMO got its first new course since beta.

How does it play?
You slide into the role of a commander with unique abilities. These can be used in combat to eliminate opponents. Playstyle depends on weapon choice.
At the same time, you charge into battle with a previously available squad of soldiers. This accompanies the player and asks him to give at least some commands, such as attacking, defending, or following along the way.
The goal is to conquer different points on the map and finally conquer the enemy’s base.

How strategic is the game?
Conqueror’s Blade has some strategic approaches, but your own and other players’ fighting skills are more critical.
Attached troops were often burned, used as cannon fodder, or escaped when enemy commanders were defeated.
It becomes more strategic when you strategize to win the game with other players. The formation, location, and selection of weapons play an essential role.

Single vs Multiplayer?
In Conqueror’s Blade, there’s only multiplayer and that alone matters. Divide into two teams, trying to capture the other’s base and points on the way.

Who is Blade of the Conqueror suitable for?
The Free2Play MMO Conqueror’s Blade is for fans of medieval combat which don’t want to change their strategy forever.
Here you prefer to go into battle and learn while dying on the battlefield. Fighting like this with friends is twice as fun because you can strategize to beat your opponents.
A round lasts up to 15 minutes and is perfect for players pressed for time but wanting some carnage.

Are there any similar alternatives?
Those who can live without extra troops will have fun at Mordhau. The game principles are very similar, but it depends on your playstyle.

Spellforce 3

Developed by German game company Grimlore Games, Spellforce 3 expands the Spellforce series.
Spellforce chose the fantasy world Eo as the backdrop, which features dwarves, elves, orcs, trolls, and humans. The story takes place about 500 years before the first.

How does it play?
In Spellforce, elements of the classic strategy are combined with role-playing. In addition to gathering resources, building buildings, and recruiting units.
These characters gain experience, complete quests, and learn new skills. They can also collect items to enhance themselves.
This RPG part is especially effective in the campaign. The real-time strategy part is more significant in the later stages of combat and multiplayer. Then it’s about the construction of buildings and units and the management of five resources.

How strategic is the game?
Hero Choice adds some strategic aspects that other real-time strategy games lack. In battle, the hero plays an important role. Otherwise, the troops will be eliminated in classic rock-paper-scissors style.
In addition, a struggle was waged for the sectors needed to build buildings and artisans. The raw materials are collected individually by each department and therefore have to be transported from one place to another. Such caravans could also be attacked.

Single vs Multiplayer?
The campaign in Spellforce 3 is reserved for a single player. There’s a lot of history, and you’ll get to know the characters.
Multiplayer is all about fighting each other. You can play against each other via the internet and co-op mode. From there, the game becomes more comparable to other real-time strategy games.

Who is Spellforce 3 for?
This game is a must-have for fans of the series. Spellforce 3 picks up where its predecessors left off. Especially the campaign and role-playing aspects are exciting.
In terms of pacing, Spellforce 3 is slower than StarCraft, making it comfortable for gamers with no more than 300 keystrokes per minute.

Who is Spellforce 3 for?
This game is a must-have for fans of the series. Spellforce 3 picks up where its predecessors left off. Especially the campaign and role-playing aspects are exciting.
In terms of pacing, Spellforce 3 is slower than StarCraft, making it comfortable for gamers with no more than 300 keystrokes per minute.

Warcraft 3 (Reforged)

Warcraft 3 is a real-time strategy game from Blizzard and one of the most popular games in the genre. On the one hand, this is due to the story being told through the single-player mode, and on the other hand, the multiplayer for large tournaments.
On the other hand, many games still known today evolved from Warcraft 3. In addition to the MMORPG World of Warcraft developed by Blizzard as its successor, MOBAs like Dota 2 or League of Legends are also based on WC3’s mods. It’s called DotA (Ancient Defense).

How does it play?
You play Warcraft 3 from an ISO perspective from above, and your tasks include gathering raw materials, building buildings, and recruiting troops to defeat your opponents.
There are many moments in the single-player campaign that don’t require building. Similar to Spellforce 3, you play as a hero in the foreground.

How strategic is the game?
As with all real-time strategy games, the focus is on resource and unit management. Depending on the game, different strategies can make you progress especially fast.

Single vs Multiplayer?
Warcraft 3 tells a beautiful story that continues in World of Warcraft in single-player mode. You can also play your scenes against the computer.
Warcraft 3 is also good at multiplayer, but it’s hard to find opponents at the moment. However, if you’re dating friends, you can have a lot of fun in WC3.

Who is Warcraft 3 for?
If you haven’t played Warcraft 3, you should check the story separately. This is especially true for fans of Warcraft or other Blizzard games.
The game offers a solid concept for real-time strategy fans but doesn’t offer a lot of innovation due to the game’s age.
However, since the release of Warcraft 3 Reforged, the game has seen significant deductions. So the graphics update was not as powerful as it was supposed to be, and there were all kinds of problems initially. To this day, functionality that existed before the recast is lost.

Are there any similar alternatives?
Many alternatives have been mentioned in this article. RTS fans should have fun in Age of Empires if they want StarCraft II to be faster and more action-packed.
If you focus more on the story and heroes, you’ll enjoy Spellforce 3 again. For Warcraft fans, it’s worth looking at Hearthstone or World of Warcraft if you want the franchise to stay the same but change genres.


In this strategy game, you will become the ruler of a Viking tribe. With this, you can fight against other enemies and nature.
Wild creatures, giant dragons, and storms like blizzards make it hard to play. Visually, Northgard is reminiscent of works like The Settlers with cute comic graphics.
The game went into Early Access in 2017 and celebrated its launch in 2018. On Steam, it has 87% positive reviews, with nearly 26,000 reviews written.

How does it play?
You build structures such as lumberjack huts, mines, or hunting huts, thereby increasing the supply of wood, stone, and food. The game is played from an ISO perspective.
You can choose from different Viking clans, each with its effects. With these, you can either fight in the story campaign or compete against PC or other players in your scenario.

How strategic is the game?
With elements typical of the real-time strategy genre, Northgard has a high level of strategy. In addition, the particular aspects of nature and environment make Northgard more strategic than other games in the genre.

Single vs Multiplayer?

As mentioned before, there are story campaigns and multiplayer battles. Northgard offers various setup options here, including:
free for all
various maps
Various victory conditions
There’s also a map editor that lets you get creative.

Who does Northgard serve?
If you’re looking for a game like Settlers and want to play with friends, you should check out Northgard. Of course, this game is primarily a festival for Vikings fans.
The effects of the environment add an exciting aspect that further expands the gaming experience. Additionally, some new updates have brought new Winking clans and maps.
But if you want authentic graphics, you should look around for another title. Northgard looks floppy and lacks detailed graphics. But it also runs very smoothly on less powerful PCs.

Are there any similar alternatives?
If you’re looking for a similar graphic style and enjoy building it, check out The Settlers. Otherwise, there are already some alternatives on this list like Warcraft, Age of Empires, and Warcraft 3.

New video step by step RPG Sea of Stars shows a trip by sea

The development team from Sabotage Studio released the next weekly short video with the game process of the upcoming step -by -step RPG Sea of Stars. This time we decided to show us how players using a ship will be able to move around the seas.

If you are interested in this game, then you can familiarize yourself with many other gameplay (and not only) videos on the developer’s official YouTube channel.

Events in Sea of Stars will develop in the universe of The Messenger, the previous creation of Sabotage, around two children of the solstice, which will need to stop the evil alchemist and its terrible creatures.

Sea of Stars - FULL DEMO - No Commentary

The release of Sea of Stars will be held in November-December 2022 at the PC and Nintendo Switch. The developers also promise to expand the availability and announce additional platforms this month.

Massive pc gaming monitor with top

** With the MSI Optix MAG342CQR, currently has a well-rated monitor in large-scale ultra-wing format.

The cost is so excellent: at there is currently the monitor for only 389.90 euros as opposed to 549 euros UVP . On top of that, there are 2.95 euros shipping expenses that are eliminated for new consumers.

Currently to the Monitor at

According to the price comparison, the design has actually not yet been so low-cost and in the past the most affordable price was at finest 400.20 euros. Various other traders just begin with 454.77 euros.

this offers the monitor

On board is also adaptive-sync versus the screens as well as synchronization-related stipper with sustained graphics cards, whereby in enhancement to AMDS Freesync, Nvidias G-Sync must also be compatible according to customer records.

On Big 34 inches (approx. 86 centimeters) in curved curved layout For more immersion, the MSI Optix MAG342CQR in a specifically prevalent 21: 9 style at a resolution of 3,440 x 1,440 pixels .

An especially tinted VA panel along with Primary HDR-Unterst is supplied in addition to B is a millisecond response time and also fleet 144 Hertz Boterhol frequency .

Added to this is a RGB lights on the back as well as a great ergonomic adjustability in terms of height, turning as well as inclination.

testimonials and examination

Above all, photo top quality and efficiency are praised, while there is largely criticism in pixel errors or various other problems.

Leading testimonials: In 304 testimonials on there are 4.5 out of 5 celebrities as well as 96 percent of the critics would certainly advise the monitor.

In the examination: The web site had the version to the examination and judged as complies with:

There are presently various other gaming monitors or a strong 4K TV from LG for PS5 as well as Xbox Series X at a new low cost.

Added deals

Best Gaming Monitor 2022 | Buying Guide for 1080p, 1440p, 4K | PC PS5 XBox

The MSI Optix MAG342CQR is presently among the leading screens from MSI from 2021 and also among one of the most worthwhile rounded ultraWide screens for games. I quickly advise you to purchase if you can find it for around $ 400 for which he is now being sold. […]

The MSI Optix MAG342CQR is presently one of the top screens from MSI from 2021 and one of the most beneficial bent ultraWide displays for video games. If you can find it for around $ 400 for which he is now being offered, I quickly encourage you to get. Some web links built right into this web page are associate web links. When purchasing by means of these web links, large-scale ultra-wing. A lot more info.

Currently to the Monitor at

  • Great picture top quality
  • 1440p, 144Hz, 1ms
  • Vesa support
  • HDR

  • No USB links

  • Missing out on loudspeakers


Some links constructed into this page are associate web links. When buying through these links, large-scale ultra-wing.

Various other existing offers, for which you can conserve effectively, can likewise be discovered on our offers introduction page.


Lost Ark brings the update a day previously this week-reveals a release duration for the big May

** Inlost Ark takes place today, on May Fourth, an upkeep of the servers. We likewise had an interesting statement from the Community Manager Roxx for the huge May update.

What is in the patch on May 4th? The new update concentrates on smaller sized bug solutions. The full German patch notes are as follows:

We will keep you up to date in this article if the upkeep job happens.

For how long do the maintenance job go? The web servers are taken offline at 9:00 a.m. The upkeep for the update need to have to do with 4 hours. The web servers are elevated again as well as the patch is in the video game.

The only unexpected point about the update is that it will certainly be used Wednesday. Actually, the regular upkeep always takes location on Thursdays.

  • By unlocking a character area, the continuing to be number of readily available acquisitions for character area extension tickets is no much longer reduced. The right number of continuing to be tickets will now be displayed if you have actually not been able to open all the personality places because of this mistake.
  • A few incorrect entries in the emoticon checklist were remedied.
    If different globe pursuits were not finished on the previous continents was repaired, * The trouble in which the Feiton Power Pass can not be made use of. As long as the Feiton pursuit “Will” is complete, you can make use of the Power Pass.
  • A mistake in the report system was repaired.

However, Community Manager Roxx explains that future once a week maintenance will certainly occur once more on Thursday.

Valtan/May Release Date Confirmed?! IMPORTANT Event Updates (April Lost Ark)

large May patch ought to come within the following 2 week

The patch is anticipated to show up in the 3rd May week, as expected on May 19. Until then, exact details regarding the update and the specific release day need to be shared.

What else exposed Roxx? In the payment to the brand-new update, it claims that it is presently being fine-tuned for the huge May patch. To name a few points, this brings the new course destroyer.

We at MeinMMO will maintain you up to date hereof.

Inlost Ark takes place today, on May Fourth, an upkeep of the web servers. What is in the patch on May Fourth? The brand-new update focuses on smaller insect fixes. How long do the maintenance job go? ** In the payment to the new update, it says that it is presently being fine-tuned for the large May patch.

How to get a skin of a knight omega in Fortnite

Fortnite has something to choose from: from original skins to skins of your favorite characters. Fans are delighted with the skin of the Omega Knight, who, according to the leak, will appear in Fortnite. This may make you think about how to get Omega Knight in Fortnite.

As leaks show, everything you need to do to get Omega Knight Skin in Fortnite is buy a set of omega knight in an in-game store with B-Bax. As soon as you do this, you will receive the skin of Omega Knight and the quest to increase the level that will allow you to update the skin.


How to improve the skin of an omega knight in Fortnite.

Presumably, Omega Knight includes a series of quests for you to perform . When you finish them, you can update the skin of an omega knight. This is already a fantastically looking skin, but it will make him look even better.

If the leaks are confirmed and the Knight Omega returns to Fortnite, you will want to spend your B-baks on it and pick it up while you can. Then just make sure that you have completed quests, and you can get a completely improved skin of the knight omega.

To obtain additional information about Fortnite, read all the Choppa locations in Fortnite (Chapter 3, Season 2) and how to hack the loudspeakes of IO in Fortnite in the game guides for professionals.

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