First of all, everyone must understand one thing. Where there is a demand for transactions, there will be a market. Where there is a market, there will be people, and more people will be attracted. As the saying goes:

  • The world is bustling for profit.
  • The world is bustling for profit.
  • The same is true for NBA2k.

I think we can discuss it together in the NBA 2K23 MyTeam mode if you want to earn NBA 2K MT.

You have to know a minimum of economics

To understand NBA 2K MT , you can start with keywords such as its output method, supply and demand relationship, “off-the-counter price guide,” scarcity, and “handling fee.” Its output method is very simple, except that the game is a reward after the game. You can get MT coins if you sell any non-reward card to the system.

In addition to contract fees, auction house fees, and 10% fees, where MT coins need to be consumed, it is more useful for auctioning or purchasing cards that can be purchased in the auction house, including players, sneakers, contracts, etc., and another one. The purpose is to open the package.

10% transaction fee, compared to OL, it is still a conscience, but you must be prepared for related transactions

As for the “over-the-counter guide price,” just like the exchange rate between our RMB and other countries’ foreign currencies, this guide price often refers to a ratio of TB or the seafood market. This exchange rate often determines many decisions of players, such as whether to buy some MT coins, sell MT coins, or whether it is appropriate to open a package to buy cards and sell cards.

But recently, with the monitoring of over-the-counter transactions in the 2K23 generation, and many accounts have been banned, we will talk about it later. Anyway, it doesn’t involve over-the-counter transactions, and I don’t think it’s a problem to earn enough in-game currency to spend for yourself in the game; if you earn RMB in it, it’s a question of whether it’s worth it.

Then, the auction house for 2K23 games, where you’ll always need to crouch.

Before understanding NBA 2K MT, you need to know the three categories of players, teams, and consumables. The number of players determines how many bids are available on an article. Teams are made to allow more competition and help enhance team spirit among the players. Consumable items come in limited quantities, making them difficult to obtain.

Know when and where to get the best card package deals, which players on the market have the lowest explosion rate, and which cards are the key lock cards of the card package, such as 2k20’s “Liu Bar,” 2k21’s Little Bott, you all To be familiar with, and to be like a dog, from which to smell business opportunities and opportunities to earn MT.

In addition, the auction house will fluctuate with the progress of the game and the dynamic explosion rate. The same is true for the consumables, such as drill contracts and shoes. Drill shoes in previous years require more speed in the early stage and MT card expansion in the later stage. Defense Attributes are more popular, as are coaches. Therefore, knowing enough about 2k’s card issuance rhythm is necessary. For example, in the past few years, 2k’s basic card package series must be

There will be new releases one after another, and there will definitely be an active series this year, and then the basic card pack will inevitably appreciate.

Last year, 2 and 3 of the active duty came out. Each silver card was 20,000 to 30,000 MT, wet and wet. You must know that no one wanted to pass when the lowest price was 500. Therefore, if you know enough and go deep enough, you will have the opportunity to become a “millions and tens of millions of MT” player.

Remember that although the auction house list is only fifty, the auction result is an infinite backpack, so make good use of it.

I will talk about the more important part, how to earn MT coins.

If you have mastered the mode of thinking, you can earn game coins in any game. The following are just three types. Human creativity is unlimited.

Ways to earn MT.

First, as a primitive tool person, relying on game output, online and offline infinite competition, the slowest and most stable way is to output in this way. Of course, there are also unstable situations. Many people use magic, but they abuse magic. It will eventually be banned. It can only be said that this way of earning MT is very slow, and at most, you will earn a contract fee. The current top and sub-top cards are unaffordable. Therefore, the workers are poor. Playing games in the current NBA 2K23 allows you to accumulate a certain amount of “principal,” and the auction house is always the place for you to fall.

There are many ways to produce in the game but don’t produce for output. It’s more of a game!

How can someone who has played online games not be a bad guy? In short, the difference between scalpers and intermediaries will always exist. For example, the first wave of four-hour card packs is the cheapest when the card pack comes out. In previous years, the card packs were released at 11:00 and 10:00, so four hours later, that is, in the early morning, when the amount of cards is large, the starting price of 500 is likely to pass in the auction, and the price will rise at night or on weekends.

Auction tips: the last 10 seconds, high probability~

At that time, someone in the group was still in the post bar and called this method the “tidal reverse card method.” Whenever I heard this word, I laughed out loud. What a genius! The probability of injury this year is great, and the injury card will have room for improvement. Of course, you have more MT coins on hand, and you can also buy certain cards or certain consumables on a large scale. After the card pack disappears, it will often appreciate. Of course, this is not absolute because 2k may return to the market or launch Stronger cards, leading to depreciation. Last year, I saw a lot of dark matter Garnett in a warehouse. Risks and business opportunities coexist, and this is the charm of it.

Of course, after you have the principal, you can also “rent a card,” go to auction the card to complete the task, quickly get rid of it, and have a chance to earn a little bit. If you don’t have a habit of collecting, you will save a lot of MT coins.

The third method is luck! There is also a person who can survive under this card pack mechanism. They are all lucky and bold practitioners! At this time, aside from games and basketball, there are only the purest speculators, the most refreshing and exciting gambling, that is, opening packs! A friend in the group does not play games, the online single-player content is 0% experience, but he has thousands of hours of playtime.

You thought you were playing a game? unpacking

The ratio last year was very beautiful. The game between the ratio and the probability of opening the package, I have to say, is great fun for the PC, but this year’s ratio suggests that you continue to wait and see. It’s a game of chance, and if you’re lucky enough, you’ll open more and more, more and more crazy gambling behavior. One million? Two million? Three million? Every new card package is to continue to open, and we firmly believe the shipment will always be in the next package!

Then let’s talk about studios. This kind of occupation will exist as long as there is an auction house for online games. The illegal way or the use of a large number of small accounts to make money will not only damage the interests of developers but also damage players. Interests, such as raising the ratio, monopolizing card prices, and other behaviors, often occur. However, sometimes things always have two sides. For a niche game like 2k, the price of opening the package is very high, and the ratio of gold coins can attract more civilian players. Some say that civilian players don’t pay for money and want to prostitute for nothing every day. It is the best thing to destroy the studio. Still, no one talks about this game without these civilian players. Therefore, like between countries, a state of peace and prosperity is a delicate balance. But sometimes NC planning, like 2k, doesn’t consider too many things. Because the money to buy a number is also money, hahaha!

I hope everyone can return to the essence of the game.

The 2k game is a basketball game with a lot of bad reviews. Although MC is like GTA, it is still a game in essence. We should enjoy the whole game. Whether a single-player or an online battle, the auction house is just the icing on the cake.

Another wave of money-making activities has begun with this week’s new card packs.

The auction house is 24 hours, just like stocks, because the data we can see is limited, and we can’t always stare at the auction house 24 hours a day.

You can keep guarding and bidding for the lowest card. This process takes a lot of time. Sometimes it is more fun to pick up a leak than to pick up the money. The card’s actual value may not be as good as a pack of spicy sticks. But there will be a lot of people who will waste time-saving MT coins. If this is the case, it is better to find an electronics factory to work in and spend a little bit every month to satisfy. 2k is not a very expensive game compared to Tencent’s. The OL series is indescribable. Don’t fall into the trap of economics.

Lastly, I would like to discuss the title issue this year briefly.

Since 2k added a new regulation last year, the title regulation on OTC MT, I have a hunch that NBA 2K23 may strictly control this area. The impact is not bad for the host side because the environment is very good, and MT coins are not so important. But for the PC side, the biggest fun of the PC side is opening and collecting cards. Of course, if 2k can strictly grasp this and create a green environment, it would not be bad. However, it seems that in the current situation, open and immortal modeling is still common in the MC field. To put it bluntly, 2k will change things that affect its money-making. PC players are a group of stinky dogs.

Regarding the title, some friendly tips that can be given recently are to reduce the transaction of over-the-counter MT currency. 2k already has a lot of data in its hands, and they are establishing a new title mechanism. Those who brush each other for tasks may also be banned. Try not to match too many games, especially the MT draft mode. I should guess that because of this new mode, there will be a lot of mutual bans. Of course, hoarding is not allowed for those who brush NBA 2K23 VC and NBA 2K23 badges. Pay attention to the amount. Don’t be too happy just because you didn’t get blocked today.

Well, that’s it for today. If you have any questions or ideas on 2K23, you can comment and exchange them below, thank you for your support!