Around the middle of the game, Plague Tale: Requiem opens up several truly huge areas for you. Nevertheless, one of these areas contains a secret riddle, which is quite difficult to solve. So what to do on the windmills of the lacuna in Plague Tale: Requiem?

puzzle with a windmill and a solution for a solution for Plague Tale Requiem

To solve a puzzle with a windmill on a Lankan in Plague Tale: Requiem, you need to have two windmills on the left turn . And Two windmills on the right without turning. To do this, you must get into every windmill and interact with the switch inside.

After solving the puzzle, a secret door in this cave will open, which will give you access to a hidden accessory, a brace. After the successful execution of this, the detachment will hear a roar and react to it. This is a door opening in a cave of smugglers.

  • Starting with a chicken mill 1 (extreme), just enter through the entrance.
  • Windmill 2 Go behind a chicken mill, use a hook on several barrels / boxes and crawl.
  • In Windmill 3 there is a hole through which Hugo can pass to open the door.
  • Windmill 4, fill under a body and climb the stairs. Look out the window and shoot at the door lock from the slingshot.

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Где найти пещеру контрабандистов в A Plague Tale Requiem?


The smuggler cave is behind the second and third windmills down the hilly slope after several arches. In fact, go between two windmills and instead of looking at the farm, look opposite and move to the stone arches. In the lower part of the last arch, find a staircase leading down to the right. Follow the way to see how the door opens, and you can go further inside.

Follow the linear path until you find two gold chests and the third interactive brace. Eva’s are part of the equipment that acts as an upgrade of equipment.

* hand
* Wearing this hand, Alicia is restored faster after enemy attacks.

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