The new MMORPG is very reminiscent of The Lost Ark and Diablo. Project TL should be an action game in which you fight from an ISO perspective. In addition, it should provide a destructible environment. It was initially announced as Lineage Eternal and is the successor to the successful MMORPG series in Korea. But due to lousy criticism in the first test, the game was completely redesigned. In particular, entry and grinding are considered weak. Since 2018, it has been called Project TL. But exactly how it works is still unknown. Lineage Eternal initially provided the possibility to play several heroes and can switch roles from F1 to F4.

The U.S. market has high priority, and the first test will be conducted in 2021

What information was shared? South Korea said that the developer NCSoft has now obtained TL and TL trademark rights: Origin in the United States. So assume that TL: Origin will also be the name of the MMORPG.

In general, the United States should be an important market for NCSoft, so the release of Project TL should be carried out on a global scale. The different platforms of the game also fit this point. The new MMORPG will appear on the PC but also on the PS5 and Xbox Series X consoles. However, consoles are not as standard in South Korea as they are in our region.

In its report last quarter, NCSoft stated that new games should appear on as many platforms as possible, especially consoles. Currently, the mobile implementation of Project TL does not seem to be a problem.

What is the cost of NCSoft’s new MMORPG?

Project TL has been developed since 2011, and it has been nearly ten years. And this time, it should have paid a hefty price.

According to Chosun Biz reports, MMORPG is said to have swallowed more than 100 billion won.

What do you think of Project TL? MMORPG will arouse your interest, or are you curious about The Lost Ark or Diablo 4?