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Pubji Unnon Bus, Short Film Standing Tube Main Trailer Disclosure

The ‘PUBG Universe’ of the Creighton (Representative Kim Hang Seng released the main poster and trailer of short film ‘staff members’.

‘The staff’ is a ‘PUBG: Battleground (Battleground (Battle Ground), and the final side of the’ Truth 2 Surface ‘, which draws the local worldview, and is ahead of January 29.

The main posters and trailers of the support staff today are being involved in the truth, but the truth is the truth that is being hidden, We know the Kim Nagpur (Lee Heedful), who knows this, and the hearing of the hearing (Lee Herõon), and the hearing of the truth, show a tight confrontation between the (Lee Kyung-young),

Trailer begins with a scene that many laws attended the hearing and use the stated, which caused various illegal. The urgent situation in the National Assembly hearing in the urgent situation in the Parliamentary member of the National Assembly ‘Kim Negate’, the clue of the truth game that was covered by the World Cup ships, and it is increasing the expectation of the news.

Public Nervous is a global game battleground, a global game battleground, and a content franchise that propagates world views through various genres and platforms. The Public Nimbus’ Truth 2, which has been hidden in a series of events in the battleground, and the truth of hidden truth in the region, is the Ground Zero, ‘Standing staff’, the epilogue appeared by the epidemics, the red face of the ‘red face’.

For more information on Planners, see the ‘Pub Insider’ official Instagram.

“PUBG” Development source complaints clone game “Free Fire” -Applies and Google that delivered this

Developing PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS Development source, developing this work clone game Free Fire , Free Fire Max , which is delivered for mobile We clarified that ARENA was sued. At the same time, Apple and Google have also been sued by those with stores.

Grafton Free Fire Free Fire Max is a copyrighted game-protected game starting time, game structure and gameplay, weapon armor, object combination, location, color scheme, material, texture It claims that the individual or combined elements, such as the overall choice of Arena has earned $ billions of earnings on the app sales, and Apple and Google are also getting earnings equivalent to the store’s fees.

Also, according to the information provided by Sensor Tower to Overseas Media The verge, Free Fire earned $1.1 billion in 2021 and has increased by 48% from the previous year, but PUBG Mobile Revenue is $2.9 billion and the amount of money is just a 7% increase in year-year-year-old year. Verified to another analytical company, the data was different, but it seems to have been common in that Free Fire has been chasing to PUBG.

Grafton asked for the exploitation of Free Fire to Arena on December 21, but Arena refuses it. In addition, we asked you to delete gameplay videos as PUBG and other professional films that violate different professional films to YouTube contained, but YouTube has not responded to it. Limited Logical G Logitech G Gaming Headset G433BK
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