The Polish studio Flying Wild Hog was previously known for the bloody shooter Shadow Warrior. But now they have brought a new Diablo-style shooting game that looks like a hybrid between Guardians of the Galaxy and Borderlands.

What is space punk?

Space Punks is a new game recently announced by Polish studio Flying Hog Games. Jagex was originally a publisher, and they were behind the fanatical MMO Runescape. So far, they have developed shooting games like Hard Reset or the bloody weird ninja slaughter Shadow Warrior (here is a highly rated test on GameStar).

On the other hand, according to the official press release and the first trailer, space punk seems to be a top-down predator shooter. Alone or with up to four other players in the co-op, you can shoot through procedurally generated maps and collect more and more loot.

Borderlands meets Diablo meets Guardians of the Galaxy

What else can space punk do?

According to the trailer, the space punk gameplay guarantees many colorful explosions, large-scale shooting, and wild melee actions. In the beginning, there seemed to be four different roles to choose from:

A cool guy named Duke looks (and sounds) like a hybrid of handsome Jack from Borderlands and Star-Lord from Guardians of the Galaxy.

A mean woman who can grow deadly blades from her body

A strange alien who looks like an insect and uses gadgets to attract opponents

A rough humanoid boar with a mohawk haircut, eager to fight

Depending on your preference, various guns or cruel melee sticks will be used in the game. In the best way of Diablo, this may be the most interesting when there are many opponents on the screen, and you blow them up with special attacks.

When will space punk Release, and on which platforms?

Space Punks will be launched on July 14th and will be available for early access on PC. Then there will be a public test in the winter of 2021. According to the developer, space punk will not appear on the console until 2022.