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How to get to The Elder Scrolls Online Coldharbour Karlshafen?

Coldharbour is an area in The Elder Scrolls Online (ESO), located in the Forgotten Kingdom. There you can hone new roles well. But this card is not easy to get. First, we revealed how you got to Coldharbour. Then, how to get to Kaltafin? The Coldharbour area is part of ESO’s main story. So if you follow the story, you will automatically end there. But it takes some time, and most importantly, some levels are needed. We want to perform levels in Karlshafen.

So there is another way to get to Kaltafin:

You can easily ask a player if he will go to Cold Harbor for you. Then you can follow him on a trip using the group or contact tool. By the way, this applies to all regions except Cyrodier. So, in theory, you can play a character that just came out of the tutorial in Karlshafen.

I’m in Karl Safin, but I can’t find the temple?

This may be because you have not zoomed out far enough on the map. Goldhagen is a level of the field of oblivion, and therefore an area outside of Nirn. Like Altima and Clockwork City, this area is outside Tamriel.

If you zoom out far enough, you can see the island on the left side of the map:

I’m in Karl Safin, but I can’t find the temple?

This may be because you have not zoomed out far enough on the map. Goldhagen is a level of the field of oblivion, and therefore an area outside of Nirn. Like Altima and Clockwork City, this area is outside Tamriel.

If you zoom out far enough, you can see the island on the left side of the map:

You can also get 16 Sky Shards in Cold Harbor, which you can use to gain skill points. There are also luxury retailers in Kongcheng, through which you can obtain special housing items every week.

How did ESO Blackwood perform one month after its release?

Since the latest Blackwood chapter appeared, The Elder Scrolls Online has been almost a month. But how did the new expansions be accepted by the fans, and what happened in the game? How was the launch process? To everyone’s surprise, everything went well this time. An enormous online performance accompanied the launch of Blackwood, and the new chapter was implemented without any problems or difficulties. This is even more gratifying after Greymoor’s fiasco in 2020. Unfortunately, the time after Blackwood was launched was not entirely without problems.

What are the problems?

But there is a bigger problem because the fancy PS5 performance and graphics updates cannot be achieved for many users. Suppose that many users do not have a CD because they are using the digital version. Thanks to the efforts of Bethesda and Sony, we finally found a solution and finally solved the problem.

How did the companion come?

The essential new feature of Blackwood is not a new class but an NPC companion who should help you complete tasks. There should be, but it is challenging to start because most of the players count in the same category and are therefore disappointed. Even after it was released, the friends didn’t want to ignite. Fans from all walks of life praised the words of their companions and the feeling of not being alone.

But NPC is only helpful for new players. Those who are farther away don’t need them and often feel bothered by them. Therefore, some players don’t even bother to unlock two companions.

If at least it can be customized, other players will bring their companions with them more frequently. Because according to the current situation, dozens of clones of the same two Hansel are running around Tamriel beside the player.

How to play the new Oblivion portal?

A more popular innovation is the new world event called Oblivion Portal. Their gameplay not only impressed our Our author Alexander Leitsch. Because, unlike Mournful Storms or Dragons, you can achieve some achievements with a minor team here. Not only is there a large group of people, but there is also a path with multiple bosses through which you can enter the final Obermotz.

What is the new super item about?

The new mystery item Harpooner’s Wading Skirt has a lasting impact on the game. It is mighty, and everyone wants it. But to get it, you have to go through a tragic track trial, which in turn makes many players feel frustrated. If you’re going to try it: our author MiezeMelli has written a guide on how to get a harpoon wading skirt.

What other updates did you get?

In mid-June, Update 30 was updated, which forms the basis of Blackwood. This includes a highly anticipated new feature to get premium items from loot boxes without real money. However, the process of obtaining these desires is enormous.

How is the new raid progressing?

Guild Disaster is the first company to create instances in fast running, hard mode, and without anyone dying. The new test (the name of the raid in ESO) is called Felshain and conquered. You can find the video of the attack here.

These are further plans for 2021:

As in previous years, the Blackwood chapter is part of a larger storyline, divided into four stages. The first and second phases have been completed. In the third quarter of 2021, DLC Awakening Flame will bring two other dungeons where the story continues. The finale awaits you in the fourth quarter. There, it entered the dead place, the realm of the villain Mehrunes Dagon.

Which are The five most Annoying cities in The Elder Scrolls Online

The Elder Scrolls Online is a game full of beautiful locations. However, some of them you don’t want to visit, especially when it comes to these five worst cities in ESO! Tamriel (Tamriel) is not set the same everywhere. Everyone has their style. As far as urban planning is concerned, there are significant differences between regions in the world. There are positive examples, such as empires or cities with the most straightforward structure of high-level elves. Then there are alleys full of nightmares, winding paths, confusing buildings, and annoying verticality, which (almost) make every player feel white-hot.

Vivec Stadt-beautiful, terrifying pyramid

What kind of city is that? The city is named after the living Dunmer god Vivec, who has already pushed players to a fever pitch in two games. Because the city of Vvardenfell in Morrowind is a temple city arranged according to the requirements of God, it consists of several pyramid-shaped structures (states), which are built in the swamp area.
Although the blooming city has frustrated the players in the Morrowind game, ESO players can at least endure that in this game, the city has not been completed, and not all pyramids are in place.

What is the most annoying? The pyramid-shaped states are very well established. Because the entrance to the different floors of the vast structure is always not where you need it, and you spend a lot of time walking around the large building, you finally realize that you have to go up or down one floor.

Once you find access, the whole thing won’t get better because if you are looking for a specific NPC or shop, you usually have to walk elsewhere inside. The navigation in the Dunmer hall is unpleasant, and many players are happy after they have finally completed all the missions in Vivec City. At some point, you long for the asteroid hanging in the sky one day to fall and end this flawed construction project eventually.

Why is everything okay? Just as annoying as the states of Vivec Stadt: they look very cool. This city has a unique appearance, and only the palaces of the rulers of God who stand in all states know how to impress people. Who knows, maybe the confusing structure is only for deliberate purposes so that the subjects of the living God will not get stupid ideas?

Abahs Landung-Diagonal Alley, Tower, and Canal

What kind of city is that? Abah’s landing site is located in the southern part of Hammerfell Province and mainly lives in Redguards. The city started to play a role with the humorous DLC Thief’s Guild and left a deep impression on players with its lively bachelor, intrigue, and many oriental atmospheres.

What is the most annoying? When Abba landed, the designer might locate himself in a medieval city, such as Baghdad or Damascus, because the town is composed of different angles and levels. Although you can still make good progress on the main street, the backyard and alleys are confusing.

In addition, during the thieves’ guild, you must keep climbing the towers and rooftops of the city because thieves especially like to hang out nearby. The stairs leading to these ventilated places are often entirely different from the stairs leading to the task markers, and even those who find the right way often fall off the unsafe sidewalks and must start over.

Why is everything okay? Although pathfinding is terrible, it is precise that Abba’s landing device exhibits a certain crude charm after the sneaky thief escaped from the guards, whoever used the many winding alleys as an ideal escape route, who might not have cursed them so much.

Waldheim-Tree Town is always wrong.

What kind of city is that? Waldheim is-surprisingly-a a town of wood elves inhabiting trees. The settlement is located in the Greenschatten area of ​​Valenwald, Kingdom of Bosmer.
Like a small forest elf town, giant trees are a large part of the buildings there, and you are often at dizzying heights.

What is the most annoying? You can guess it, but these treehouses are just horror for those who are not squirrels. Like all vertical structural positions of ESO, the task marker only shows where the target is, not how to reach the target. In a “normal” city, you are usually taken to a house, while in Waldheim, you typically stand in front of a tree trunk and ask yourself: “How do I get there?”.

The solution is usually any staircase or bridge from another tree to the place you are looking for. It’s frustrating!
In addition, they built a shrine 30 miles from the village in Waldheim. Therefore, you must crawl in the forest for several years until you can finally explore this miserable city of trees.


What kind of city is that? Windhelm is located in the Ostmarsch region of Skyrim province and is the king Jorunn in the competition. This city is ancient and is considered to be the oldest still inhabited city on the mainland.
It was once built by the legendary hero Ysgramor, whose residence was built by enslaved elves as a monument to his dead son.

What is the most annoying? When one stays in Windhelm for a long time, the grief of the former builder and the suffering of the elven slave labor seem to be transferred to the players because the city has become more and more tortuous and chaotic in the development process.
In addition, even sidewalks are often walled, creating a more claustrophobic and curved feeling.
In any case, people will spend more time in this city looking for people looking for tasks in a maze of alleys and paths or visiting a particular place. The fun seems different.

Why is everything okay? The ancient northern city of Windhelm (Windhelm) has an epic bridge and a huge palace where the rulers of the Ebony Treaty lived. You can hardly get enough of these vast structures, and fortunately, both of these structures are easy to find.

Schildwacht-Less is more

What kind of city is that? The sentinel, or sentinel, is the capital of Haberfield and belongs to the Redguard Empire. The settlement is located on the edge of the Alik’s Desert and is exceptionally spacious.

What is the most annoying? It is the vastness of the city, reminiscent of the desert, that is their big problem. The damn place is too far! Even the central points of contact are very widely distributed, and once you have a task to go to the outer area of ​​this elongated settlement, you will feel pain. You walked there for a while.
If you stay in the guard for longer, all you want is for the Red Guards to demolish the city, rebuild the city and make it more compact.

Why is everything okay? As long as you are not a supporter of patriotism, you do not have to be vigilant. But anyway, if you are there, you should go to see the magnificent palace and look for theater groups, which usually have strange performances.

Why The Elder Scrolls Online is the Best MMORPG

For me, The Elder Scrolls is currently the best MMORPG. There are not enough formulas to distinguish The Elder Scrolls Online from existing free or existing attributes on the surface. It is tough for me to recommend anyone who seeks experience outside of a comfortable and beautiful people box.

Sometimes I can play alone.
MMORPG is a social gaming experience that is usually the most fun when going out with friends. Of course, there are exceptions, which I will discuss later.
When a friend has time, it is not always possible to be online. I am married, have three children, and a full-time job, so the rest of the playtime is not like when I was a child. Most importantly, I am no longer as flexible as before. When a partner wrote to me asking if I was interested in dungeon running, I couldn’t say yes quickly.
Therefore, things that appear around me from time to time happen, and here I am also having a great time in ESO.
ESO is an MMORPG. When I am alone, I can complete tasks quickly. When it was released, I even played far away alone.

I like many stories in the mission.
I am a gamer and believe that exciting adventures are essential when playing games. For me, the story is about gameplay. I can forgive the weak combat system or complex skill system in the game, but the story is not correct for me, or the task is too monotonous for me, and then I quit.
I want to lose myself in the virtual world, learn more about the history of virtual reality, and experience the adventure that appeals to me in front of the screen. I want to get acquainted with NPC, and maybe there will be a surprise in the story. , Even if I have to read them and hear them.
You can tell The Elder Scrolls that it originated from a single-player game. The game is very prominent storytelling and pursuit. This is why ESO’s focus is also on this area.
Therefore, to provide me with exciting stories is entirely correct MMORPG for me.

PvP and PvE are separated from each other.
Understandably, the developers want to put the player in a dangerous state and gradually the most meaningful return. The so-called risk and reward system works well. It’s just for me-not when mixing PvP and PvE.
I don’t want to set up tasks or collect raw materials by myself and then suddenly be attacked by other players. This is why I think ESO’s system is excellent. If I want to experience PvP, I can challenge my teammates to a duel or go to Cyrodiil to participate in alliance war.
If I don’t want to play PvP in ESO, I don’t have to and can’t enjoy Tamriel’s world, missions, and tranquil stories.

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