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Valorant: Why were G2 ESPORTS scolded at VCT?

In the framework of the closed qualifier at Challengers of Europe, a clip arose where he heard the coach of G2 ESPORTS talk. The rules of Valorant stipulate that there can only be communication between the players during the clashes. Otherwise, Riot Games will sanction as required.

The famous audio took place at the G2 ESPORTS match against Team Vitality , where bees came victorious to continue their campaign towards the Challengers. The Samurai was not satisfied, made adjustments and managed to sneak into the competition through the second qualifier. A few days before the first circuit challengers Valorant Champions Tour , arose a statement that deals with the situation of Daniil “Pipson” Meshcheryakov .

Riot Games confirms that there was a violation of paragraph 7.2.11 of the Global Regulations of Valorant. Just as happened in Riña de T1 and TSM, it was reaffirmed that the coaches can not talk to the athletes in the course of the games. Only in technical or tactical pauses, with limited number in the latter. But What did he say? How severe is the sanction?

As we mentioned, Team Vitality won the day. Pipson’s communication, in addition, was not to offer strategies information : It was a cry of celebration that was not silenced in the microphones. Remember that this phase is played online. Then, more than a sanction as in T1, it is a warning so that it does not happen in the future. What generated some discussions about whether it is worthwhile to avoid coaching to celebrate victories of rounds with athletes. Through your Twitter account, Pipson offered an apology for violating the unauthorized communications regulation. He can be with the team at the first Challengers of Europe.

G2 ESPORTS will come with a different equipment than advertised for 2022. Óscar “Mixwell” Cañellas Colocho was the holder when Pepson happened, but the Challengers has Wassim “Keloqz” cista in the template. Spanish veteran has permission to listen to offers from other organizations.

Valorant: the small change of next patch that could bring a forgotten character back

Omen takes time to be added in its own darkness. In other times he was one of the most powerful and interesting agents of Valorant, but he has been suffering reductions of power that have left him much behind the rest of the characters. A situation that could change from next patch 4.03 that should arrive next Tuesday, February 15. For this update, Riot Games has carried out an adjustment in the accuracy with which the skills that your Teleport could greatly improve.

The first step for the return of Omen to Valorant

The Omen Skill Kit has several problems in relation to equilibrium issues, but with difference the most clouds to their players is that of teleport. This skill has proven to be very inconsistent , so that the location in which the character ends up his trip may not correspond to the point that was marked by the visual effects. A particularly worrying error in cases where it is used to gain height and that can leave it exposed to attacks from which he apparently would be covered.

NEW YORU REWORK UPDATES! YORU IS OP?! (ft. Riot Devs) - Valorant Update Preview

With this small adjustment it is to be expected that when using teleport players are exactly in the marked area without suffering unforeseen and more easily . A change that will affect all the skills of Valorant, but it will be noticed especially in the only character in which these inaccuracies could have such a negative effect and were, literally, the difference between ending a rival or receiving a bullet in the head nothing More appear.

Despite this situation, the players of this character have also wanted to suggest the developer some additional adjustments that allow the return of this character, as possible improvements to their smoke or blind. Omen is one of the most beloved agents by the community, but the good performance of him during the beta and the first months of the title caused numerous reductions of power that have been left far from the highest positions of the tier List

Valuing – Mixwell Pass on G2 Banquillo Sports: Whatever Captain?

G2 ESPORTS was one of the most successful clubs during the first steps of the Valorant circuit. However, he fell from the top with the beginning of the first official season of Riot Games, living since then on a Russian mountain. The samurai bet strong by the tactical shooter, but at the scarcity of successes they have been forced to make changes in numerous occasions. Substitutions in which only Maxwell remained as an active member of the team at all times, something that could be about to change.

Maxwell could end up on the G2 ESPORTS bench

After having stayed outside the First World Championship of Valorant, G2 Esports has sought to reinforce Hood and Meed’s signings. However, the club suffered a sound failure in the first stage of the qualifying closed to EMEA Challengers . This will be the first great competition of Riot Games in its new competitive circuit and consists of two qualifiers. In the first of them, the team lost the first round in front of Vitality and repeated Failure in Alliance to burn its first opportunity.

Considering this situation, Maxwell would have passed to the G2 ESPORTS bench being replaced by Keloid . This has been done to know new , journalist who works for the French environment 1PV. According to the information about him, the Spanish player would no longer be participating in training with the team and would be his partner who occupied his position in the second batch of qualifiers who will begin next week. Everything is said, have not transcended the reasons why the eternal captain of the Samurai set would have been replaced.


It is precisely the why what will serve to resolve the incognito with respect to the future of Maxwell in G2 Esports. It could be a technical decision, the desire of the club to transfer it or a movement of the player himself in case of not feeling with confidence to channel the difficult situation in which the club is located. In any case, you will have to remain attentive to the next steps of all the parties involved in order to unveil the reasons for this hypothetical supplement.

Update (14/01 – 17:37)

Maxwell has confirmed on his social networks that the team decided to have his team’s partner for the next gradual qualifier at EMEA Challengers.

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