Donate blood to the blood god! No, this time, the exclamation point does not refer to the paid DLC. It adds more red soup and severed body parts for Total War: Warhammer. Or provide a new single line for industry representatives. But it’s actually about the blood god himself. This is almost better than blood and murder. almost. Because Sega and the Creative Conference finally announced Warhammer 3 and immediately opened the door to the terrible realm of Chaos.

Release: When and where does Warhammer 3 appear?

With the new CGI trailer, the release date of Warhammer 3-well, at least reduced. Because the game was officially announced as 2021. At least there is no specific date, month, or quarter in the press release.

However, since we are already in February, and such inaccurate information does not fully indicate that the press conference will be released within a few months, we do not expect it to be released until late summer or early fall at the earliest.

There are also differences in the store: Steam declared the end of 2021 as the release period on the product page, and Epic will be more specific on its Warhammer 3 store page after September 2021-but these two details can only be placeholders symbol. The different dates between Steam and Epic do not under any circumstances indicate the exclusivity of the Epic Store. Total War: The creative Assembly mentioned in the official FAQ of Warhammer 3 has confirmed that the game will be released in all stores simultaneously.

Which races are new?

Total War: Warhammer 3 directly brings more new factions to the release than the second part. The selection was expanded to include high elves, dark elves, rat people, and lizard people. In Warhammer 3, you have six different races to choose from the beginning-including four chaotic factions and a huge surprise. In the following, we will enter the confirmed factions and reveal their unique features.

Horror-God of War

We have him, the blood god who is widely quoted. The god of Chaos embodies brute force, aggression, and murder. No wonder this god is so popular in a war-torn world like Warhammer. 

When a murder occurs anywhere in the world, it will strengthen the God of War. But on the other hand, fear of abuse also represents a glorious ideal. In addition to violence and blood, it also represents a brave and glorious struggle.

How to play fear of abuse?

The blood god’s tribe doesn’t like cowardly strategies, so they completely abandon magic. In the warrior team of this cruel Chaos Empire, there are few pretty long-range units. But all companies have pretty high magic resistance. This tactic usually involves hand-to-hand combat with the enemy and suppressing them with absolute strength.

Important unit

Gorefiend: The most powerful demon among the Terrorist entourage, it is said that it is almost unbeatable in close combat. They have wings, vast and demonic horns, forming a terrifying picture. You can already see this demon in the trailer, starting at 02:01.

Mangle: These are demon infantry for fear of abuse. Little muscular demon, with a burning sword, devours your soul. In the trailer, you can see the manager at 1:50 AM.

Moloch: For his cavalry, horror relied on these creatures that are reminiscent of mechanical rhinos. On it, you will find not only the Chaos Knight but also the manager. Starting at 1:36, you can see the master in the trailer.

Hounds: These demon dogs are agile and bloodthirsty. They are reminiscent of giant wolf-shaped beasts with red scales and reptile sails behind their ears.

Throne of Blood: A hellish machine reminiscent of a fire-breathing chariot. The Throne of Blood is controlled by several butchers, driving between enemies and causing severe damage with fire and sharp blades.

Nurgle-God of Plague

Probably the oldest of all the dark gods because Nurgle represents diseases and epidemics and the death of all life. Nevertheless, Nurgle only worships a few tribes in the north—who likes to worship disease? Nurgle is the only chaos god who cares about his admirers. In addition to decay and infection, Nurgle stands on the positive side to survive and rebirth.

Important unit

Significant Pest: These disgusting demons are giant and wield massive skulls. Their presence can spread disease. Most importantly, the defiler can also use magic.

Plague Guardian: These demons constitute the backbone of Nurgle’s army. They spread disease and fight with contaminated, rusty blades.

Epidemic Rider: Nurgle also relies on his cavalry. For this reason, epidemic breeders either ride on giant slimes or lazy flies in the air.

Nurgle: These little demons emerged from their elder father’s slime and trash, and they only fought indirectly. They attack various creatures and emerge from their body holes in battle.

Slaanesh-God of Excess

Among all the gods, the voice of the superfluous god is arguably the most seductive. After all, this entity is primarily the embodiment of decadence, gluttony, and compulsive desires. However, lust eventually caused his admirers to sacrifice all morals and ideas for the well-being of others for their selfish instincts. The positive aspects of this chaos god include romantic passion and creativity.

Important unit

Guardian of the Secret: The most powerful servant of the sorrow sometimes looks more charming than scary, but it should not be underestimated. They feed on lust and meaningless violence. They attacked the enemy with scissors and narrow swords.

Demons: Slim hermaphrodite demons are deadly seducers. Due to their high speed, they can cause danger on the battlefield even when they are far away from physical stimulation.

Killer: Demons can also be found on mounts on the battlefield. Then they either sit on the back of a two-legged demon horse or sit on the same perverted snake creature.

Sorrowful beast: The chimeric demon combines the body parts of humans, scorpions, and reptiles. They can numb the enemy with a lovely smell. They used stings, claws, and hooves to give them the rest.

Tricky-God of Witchcraft

No other dark god can embody Chaos in its purest form like Trick. The god of change and magic spreads suspicion and sows the seeds of betrayal in the hearts of mortals. It represents eternal change, and it also means lies and deception. His followers fight for knowledge and magic but often give up their sanity in return.

Important unit

Changing rulers: These mighty demons appear on the battlefield with creatures headed by vultures, with solid bodies and constantly changing color wings. They are the most potent demon wizards. This demon has appeared in the first two Warhammer games.

Fire Demon: Trick’s demon infantry often jumped frantically, spitting out hot flames from their hands and mouths.

Screecher: As a seaworthy cavalry, the god of deception relies on these creatures reminiscent of deformed rays. The Screamer was also used as a towing horse for the flying chariot, and the fire demon occupied the chariot.

Horror: These creatures come from Chaos Magic and have no fixed shape. As they rushed around, their forms melted and recombined arbitrarily. This also creates the claws or teeth they use to attack. If this is not enough, they will only cast Chaos Magic.


The first trailer takes us to the icy north, where we meet a faction that many players have already anticipated. Kislev has finally become playable and is likely to be completely redesigned. This nation has existed as a small country since the first total war: Warhammer, but they led the imperial army in the war there.

The faction has its own identity. The country is heavily influenced by Eastern European countries such as Russia, Poland, and Hungary. As the first fortress against the forces of Chaos, the field is at the forefront.

Katelyn Katelyn

The leader of Kislev is the so-called Snow Queen Katalin. This mighty witch has become the focus of the first trailer. With it, devastating ice magic has also entered Warhammer. Qatar seldom actually plays in person, but we can decide for ourselves in Warhammer 3.

How does Kislev play?

Kislev’s performance in Warhammer is very traditional. People rely on a solid front line made up of many mixed races. So the unit can switch between close-range and long-range combat. Together with magicians and patriarchs, they gain magical support, either causing damage or strengthening their forces. Kislev is also known for his powerful cavalry, including the riding polar bear.

Important units:

Wing Ulan: Kislev has a powerful cavalry. The best of them is the winged Ulan. They have large wings on their backs and will scream sharply when they approach. Not only can you ride a horse, but also ride a polar bear.

Cossacks: Kizlev’s simple infantry is lightly equipped, carrying bows, arrows, and axes. This makes them dangerous at long-range and close combat.

Chariot: The chariot is led by two bears and gets wings with the help of ice magic. Several Cossacks were sitting on the sleigh, hitting or firing their muskets.

Ice Guard: A brand new unit recently developed by the desktop licensor Games Workshop. Like their tsarina, these guard units use blades infused with ice magic to fight.

Elemental Bear: Kislev can summon a mighty polar bear made of snow, stones, and plants. This giant monster unit can even fight against the most powerful demons.

Chinese people

The final playable faction in Warhammer 3 is a big surprise. Because so far, we know almost nothing about Huaxia people. They are a group of people deeply inspired by Chinese culture. However, in the Warhammer world and the real world, there is very little information about this. The empire is located in the far east, protected from Chaos by a large fortress. So we don’t yet know who will lead this country. I don’t know anything about these units. However, lesser-known are the ogre mercenaries, gunpowder, firework rocket launchers, terracotta warriors, and jeweled golden dragons. They also have powerful sky mages.

Gameplay: How is it played?

The basic gameplay of Warhammer 3 has not changed, at least during the main large-scale battles. Warhammer 3 runs on the same engine as Warhammer 1 and 2 and remains compatible with these two games. But there are at least six new parliamentary groups, which may be different from the existing ones.

Map: Where did all this happen?

With Warhammer and Warhammer 2, we already have a huge game map for us to use. But what about Warhammer 3? There is no official picture of this playing card yet. In addition, the playable faction raises two critical questions here.

What about Chaos World?

We already know that four of the six playable races represent the demons and followers of the Chaos Gods. As we all know, Chaos will attack the mortal realm with the help of the dark portal in the north of the world, but it can not only fight. There are also quarrels between the gods, that is, to rule the chaos realm.

An independent dimension, the most important thing is that no natural laws apply, and even dreams become a reality. According to the press release, Warhammer 3 will take us through this nightmare world. Eventually, it will be possible to switch back and forth between the mortal realm and the chaos dimension. This provides many exciting game options because the Chaos Empire will also change according to the currently triggered god.

It will also be interesting to see if we conquer, manage and engage in diplomacy in the chaotic areas typical of total war. This does not sound like an activity that the God of Chaos would participate in.

What does the new map look like?

But we do have a hunch about the map of the mortal world. In the trailer, you can see a map of the world drawn from 2:48 AM. There, we saw the realm of the mysterious Chinese people.

But this raises the question of how broad a card is. Because this field is not directly east of the old world, we have known the ancient world since the first Warhammer. Cathay Pacific is farther east, with more countries and potential factions in the middle. For example, the Ogre Kingdom is still part of the map, as are the Chaos Dwarves from the Darklands. But Creative Assembly may remember some factions as possible DLC.

However, Kislev is the other extreme because their empire is located at the northernmost end of the old world. This means that part of the original Warhammer map should also appear in Warhammer 3. This at least shows that, unlike Warhammer 2, we don’t have to wait for the merged Mortal Empires map after release. Creative Assembly has confirmed that a free Mortal Empires DLC will be launched soon, which will connect all three games.

DLC: Is there a pre-order?

Anyone interested in Warhammer 3 can now pre-order the game in the Steam or Epic store. If you do, you will get the same free DLC as your predecessor. What kind of DLC will appear in Warhammer 3 is still unknown.

So far, Creative Assembly has only announced that early adopters will get something. And this will likely be another race pack with a new faction. In Warhammer 2, the strange thing is that it is the Norsca faction of the previous game, not the actual game. More details will be announced later.