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0.7 will receive The Forbidden Title – News

Gamers who complete the Forbidden Get to meta-achievement in Spot 10.0.7 will certainly receive The Forbidden title.

You Know How to Reach Me calls for players to finish the complying with achievements:

  • Champion of the Forbidden Reach – Complete all the following unique experiences in the post-storm Forbidden Reach.


  • Door Buster – Unlock 150 doors within the SKEMA Safes making use of SKEMA Safe Keys.
  • Award: the Trick Master title
  • Every Door, Everywhere, Simultaneously – Unlock every door in a solitary SKEMA Vault within one week.

  • Explore the Forbidden Reach – Check out the post-storm Forbidden Reach, revealing the covered areas of the world map.
  • Forbidden Spoils – Open Up 10 Forbidden Hoards around the post-storm Forbidden Reach.
  • Hoarder of the Forbidden Get To – Open up 100 little prizes around the post-storm Forbidden Reach.
  • Librarian of the Reach – Gather each of the complying with publications found in the post-storm Forbidden Reach.
  • The Concern of Lapisagos
  • A Soldier’s Journal
  • A Song of the Depths
  • Return of the Night squall
  • Lost Exploration Notes
  • Words of the Wyrmslayer
  • Living Publication
  • Opera of the Aspects
  • The Old Gods as well as the Purchasing of Zeroth (Annotated).
  • Scroll Hunter – Find treasures from 50 Sealed Scroll maps in the post-storm Forbidden Reach.
  • Treasures of the Forbidden Reach – Discover the surprise prizes within the post-storm Forbidden Reach.
  • Under the Weather – Full a Frost stone Safe Primal Storm of every component.
  • While We Were Sleeping – Supply the complying with things to the Scale commanders at the Forbidden Reach.
  • Journal Entrance: The Crèches.
  • Journal Access: Experiments.
  • Journal Entrance: Relics.
  • Journal Access: Silence.
  • Getting Rock: Ultimatum.
  • Sending Rock: Objection.
  • Sending Out Rock: First Record.
  • Sending Rock: The Detainee.

Which World of Warcraft Mounts are the Rarest and most Expensive?

As we all know, Thunder Dragon has always been a significant criterion in World of Warcraft to detect whether a player is a local tyrant. Today, let’s look at the four-headed Mounts that are more expensive than Thunder Dragon in the World of Warcraft auction house-the price of these Mounts is more than 500w WOW Gold. The global player ownership rate is low if you can own one of them, enough to prove that you are a local tyrant in Warcraft – or a hardcore player!

X-51 Void Rocket Special Enhanced Edition

The average selling price of the global auction house is 508w, and about 3% of players own it.
Like a lover’s rocket color-changing model, the value of the Void Rocket family has always been high, and the X-51 Void Rocket Special Enhanced Edition is no exception. Perhaps because there is no point in the foreign service, the price of the rocket in the foreign service is higher than the national service. In terms of shape, the X-51 Void Rocket Special Enhanced Edition is an old model that was added to the game more than ten years ago, but the design is lovely. The method of graffiti and wooden boards is exciting. The only disadvantage is that it does not look so valuable. The force is not so good. The X-51 Void Rocket Special Enhanced Edition has entered the Points Exchange Mall, which requires 5,000 points, that is, 5,000 Battle Points, to redeem successfully.

Ghost Horse
The average selling price of Ghost Army Horse Global Auction House is 518w, and about 2% of players own it.
Many players dub the ghost army horse as the high-end Hearthstone Pegasus. Regarding the current review mechanism, the skeleton design of the ghost army horse is not likely to frighten a group of children. Fortunately, it has not been harmonized beyond recognition.

Like the Rockets, the military horses have also entered the points exchange mall. Similarly, these handsome horses can only be obtained by spending 5,000 points. However, some players said that the military ghost horses also participated in McDonald’s activities in ancient times. But unfortunately, I haven’t experienced it and can’t verify it. Those who have experienced it can indicate it in the comment area.

X-51 Void Rocket
In fourth place, the X-51 Void Rocket is also a member of the Void Rocket family. Shockingly, the non-specialty enhanced version of the Void Rocket ranks ahead of the particular enhanced version.

The average price of the X-51 Void Rocket in the global auction house is 548w, and only 1% of players in the world own it. It is normal to think about it. If you are not a local tyrant, spending so much WOW Gold to buy such an inconspicuous mount isn’t easy.

Don’t know you are the 1% of the world?

The Swift Seashore Chocobo

The Swift Seashore Chocobo sells for an average of 561w in global auction houses, and only 1% of players own it.

In 2014, the Swift Seashore Chocobo once had a “self-depreciation” activity. At that time, a account could get the mount for free after using a big card (4000 minutes of game time) within a month. However, It is a pity that it has been eight years, and the Swift Seashore Chocobo has still not returned, and its price has risen just like the outer clothes, rising to a terrifying price that parents do not recognize today.

The bird also has an exciting story: perhaps knowing that he is so valuable, Blizzard once sneakily reset its model, and now it looks more fashionable and more like a 2022 bird.

Perhaps to answer that sentence, the out-of-print things are fragrant-even if some of these four Mounts are not worth watching, and their practicality is low, they still cannot shake the fact that they are worth more than Thunder Dragon, no matter what the wind blows. Yuda, no matter if anyone buys it or not, they are still waiting for you in the auction house, noble and glamorous. Are you lucky enough to own one of these four Mounts?

Animal rulership hunters in WoW Patch 9.2.5 Make more area damage!

One more detail is treated right here and also this is especially fascinating for hunters and for animal rulers: ** You make a little a lot more area damage in WoW Patch 9.2.5 due to the fact that you are from the 4-set bonus of the current animal set Not rather as benefited as your Waidmann colleagues. Below is the description of the designers of World of Warcraft (purchase currently).

With WoW Patch 9.2.5, the manufacturers of the online role-playing game World of Warcraft will make a few adjustments to the balance of the courses. These information have actually not yet been mentioned in the initial spot of 9.2.5 and were just made understood a couple of days prior to the update was launched. We have actually already pointed out an information: WoW’s tank specifications should produce even more risks ** at 9.2.5, because apparently there were troubles in period 3 of Shadowlands.

animal leaders’ seekers can do more Aoe!

Notes of the programmers: “ The animal leaders’ ability of the hunters has not gotten as much area damages benefit from their established benefit, like other expertises and is therefore falling back. We boost the damages of their companions and also the transfer of damages of”” Safety strokes “to enhance their general efficiency.”.

With WoW Patch 9.2.5, the makers of the online role-playing game World of Warcraft will make a few modifications to the equilibrium of the courses. These details have actually not yet been mentioned in the initial spot of 9.2.5 and also were only made recognized a few days prior to the upgrade was launched. We have already stated a detail: WoW’s storage tank specifications ought to create more hazards ** at 9.2.5, because apparently there were problems in period 3 of Shadowlands.

Even More Class BUFFS And NERFS Announced For The Patch 9.2.5! - WoW: Shadowlands 9.2
The following line can be found in the preview of the Blizzard DEVs on the balance adjustments with WoW Patch 9.2.5:
Hunter .

  • Pet rule.
  • All damages abilities as well as the companion’s damage were enhanced by 4 percent.
  • “Killer strike” now creates your companion to hit various other locations with 100 percent of its damages (previously 90 percent).

Do you assume the adjustments are excellent? Did you have the feeling that as a hunter with animal rulership ability, you have dropped behind, or are you better to survival or precision in circumstances and slaughterhouse? Do you also have the 4-set bonus of the animal collection or do you appreciate the clothes?

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Wow: What brings the new extension? Rumors to the next Wow

The last few months were turbulent for Blizzard and WOW players to say turbulent. In addition to abuses, which revealed a lawsuit of the state of California against Activision Blizzard, the game content of World of Warcraft did not cause enthusiasm throughout. As with every new WoW extension, the onslaught was great for the release, but graduated quickly after a few months. Balancing problems in Thorgast Frusted players and the pacts were not everyone’s taste.

Patch 9.2 will be published on February 23, 2022 the last big patch for Wow Shadowlands. So to look at some rumors to the next WOW extension more precisely. What extension do you think you probably and what extension do you want for Wow?

Is there a new WOW extension at all?

After the acquisition by Microsoft and the internal problems of last year, this is a legitimate question. There is currently no reason to assume that Shadowlands is the last extension for World of Warcraft (now buy). In addition, the speech of new content in Q4 Financial Report I st

_ “Blizzard Is Planning Substantial New Content for the Warcraft Franchise in 2022, Including New Experiences in World of Warcraft and Hearthstone, and Getting All-New Mobile Warcraft Content Into Players’ Hands For The First Time” _

But which rumors for the new WoW extension is there? Dragons come in almost everyone.

The Dragon Isles

As the name already reveals, the next extension allegedly takes us on the dragon islands. There the characters, _ surprise_, dragons expect! The announcement had already been planned for the BlizzCon 2021. Then there should be more information from the Blizzon online in March. Since Blizzard has canceled both events, the next extension is now allegedly announced on 18 March by press release. Sounds little glamorous. In addition to the typical contents of a WoW extension, the Dragon Island expansion should actually bring a kind of Housing in Teldrassil and Unterstadt.

If you want to read more about a possible dragon extension in WoW, then just look at our colleagues from

  • New DataMining provides even more dragon hints
  • Ashes of Galakaros – the biggest leak so far to the next extension


The Light and Void

In the story Turalyon and Allia should play a role. Players must allegedly decide to start the extension for one side – the light or emptiness. Altogether sounds less likely than the dragons. More information can be found at MMO Champion.

The Titans / Cataclysm 2.0

Many classic areas should be revised. The story revolves around the Titans, which azeroth newly creates according to their plan. As a new area allegedly come the dragon islands (we recognize a pattern here). In addition, there’s more of the same: RAIDS, class adjustments, world events. More info is available at

When is the release of the new WOW extension?

Let’s go stubborn for the previous release deadlines for the publication of new WOW extensions, then it is so far in November. Some pages speculate that the 14./15. November 2022 could be the exact date.

There are even many more rumors and stories that have much less info and are therefore improbable. How is your rumors to the new WOW extension and what expansion would you wish? Incidentally, you can read more about WOW and PATCH 10.0 in detail at the colleagues of

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Wow: The delay has an end – patch 9.2 has a launch

When does patch 9.2? Patch 9.2 End of Endless time officially shows up on February 23, 2022 with us. On the American worlds, as usual, it’s currently a day previously the situation, so on February 22nd.

Waiting for patch 9.2 Inworld of Warcraft has an end. The upgrade is available in a few weeks.

That is, in less than 2 weeks, the brand-new web content will be activated.

The existing Material Dry spell in World of Warcraft is hard for several gamers. Korthia is additionally lipped on the tenth twink, Sylvana’s lots of paints as well as played all the packages. New material will certainly have a long period of time – and now the waiting egg has an end. Blizzard has actually published the release date for patch 9.2 end of endless time.

What’s all in the new Update? Patch 9.2 shows extra traditionally as well as broadened World of Warcraft: Shadowlands as you expect from a patch. There is:

  • A brand-new area: Zereth Mortis, which clarifies the beginnings of the shadowlands
  • A new RAID: Mausoleum of the initial, in which one battles against Anduin as well as the Chairman
  • New project pursuits that Shadowlands lead to the target straight
  • Whole lots of new cosmetic incentives

Asmongold on Wow 9.2 Release Date & The Death of Addons
* A brand-new period in PvE and also PVP
* The return of the pet establishes with suitable set perks and a class-specific appearance

All content of patch 9.2 we presented you in more detail in this article.

Just how is it going? Patch 9.2 is the last “large” patch of Shadowlands. This is complied with by the update 9.2.5, which will bring a series of smaller attributes and a highlight – the cross-faction play, in which Crowd as well as Partnership can jointly reject dungeons, raids as well as PVP fights.

Soon afterwards, there should be very first info concerning patch 10.0, so the following extension, the gamers with any luck return to Azeroth – at the very least that’s several. A first leak suggests that this is a dragon expansion:

Wow: New Addon “The Dragon Isles” – Drip or Lie?

Waiting for patch 9.2 Inworld of Warcraft has an end. When does patch 9.2? Patch 9.2 End of Endless time formally shows up on February 23, 2022 with us. Patch 9.2 shows a lot more traditionally as well as expanded World of Warcraft: Shadowlands as you expect from a patch. ** Patch 9.2 is the last “huge” patch of Shadowlands.

How to Choose suitable Class and race for World of Warcraft beginners

Getting started in World of Warcraft can be difficult. We will tell you which course is best for taking the first step in Azeroth. World of Warcraft has 12 professions and 46 specializations, providing a variety of ways to immerse yourself in Azeroth. But as a newcomer, which class should you choose? We introduced you to three courses that are great for newbies to World of Warcraft so that you can get started easily in 2021

Paladin- all-round talent

Who is the Paladin suitable for?

Paladins are suitable for those who are hesitant, they don’t know whether to heal, refuel or cause damage in the final stage-because Paladins can do all of this. With his plate armor and many defensive skills, he is a tenacious warrior who can perform very badly in close combat.

What can a Paladin do?

Paladins in World of Warcraft can basically specialize in three different directions. Paladins can take on all three roles required for a successful team. One of his most famous abilities is the Divine Shield, which can make him immune to damage for a few seconds.

Protection (tank): Protect the paladin to arm himself with shields and melee weapons to attract threats from the enemy so that others can cause harm without any problems.

Punishment (damage): Punishment paladin uses powerful melee attacks to give him divine power. If he accumulates enough energy, he can use it for powerful special attacks, which can indeed cause a lot of damage. In addition, unlike many other unarmed fighters, the punisher also possesses very powerful survival skills.

Holy (Healing): Healing paladins must use mana wisely to keep allies alive. Compared with other healers, the Paladin can usually be found in melee combat, and heals his team members by combining attacks with healing.


Extremely resistant

Strong self-healing

Can play any role


No ranged combat options

People have limited choices

Which races can become Paladins?

Few races can become paladins in World of Warcraft. Compared with the tribe, there are many more situations in the alliance.

Alliance: Human, Dwarf, Lightforged Draenei, Dark Iron Dwarf, Draenei

Horde: Tauren, Zandalari Troll, Blood Elf

You should play Paladin in the following situations: You want to play a multifunctional class that can play basically any role. Paladins are popular with other players because of their versatility, because they can fill any position in the team and have a strong defense against all allies

Hunter – a flexible killing machine

Who is the hunter suitable for?

In World of Warcraft, the hunter is almost an excellent single-player occupation. With wild animals as the company, hunters can almost complete all tasks by themselves, and due to various traps, high damage and various polishing effects, they are also welcome in groups. There is an additional collection aspect-because there are many rare and great animals in World of Warcraft that can be tamed by hunters.

What can hunters do?

In all of their specializations, hunters are purely damage occupations, so be careful in a group where enemies quickly bless time. At the same time, they can rely on being the animal companions of tanks in single player games to attract enemy threats.

Animal Domination (Injury):

As the name suggests, animal dominance hunters specialize in studying their companions. This hunter’s animal was particularly powerful and caused a lot of damage. Many skills can strengthen companions and even summon additional wild animals, and then attack the enemy as a whole.

Shooting (damage):

Shooting hunter is a sniper among hunters and can be carried out without a companion. From a distance, they will use a variety of different shots and abilities to cause huge damage. Whether it is single damage or group damage, marksmanship hunters have a wide range of skills.

Survival (damage):

Survival Hunter was redesigned a few years ago and has one characteristic: it is a melee specialization. The hunter and his wild animals did not attack from a distance with a bow or rifle, but made close contact with the enemy in order to knock them down at close range.

Which races can become hunters?

Together with the hunter, you can choose a large number of possible races. Because all playable species on Azeroth can become hunters.

Alliance: Human, Void Elf, Dwarf, Lightforged Draenei, Night Elf, Dark Iron Dwarf, Gnome, Kul Tiran, Draenei, Mecha Gnome, Werewolf, Pandaren

Horde: Orcs, Nightborne, Undead, Alpine Tauren, Tauren, Mag’han Orc, Troll, Zandalar Troll, Blood Elf, Foxman, Goblin, Pandaren

You should play Hunter if: You want to have a course that can handle almost any challenge on your own. Animal collectors are also good value for money here. But be careful: Hunters have had a bad reputation for 15 years, because many of them are bad players-but maybe you all believe that is not the case?


Excellent solo opportunity

Three different majors

Collectible wild animals as companions


DPS specialization only

The hunter received negative reviews for being a bad player

Demon Hunter- simple but cool course

Who is the Demon Hunter suitable for?

The Demon Hunter, especially its DPS variant, is especially suitable for players who are quickly overwhelmed by too many skills or quickly feel uncomfortable team performance pressure. Even if most players can distinguish between good and bad demon hunters, the learning curve of demon hunters is quite flat, and stable results can be achieved even in sub-optimal games.

Demon hunters can choose to temporarily adopt demon form so they can proceed more effectively. You can also double jump or even slide.

But beware: to create a demon hunter, you must first upgrade any other character to level 10 before you can unlock the demon hunter. Activation should not exceed one hour, even for novices.

What can a demon hunter do?

Demon Hunter is the only profession in World of Warcraft with only two specializations. This means that compared to all other classes in World of Warcraft, you have fewer choices, but at the same time you focus on fewer skills and are therefore more clear than other classes.

Vengeance (tank): The Vengeance Demon Hunter first jumps into the enemy group and binds them to himself with glowing seals. They use the power of the inner demon to strengthen themselves with armor spikes, or use the aura of fire plague to additionally damage the enemy. The tank demon hunter is extremely mobile and can benefit from it in many places.

Destruction (damage): Destruction demon hunters are known for their devastating eye stealing, which can destroy entire groups of enemies in a matter of seconds. But in addition, they also rely on fast attacks, which in many cases can simultaneously damage a large number of opponents. Their high mobility makes it easy to disappear from dangerous areas and avoid death traps.

Which races can become demon hunters? Demon hunters are very limited in choosing races.

Alliance: Night Elf

Horde: Blood Elf

You should play Demon Hunter in the following situations: You want to play a very easy to learn and interesting course. Demon hunters are very mobile, rushing from one enemy to another, only need to focus on some skills. In addition, they can survive any fall because they can slide-very useful in many situations.


Easy for beginners

Cool gimmicks such as sliding, double jumping, etc.

Cool look


Only 2 majors

There is only 1 person from each camp to choose from

Play what you like: In the end, these are of course only suggestions. Many professions in World of Warcraft are very different from specialization to specialization, so you should try something at the beginning. Note, however, that most classes are only finished later. Skills are added during the level stage. A course that seems boring at level 8 can be extremely challenging and fun at level 60.

When does the timing and appear in WoW Patch 9.1?

After months of waiting, the WOW 9.1 Chains of Dominion patch is finally online. But not all content is available from the beginning. This is mainly due to the fame system, which will unlock the story chapters and other content bit by bit to look forward to new things every week. The system is also controversial because time gating is just an annoying factor for many people. We have prepared a checklist for you with everything that will start in the coming weeks. So you always know exactly what to do and when to do it and what you can expect.

Week 1: June 30 (already live!)
The basis of Patch 9.1 is real-time. These are all career changes, all adjustments to Toast, the new Myth+ system.
Toughest Tier 9 is available and allows embers to be collected to upgrade legendary characters to levels 5 and 6.
The prestige can reach level 43, and each group will grant a new set of soul bond effects.
The first chapter of the contracting activity is available.

Week 2: July 7
The new part (3) of the contracted event is available, and finally, you will unlock the flight and unique contract mounts.
Reputation can be unlocked up to level 46.
The assault on “The Temple of Domination” starts with Normal and Heroic difficulties. In the end, the boss (Sylvanas) should complement the excellent movie.
The massive dungeon “Tazavesh” (mythology only) opens.
Players can collect ruling fragments for their equipment and use them for the spoils of ruling the temple.
Toast’s 10th level is unlocked and gives more soul light.
The second season of Shadowlands has begun-a new season of PvP and Mythic + with new affixes.

Week 3: July 14
The raid “Temple of Domination” is opened in the epic. The world’s first game of the professional guild has begun.
The first LFC wing to rule the temple opens.
The improved Season 2 loot can now be obtained from the Treasury.
Level 11 of Torghast opens and grants access to more soul embers.
At Glory level 48, players can unlock contract-specific legends.
Reputation level 49 is the highest attainable.
Part 4 of the contracting activity is available.

Week 4: July 21
Toast’s level 12 was unlocked and granted access to more soul embers.
Reputation can reach up to level 52. The new qualities call for an increase in soul bond and endurance.
Part 5 of the contracting activity is available.

Week 5: July 28
Reputation can accumulate to level 55 and unlock the last feature of most soul bonds.
The second LFC wing that ruled the Temple opened.
Part 6 of the contracting activity is available.

Week 6: August 4
Reputation can reach up to level 58. After that, the final characteristics of the remaining soul bonds will be unlocked.
Part 7 of the contracting activity is available.

Week 7: August 11
Reputation can be unlocked up to level 61: increased endurance, higher item levels through world missions, and improved media for some soul bonds.
The third LFR wing of the ruling temple is opened.
Part 8 of the contracting activity is available.

Week 8: August 18
Reputation can be unlocked up to level 64. There are better media to gain more soul bonds.
The last part of the agreement activity is available.

Week 9: August 25
Reputation can be unlocked up to level 66, which will unlock another set of enhanced media.
The last LFR wing that reigns in the Temple opens to play against Sylvanas here.

What’s the next step? Patch 9.1 should make players happy until early September. After that, there are only a few new unlocks, such as extra heart rewards or cosmetic rewards. Then, around October, all players should upgrade their reputation to level 80 and slowly but surely squint their eyes to see the next content update. This will be the first message.

WoW fundamentally solves the worst affix and disgusting Boss

WOW Patch 9.1 makes many things in World of Warcraft easier for Myth+ fans. The most annoying affix was significantly weakened. A new version of the patch 9.1 Chains of Dominion has been installed on the PTR and has brought many balance adjustments. Most importantly, the Mythic + affix and some WOW bosses are the most important. The most annoying battle so far will become more enjoyable. There are also some changes so that the tank does not have to kite like before.

What will happen to the affix? Various myth + affixes enjoy different reputations in the community. Although some affixes are considered particularly simple and easy to use, other affixes are hated and avoided because they bring little happiness. Therefore, necrotic and Stormy will be modified in patch 9.1.

Necrosis: In the future, only the melee attacks of garbage creatures per second can ensure that a layer of necrosis debuff covers the target. Therefore, tanks can double the mob before the necrotic pile becomes a problem. This attitude has been practical for necromantic bosses, and it is now being extended to all junk creatures.

Stormy: Stormy has always been a negative affix for hand-to-hand combat players. The whirlwind repeatedly appears, circling in various tracks in close combat, pushing the player back and causing damage. Therefore, this affix has also been weakened.

In the future, the cyclone will only move clockwise, so it will be easier to avoid. Furthermore, once in contact with the player, the whirlwind will disappear. Last but not least, the damage done has been reduced by 20%, and the speed of the cyclone has also been reduced.

How have the bosses changed?
During the tyranny week, the most difficult WOW bosses also changed. They contribute to the particularly acidic stage and ensure that the dungeon’s level of difficulty is more balanced.

Impact of change:

Haka (another side): Haka will now channel his blood barrier until the player destroys him. In addition, it no longer collects energy during its blood barrier. This avoids a situation where the blood barrier is lined up without real progress. Now, before Hakkar has enough power to build another wall, there is always a window of time.

Merchant Xy’exa (on the other side): Arcane Lightning now does minor damage, but the debuff has become more severe. The additional damage taken per layer has been increased from 3% to 5%. Therefore, it is more important to distribute debuffs well in the team.

Amaz (Necromancer Alley): The damage done by Torment Echo is now reduced by nearly 20%, so it is easier for the healer.

Kryxis (Bloody Depths): The damage caused by Kryxis’s onslaught is reduced by approximately 20%. This should make it easier to survive an attack with one more minor player.

What did all the changes bring?
Overall, these adjustments should ensure that certain bosses are less stressed during the annoying tyranny week and that melee fighters have a more enjoyable dungeon experience. Most importantly, Necrotic’s weakening should mean that tanks no longer need to jump over dungeons like rubber balls to kite enemies forever.

When will the patch be released? Unfortunately, there is no release date for patch 9.1 Chains of Dominion. At the same time, however, everything seems to be available and only for balance. So hope we can look forward to an appointment in the next few days.

The innovative WoW TBC Classic tool quickly makes you a better therapist

Are you having problems with WoW TBC Classic? Is your mana always empty, and your tank overeats damage? You want to deal with heroic dungeons and raids, but are you not ready yet? A simple tool will help you solve this problem.

What tool is that?

Ozgar’s Downranking Tool is a website. As a therapist, you can calculate the level of spells you can use most on this website.

This tool supports all therapist professions in WoW TBC Classic:





By entering different values, the tool will calculate which level of healing spell you should use.

Why use this tool?

In Burning Crusade, your spells have different levels, different from the retail version of World of Warcraft. The higher the level, the higher the amount of primary treatment, but the higher the price. Higher levels require more mana.

However, with better equipment, the amount of treatment will increase, you can distribute these treatments naturally, and you will get better services at lower levels. As a result, you can save mana and can restore your tank or DD after a few seconds without drying out after a few seconds (OOM).

Especially for heroic Dungeons and subsequent raids, it is essential to deal with your spells and levels. Otherwise, you will run out of mana before the end of the battle.

Use Ozgar’s downgrade Addons tool to treat better.

How do I use this tool?

The operation is effortless. You enter some basic information in the device and list your spells and levels below. You must enter the following to calculate:

Healing power (healing power)

Crit level (Critical Strike Chance)

Spell haste rating

Hierarchical selection of talents

Active effects (such as the Blessing of Light of the Paladin)

For the spells listed, you can see a table with comparisons under Detailed Overview. There, you can learn more about why the corresponding ranking is best for you. Your level will change with better equipment, so check back often.

How can I get better?

If you want to improve yourself further, practice or talk with other representatives in the class will help. Generally, you can learn from the mistakes of others or benefit from their knowledge. You can also use plugins to make your life easier. For example, the correct modification can make it easier for you to track your team and team or clean up the interface. Plugins that are especially useful for therapists are Vuhdo or LunaUnitFrames.

The 5 coolest flying mounts in WoW TBC Classic and how to get them

In WoW TBC Classic, you can learn to fly after reaching the highest level 70. This feature was a bright spot at the time because in World of Warcraft you can only fly on a fixed route. MeinMMO introduces you to five mounts, you can use them to shape a great figure in the air: the 5 coolest flying mounts in the World of Warcraft classic BC. What are these mounts? There are many mounts here, you can use them to fly in the new area of ​​the Burning Expedition Outland. We will show you rare or hard-to-obtain mounts and explain how you can obtain them. Flying is the first item in Burning Crusade, and you must have learned epic flying for each of these mounts. With this ability alone, you need to spend 5,000 WOW Gold proudly. In return, you will learn to ride at an airspeed of 280%. Some of the mounts we are showing you here are even faster. With a speed of up to 310%, you can travel through Outland faster than the druid behind you and plant an ore or herb.

How can I even learn to fly? After reaching level 70, you must go to the faction flight instructor in Shadowmoon Valley:

There you can learn 800 WOW Gold experience riding (normal flying) and 5000 WOW Gold proficient riding (epic flying). Druids can save WOW Gold for normal flights through their flight forms. Once you learn the epic art of flying riding, you can start breeding rare mounts.


Flugmaschinen is used by the Shatar Sky Guard for flight patrols. These creatures are a bit reminiscent of snakes with sticky wings. These creatures have a peculiar appearance, but they are definitely one of the unique mounts in the game.
How do I get rays? Like the Nether Dragon, you have to hone a lot of prestige for the light. This is a bit faster than using Nether Swings, but it still requires a lot of effort.
To the west of Blade’s Edge Mountain in Ogri’la and next to Skettis to the southwest of Terokkar Forest, you will find the base camp of Skyguard. However, to do this, you must already be able to fly. The mission series started from Shattrath near Yula, and the mission was Danger from the Sky.
In the Sky Guard, you can do daily quests to kill the arakkoa in Skettis and repeatedly exchange for Shadow Dust to increase your reputation. You can buy ray for 200 WOW Gold after gaining a super reputation.


The aircraft is not a mount in the strict sense, but a mechanical structure, a bit reminiscent of early helicopter attempts. These partners are derived from deep steampunk fantasies and are the masterpieces and dreams of every engineer.
How do I get the machine? There are two variants: ordinary aircraft with 60% airspeed and 280% turbo-powered aircraft. You learn the recipe from the engineer in your camp in Shadowmoon Valley. However, the production cost is relatively high:

Flying machine:
2 x Adamantite Frame
30 x Fel Iron Bar
8 x Handful of Demon Iron Bolts
8 x Starwood
5 x Adamantite Bar
4 x element and wind charge
Turbo-powered aircraft:

1 x aircraft control (first mount)
8 x Krypton Energy Core
8 x Magic Steel Stabilizer
1 x hula hoop doll
In theory, you can buy all the individual parts and put the mount in your pocket, but the cost may be high. In contrast, you may pay the most for the engineered formulas of all mounts-depending on the server.

Senalian War Hippogryph

The Cenarion Expedition’s war Hippogryphs looked almost exactly the same as the flying mounts of the night elves of Azeroth. If you’ve ever flown with the night elf flying master, you probably know what these animals look like. Advantages: Of all the mounts shown here, the Hippogryph may be the easiest to obtain.
How do I get the Hippogryph? To control this blend of bucks and eagles, you need to become famous in the Cenarion expedition. Regardless, most of you may be respectful or at least benevolent.
Missions in the dungeons of Zangarmarschen and Coalfish alone will give you a lot of reputation for the faction. Later you have to visit the steam room and then raise the reputation to awesome.
The opponent (hero or normal) in the steam room has been granted reputation and dropped weapons from the lizard boiler. Then you can redeem it again and again at the adventure camp in the eastern part of Zangarmarsh. You can get the Hippogryph from the quartermaster for 1,700 gold.

Al’ars Asche

Phoenix is ​​the first boss of Storm Fortress. This is one of the T5 raids of the Burning Crusade. Use the ashes to summon the burning bird as your personal mount. Aura’s ashes are still one of the rarest mounts and most sought-after items in World of Warcraft.
This mount is one of the two mounts in Burning Crusade that allows 310% speed.

How to get the ashes? Al’ars Asche is a drop from Kael’thas Sunstrider, the final leader of the Stormhold. Therefore, you will not be able to obtain the mount in the first phase (the release of TBC Classic).
The fortress will not open until the second stage, and the chance of falling is very slim. So you must be lucky that the mount is dropped-then the raid must also give you loot, otherwise, you need the luck of the dice.
In BC itself, your chances of finding Phoenix are very slim. Kael’thas is one of the most difficult bosses in World of Warcraft. Even though some guilds can complete the whole content without problems, few players can defeat Kael’thas without problems.

Netherwing Drake

Dark Dragon is a new type of opponent in Outland, mainly appearing in Blade’s Edge Mountain, Shadowmoon Valley and Netherstorm. Unlike their relatives in Azeroth, these creatures have ethereal wings instead of leather wings, and different head and body shapes.
Lingpterosaurs come in six colors: sky blue, onyx, violet, cobalt blue, lavender and emerald green. Your airspeed is 280%.

How do I get the dragon? To ride the Void Netherwing Drake, you must go through a series of tedious, repeatable tasks. You start with the lowest level of hateful prestige, and you must gradually increase your prestige.
To do this, you must start a series of missions in Shadowmoon Valley near Modenay. You can find it in the southeast of Netherwing Fields. The mission Goodness starts the whole series, through which you will gain neutral prestige at the end.
Then you can do other normal and daily tasks, you must be able to fly, or you search for Pluto’s eggs. Each egg provides 250 reputation points. With an excellent reputation, you can choose a one-stop shop for free-so choose colors carefully.
Or, you can make a name for yourself in PvP. For the Gladiator level, that is, in the top 0.5% of the players in the arena, you will get a nether dragon in stylish armor. The flying speed of these special kites is 310%.

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