Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero was one of the most anticipated premieres within animated films in Japan, and that was moderately reflected in the land that saw the franchise born a month ago. However, it has been confirmed that its premiere was one of the worst of the brand, being easily surpassed by other famous IP’s films.

It was recently confirmed that the film that leads to Piccoro and Gohan as protagonists, managed to raise 14 million dollars within the framework of the weekend in Japanese lands, something that is not a great achievement. It was even easily surpassed by past deliveries such as the return of Freezer, Broly , even The battle of the gods , to which it did not do well.

For its part, One Piece: Red managed to gather more than 50 million dollars in its first weekend, basically making the money that the creation of Akira Toriyama achieved in the same period. Although this last film, had as a premise the appearance of a very famous manga character, one that until today was presumed to great power.

It is worth mentioning that Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero has premiered this weekend in the United States and Latin America, so our region can give a surprise to Toei Animation and the distributor. This is because the story of Goku is the most popular on this side of the world, and One Piece begins to take ground with its arrival in Netflix.