For hunter players, there will soon be new companions inWorld of Warcraft. Patch 9.1.5 brings 3 new varieties in different colors.

Immediate additional mobs pulls and bosstaktiks have no idea, these are only two important aspects of each hunter player. A third is collecting as many different companions as possible. After all, in World of Warcraft, there are hundreds of virgin wildlife, which is to tame to fill their own stable and have a suitable companion for every situation.

How well that in Patch 9.1.5 are tamed 3 new animals – a few of them are even mechanically and therefore liked the tinker under the hunters.

New hunter companion in patch 9.1.5

Corps fleece: These companions belong to the Wesp family, even if they are significantly more discrator. They optically comply with the pact-mount of the Necrolords from Patch 9.1 and previously preceded by Korthia, for example as a rare enemy, which you can hust up every day for relics. With patch 9.1.5, the corpse flies will be available at other places – probably even with one or the other rare spawn for particularly beautiful colors. If you can find a corpse fly for nice.

Gromits: These colorful hoppers have played players only exclusively in Korthia, where they are traveling as harmless small animals or as part of a daily mission must be killed or collected. The gromits belong to the family of the frogs and are also tamed for hunters with patch 9.1.5.

They too exist in different colors, already on Korthia several variants run around. Collectors will not have to seek long to get a colorful color palette.

Aquilon: The aquilons originally come as a bastion and are built by the Kyrians. They are among the family of mechanical companions and should therefore especially like hunters with a slope to technology. They come in different colors, most of them in the game being held rather dark as they belong to the blasted.

You can also tame an aquilon now, but only during a unique quest – soon there is more choice.

Whether Blizzard adds more new companions remains to be seen, after all, patch 9.1.5 is only in an early version on the PTR.

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When do these new companions come? These companions can be tamed with patch 9.1.5. An exact date of publication does not yet exist, but most justified speculation expires from a publication in mid-October. Hunter players have to be patient for a few more weeks.

What do you think about the new hunter companions? Will you take the immediately in your collection? Or is a corpse fly in no circumstances in the stable?