Blizzard has begun a new alpha test for the mobile game Diablo Immortal. The focus is on PvP and endgame content. Alpha will be released tonight and is suitable for players living in Australia. Besides, some members of the Diablo community, some influencers, and representatives of the press were also invited to participate.

What is Alpha about? Compared with the test conducted in December last year, some changes have taken place.
This includes:
The new Crusaders are a mixture of magicians and melee soldiers
New areas and dungeons, including Zavian Mountain, Monk’s House and Frozen Tundra, and Echo Cave dungeon
Play against
Endgame content

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This is the focus of Alpha: the direction of the test is to end the game, which is also closely related to Diablo’s immortal PvP. We will introduce you to the endgame in detail.

This is what Endgame looks like: The content of Endgame revolves around capturing the eternal crown to become an immortal figure. Anyone who can win this dream co-challenge in a PvP war can be the leader of his faction and let other members do their jobs. We will soon tell you how to get the eternal crown in another article about MeinMMO. Here, we first introduce you to the tasks that can be distributed once you get the crown.
To start one of the endgame missions, your faction members must complete daily missions. This is how they collect

Essential resources. Do you have enough Essentia, then open the following tasks for you:
Kane’s Trial-Up to 48 players in your faction can risk participating in this raid. Then, you should defeat four bosses within 30 minutes. In addition to the loot, you will also receive Daeda’s blessing as a reward. The enhancement effect will provide you with buffs and bonuses for the elderly portal. He also filled the treasure trove of Immortal.
Ministry of Defence-Your enemies will dare to attack the Fairy Ministry of Finance. Then, your faction must return the thief.

What else to do in the endgame? Another aspect of the endgame is the treasures of hell. After completing the main task, you can use this machine to search for mighty demons. If you defeat the monster, feed the wreckage into the engine to absorb part of the demon’s power and become stronger.

You can improve the treasures of hell, for which you must collect Scoria materials, which can be found in honorable dealers and bounty chests. Then, NPC Charsi used it to make Hellfire Scoria, which can upgrade the machine. By collecting the demon wreckage, can give your character more powerful.

What do you think of the endgame in the mobile game Diablo: Immortal? Do you find it interesting?