If you want to complete a motorboat time trial in Fortnite, you have to go by

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We have already seen different types of time races this season, but the latest variant is the Fortnite Motorboat time trial. If you are looking for the site of the starting point, you undoubtedly worked through the list of challenges for Fortnite Chaos Rising and want this Fortnite Motorboat Time Trip no longer stands in the way. As with the previous races in Fortnite, the start is marked by a bright blue icon, and next to the stopwatch is a rudder pair to indicate that it is a boat manually rowing is not required! Read on and we will show you where the place for the Fortnite Motorboat time trial is available to enjoy the point-to-point race and the timekeeping in the fullest

Fortnite Motorboat timeplay

You will find the Fortnite Motorboat time trial in the large lake on the south side of the island. Directly north of Misty Meadows is the larger of the two islands, the lake, and in the middle of the south coast of this island is the marking for the start of time trial. Of course, you have to drive with one of the Fortnite Motorboats so you can start the race, but at least a pair of it can be scattered along the south coast of the lake.