Samsung Electronics will carry out pre-sale of foldable phones ‘Galaxy Z Flip 4’ and ‘Galaxy Z Fold 4’ for 7 days from 16 to 22. Pre-buyers can receive and open on the 23rd. The official launch of the Galaxy Z4 series is the 26th.

‘Galaxy Z Flip 4’ is each of the built-in memory models ▲ 256GB 1,353,000 won ▲ 512GB 1474,000 won. The colors are available in four types: purple purple, graphite, pink gold and blue.

The Galaxy Z Flip 4 will also launch ‘BESPOKE’ edition. 75 combinations are available in five front and rear colors: gold, silver and black frames, yellow, white, navy, khaki, and red. However, in Korea, the silver frame and the white color combination of the front and back are sold separately from the Genz phone, and 74 types can be combined in

The Galaxy Z Flip 4 Bispork Edition is sold as a package with a slim cover, ▲ 256GB 1.48 million won ▲ 512GB 152,900 won.

‘Galaxy Z Fold 4’ is 256GB 1999,700 won ▲ 512GB 2.11,700 won, and will be released in three colors: Phantom Black, Gray Green and Beige. is also available as a 1TB model and the price is 2,36,700 won.

In addition, Samsung Electronics’ homepage will pre-sell 256GB and 512GB of built-in memory model, which is exclusively for self-contained system.

The Galaxy Z Flip 4 and ‘Galaxy Z Fold 4′ pre-sales will be held in the national digital plaza and each mobile carrier offline store, Samsung Electronics’ homepage, mobile carrier online mall, 11th Avenue, and Coupang.

It can also be purchased through live commerce broadcasting on Samsung Electronics’ homepage, 11th Street, G Market, and CJ On Style at 12 o’clock (16 o’clock on the 16th).

Samsung Electronics is also a special package that is composed of fashion, character, and ESG preferred by the Silver Frame and the front and back white color ‘Galaxy Z Flip 4’ and the Z generation’s preferred fashion, character and ESG. It sells.

SKT will launch ‘Wonder Flip White Edition’, which consists of Stozo Bigs Cup, Boss Eco Bag, and NFC Membership Card for 1,386,000 won.

KT is a ‘Wooyoung Woo Edition’ consisting of mugs and picnic mats, and ‘Nice Weather Edition’ consisting of cases and cases and pallets, cups, key rings, stickers and towels. LGU+will launch ‘Galaxy Z Flip 4 Maison Kitsne Edition’, which consists of Maison Kitsune accessories, learning management apps, and one-store passes for 1,386,000 won.

Pre-buyer, Provide various benefits such as 100,000 won of used phone compensation program

Pre-purchase customers who purchase ‘Galaxy Z Flip 4’ and ‘Galaxy Z Fold 4’ can receive and open the product from the 23rd before the official launch. Samsung Electronics offers a variety of benefits to pre-buyers who have completed the opening by 26th.

All pre-purchasing customers provide two years of damage guarantee ‘Samsung Care Plus’, which has evolved one step, such as immediate discounts on repair costs, and visiting repairs that do not require a separate claim.

At the same time, one cover and collaboration accessories are also provided. The Galaxy Z Flip 4 pre-purchase customers will be provided with clear cover with rings and collaboration accessories randoms, and ‘Galaxy Z Fold 4’ pre-purchase customers will be provided with standing cover with pen and collaboration accessories random.

In addition, Samsung Electronics also offers a variety of contents benefits, including ‘New Galaxy NFT’, Galaxy Watch 5, 25W PD Charger, and ‘The Freestyle’ 30% Discount Coupon. ▲ ‘One Drive’ 100GB 6 months Free Experience Rights ▲ Premium Video Streaming Membership ‘YouTube Premium’ 4-month Free Experience Ticket ▲ 3 months free subscription to the knowledge content platform ‘Willa’ where you can listen to audio books and professional lectures.

Samsung Electronics will also operate additional phone compensation programs that will reward up to 100,000 won from the used price of ‘Galaxy Z Flip 4’ and ‘Galaxy Z Fold 4’.

Samsung Electronics has completed the opening of the ‘Gen Z phone’ until October 31st and has completed the opening of customers who have been born since January 1993 after January 1993. And ▲ Provides a free replacement of the rear panel.

Pre-purchase customers can apply for benefits on the Samsung Members Application or Event page.

Galaxy Watch 5, Galaxy Buzz 2 Pro Pre-sale

In addition, Samsung Electronics will start selling the Galaxy Watch 5 Series and the Galaxy Buzz 2 Pro from 16 to 22.

The Galaxy Watch provides a variety of pre-sales benefits with the theme of ‘Watch Decorating’, reflecting the consumer needs that want to use various watch faces and straps as fashion items.

In the case of a Bluetooth model, ‘Galaxy Watch 5 Pro’ is a watch cover and a strap set ‘Full Cover Pack’, a charging dock cradle that makes it convenient to charge, and ‘Galaxy Watch 5’ is ‘Full Cover Styling’ One of Stonehenge’s straping, which can decorate straps with ‘pack’ or unique jewelry, will be provided by each store as a free gift.

In the case of the LTE model, ‘Galaxy Watch 5 Pro’ offers ‘Galaxy Buzz Live’ wireless earphone as a free gift, and ‘Galaxy Watch 5’ is the same as the Bluetooth model ‘Full Cover Styling Pack’ or one of the straping. It is provided.

For customers who pre-purchase ‘Galaxy Buzz 2 Pro’, a total of 9 brands (Tottenham Hotspur, Korean Air, Pokémon, Hybro, Café Note, Samdasu, Pepsi, Gatorade, Smurf) Randomly pay one.

In addition, the ‘Galaxy Buzz 2 Pro’ collaboration cover, which is matched with nine brands, is also available, so you can decorate each wireless charger and cover with pair. also offers a 20% discount coupon for collaboration covers for pre-sales customers.

The price of the Galaxy Watch 5 is 32,900 won and 29,900 won, respectively, 44mm and 40mm models of Bluetooth support. LTE support products are 363,000 won and 330,000 won for 44mm and 40mm models, respectively. The price of ‘Galaxy Watch 5 Pro’ is 49,000 won for Bluetooth model and 528,000 won for LTE model. The price of ‘Galaxy Buzz 2 Pro’ is 27,900 won.

In addition, Samsung Electronics is the ‘Galaxy Watch 5’ series, ‘Trade-in Program’, which will be rewarded in used watches, used watches, ‘Galaxy Buzz 2 Pro’ purchased customers. It will be held at Samsung Digital Plaza, Hi-Mart and E-Land from September 30th.