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Xbox announces Game Pass games for May left

Like every week, here we are again. Xbox has announced the titles that will be added to Game Pass in the two weekly remaining of the month, to complete the May Games that have been adding from day 3. The first additions of this batch will arrive today will arrive today will arrive today will arrive today same, while the last ones will extend until Friday 27. As always, we are going to it.

Today, May 17, it comes strong, since five new games are added. Two of them are available for all systems (Xbox, Cloud and PC consoles): Jurassic World Evolution 2 , this Frontier and Umurangi Generation Management Title in its Special Edition, a game of First person photography that arrives at Game Pass with its launch for Xbox. The same day will arrive at PC Her Story , the particular mystery game of Sam Barlow, while the first skate will be published in Cloud Gaming through EA Play. The one that is missing is Little Witch in the Woods for consoles and PC, a narrative game that comes in an early access form on the same day of its premiere.

Xbox Game Pass Games To Play Right Now

Next Thursday, the 19th, will be incorporated Farming Simulator 22 to the Microsoft subscription on all platforms so that we can get to work with our farm, the same day in which it will also be added Vampire Survivors For PC, a roguelike full of hordes of enemies.

On Tuesday 24 another pair of games are added: Floppy Knights (cloud, PC and consoles) and Hardspace: Shipbreaker (PC). The first coincides with its launch on all platforms, and it is a strategy game and deck creation in which shift fighting are part of missions that we have to make to help our neighbors. Hardspace, which also arrives with the exit of its early access, is a game in which we will have to disassemble and cut spacecraft to obtain valuable materials to settle a debt with a megacorporation.

On the 26th it arrives alone Sniper Elite 5 for consoles and PC, the new installment of the mythical Saga of Reborn snipers, on the same day of its launch. The last spike will be that of Thursday 26, and will include Cricket 22 on PC and Pac-Man Museum+ (this collection with 14 games of the saga) out of all systems.

Of course, the hurry parrophy. On May 31, seven games will leave the service: EA Sports NHL 20, Farming Simulator 19, Knockout City, Resident Evil 7, Spellforce 3: Soul Harvest, Superhot Mind Control Delte and Yes Your Grace.

The Stretchers Review – Friends with the rescue!

The Stretchers Nintendo Switch Review | Is It Worth It?
Nintendo rises high. The Switch works very well and the number of quality games on the platform is exceptional. Even if we expect low -budget titles to be offered in all open play markets, the level of conservation is excellent. The games published by Nintendo, in particular, offer players a wide variety of choices with regard to Switch. We can see it with regard to cooperative games.

However, although the Jon-Cons controllers are not the most specific controllers, they do absolute wonders to bring friends and family to participate to try new games for themselves, wherever they go.

So we discovered that they team up with the independent Swedish game developer Tarsier Studios to create a game designed for cooperation. It is a nice surprise, especially since the game is very fun (with a warning).

A hand

Tarsier, the team behind Petits Cauchemars and Tearaway unfolded, is currently working on a continuation to the old, but they have been relatively calm for two years. It is logical that they have an aligned game, but to release The civilians in the way he was, without brass band and simply throw it, seems very strange. Games published by Nintendo often see a lot of promotion. Smaller games with less resources tend to fall on the edge of the path, both in terms of marketing and quality.

But Tarsier presented an adventure that offers cooperative actions with enough variety, as in other local cooperative games such as trop cooked! , Continues to return to the end.

The central principle of the game is simple. One of your friends and yourself play the role of two paramedical paramedics in the Greenhorn islands, where the nasty Captain Brain is causing “dizziness” among the good residents, leaving them suddenly struck with incapacity. As two doctors on call, you have to work in a team to bring together patients at levels spread over the island. Using your faithful stretcher, you must place the patient on the stretcher and keep it until you have reached your ambulance.

The location of the patients is not always distinct, so you must use your cunning (or open all doors and move obstacles) to find all the hidden people in the level. Certain obstacles require coordination with your partner to be overcome, but you must also work together to move each person with caution on the stretcher in order to avoid dropping it on the ground or being hit by objects.

Verticality in levels too. They force the players to timer their movements while reflecting on the configuration and demanding excellent coordination skills to progress. There are time problems that start easily but that go up fairly quickly in difficulty. The ambulance is also part of your equipment later in the game.

The levels are based on scores, then find fun hidden objects and secrets within each level will enhance your score, while a bonus will be offered to you to finish the work within the time limits. There are also other objects, such as safes and valuables, which can increase your score during collection, but which must also be stretched in your ambulance. However, it’s not as simple as throwing your patients in the ambulance and calling it one day. These patients need to be saved!

Driver or dizzy

This is where the other element of the game comes into play. Not content with stacking sturdy bodies, The civilians forces you to take them to the medical center. This means that the ambulance must be driven there and that the player who takes the driver’s place must then cross the city to complete his mission.

He has vibrations of simpsons Hit and Run in his physique, with the possibility of making a way through small obstacles such as stop panels and barriers, but to bounce back on other cars when you zoom in zoom rear on the medical center. This is a fun addition to the game that contributes to giving depth to its relaxed and humorous approach.

There are other activities available too. Collection objects located on a fairly large map can offer fun extras, such as new hats for your characters. These are generally accessible by performing odd work missions around the card. They include rapid and timed challenges and cooperative tasks, such as slaughter of trees, but they all require teamwork to be completed and offer a pleasant alternative mini-game to the main missions.

Appeal stretched

While The civilians is undoubtedly fun to play with a partner, but the fact is that this is conditional to have it. The game can be played solo until the end, but its attraction decreases considerably in solo mode.

Checking the two characters at the same time with both sides of the controller can operate when the control diagram is simple. Frères: a tale of two threads testifies with its unique action button. But The civilians has many more controller entries and asks you to coordinate your movements with more care. The result means that you will take too much time to save additional time, or you will find it difficult to keep the two characters reliably, apart from those who have an expert hand coordination. And even in this case, the game was designed for two players. The reality is that it is not as fun in itself.

As the game is also based on the use of half a controller for each player, this also means that the owners of Switch Lite will find it difficult to play it without buying joy-cons. It does not work with two separate controllers (tested with a pro controller and a joy-cons). Consequently, Switch Lite readers should almost certainly invest in Joy-Cons to play it realistically in cooperation.

It’s not much to look at. The bright colors and the large open world annoy by a relative lack of details, with irregular contours in the environments and models of characters anchored or held in the hand. This choice may have consisted in compensating for the pseudo-opening structure of the world. Nevertheless, other technical problems, such as cadence reductions (particularly in driving) and bugs, also annoy the experience.

It is always easy to recommend The civilians to those who love their switch with friends. Local cooperation will always be an asset on the platform, so that the natural home of the game would have always been the switch. This requires good coordination, a quantity of content that can be replayed with a change of partners and, above all, it is delicious.

But be notified that if you are a solo player, you could find more entertainment elsewhere.

Disclosure: Otre copy of revision of The Stretchers was provided graciously by Nintendo.

[Journalist Handbook] First -generation developers who go to blockchain through space and deep sea

There is a phenomenon in the global game industry. It is the prestigious developers who have shown the 1990s and 2000s are entering the NFT and blockchain plates. Many companies are creating NFT games, P2E (or P & E) games in anticipation and backlash.

The case of the company’s entry is well illuminated, which is not well received. Recently, Richard Geriot, who went to space a few years earlier than Will Light of Sims, Peter Molinho of Black and White, and Jeff Bezos, advanced to the blockchain game. Two of these are the world’s top three developers. The concept, which is as old as the three major champon nationwide, is quite famous, and the reporter will say, ‘Why do Miyamoto Shigeru remove it?’

The three developers mentioned above were developers who worked well 20 years ago. Of course, they are still great people who are still respected by the industry, but the glory and achievements of the past are shining more than today. And it is necessary to tie it up because it is relatively not attracting attention.

, , and…

Will Wright ‘s Spore (2008), but left EA in 2009 after achieving less than the Sim series. He was working on various creative activities and released the 2018 Memories Simulation Game . Initially, the game was developed as an Unity engine and planned to be released exclusively as Apple Arcade.

Will Wright, who was silent, turned to his direction once. Last year, in a YouTube interview, Will Wright announced that he would make the Proxy element as an NFT to own or trade. In Proxy, you can share the ‘memory’ created in a specific way with 3D drawings, audio, and photos, which will allow you to publish it as NFT.

Peter Molinho also sold 3 million pieces in 2008, and then participated in the development of Kinect (NATAL at the time) at Microsoft. Since then, he has joined small developer 22cans. There he released Curier City, Gaders, Gaddesworth, and The Trail, but he did not achieve great success.

In 2019, Peter Molinho published Legacy, which was influenced by his first work. It is a simulation game that makes and produces and sells various items, and Red Bull Gaming has become a topic as a support group for developer 22cans. And at the end of 2021, Peter Molinho announced that it would publish NFT and publish coins.

The Ultima series has been developed by developing a series of RPGs Richard Gerriet . When his company was acquired by EA, he was recruited to NCsoft in Korea after a brief break. He made Tabula Lasa there and suddenly left the company and traveled to space. In 2013, he received 15 billion won of user funding and developed and launched the mental inheritance of Ultima for five years, but failed to hit.

Richard Gerriot, who went to the deep sea exploration following space trip, said in April that he is developing a blockchain MMORPG in a foreign media interview. Although the official name is not set, land transactions through NFT act as important functions. “Blockchain can provide fair and consistent ways between the subjects who sell and trade these virtual assets,” he said.

Can I find that old glory again?

Their projects are too early because their projects have not started their services. However, when the reporter enters the blockchain game of the first generation developers, he is reminiscent of a singer singing a hit song at Misari Live Cafe. (Doesn’t the Korean movie start with such a scene?)

Of course, they make a game, and their names are great in the world, so they can get a lot of funding, but they still feel that they depend on the glory of the past. Moreover, they have not shown other than some new works that have not resonated in interviews, concept arts, and gamer communities for the past few years.

These developers’ simulations and MMORPGs are not new genres as before, but blockchain games do not feel special. In the blockchain area, they are more like a second -generation developer. As soon as I know ‘come out’, I have seen the idea of trading possessions in the current transaction. If so, you have no choice but to expect their credits.

Now we have an idea that we guarantee the ownership of the player. If you have a chance to ask them, I would like to ask, “If your game is destroyed, will you buy all the items?”

In addition, recent frequent hacking and phishing cases add anxiety in looking at the blockchain ecosystem. I can’t soak it because I’m scared of maggots. There is no way to positively provide P2E games in Korea. The law comes to the law, and it takes several years to disclose the probability -type item, which is the desire of many gamers and the ‘business confidential’ of companies. (Maybe the law doesn’t change.)

It is not necessary to have the new technologies that are spotlighted and unconditional boundaries and concerns. If the ‘funny’ P2E game is good in Korea, I want to try the reporter first. Isn’t the reporter going to a job that doesn’t get scolded even if you turn on the game all day in front of the dual monitor?

Status Townhall - September 10, 2018

Respected new developers should be good, but some conditions did not leave in their heads, so they opened their notebooks.

Won Universe signed a supply contract with the first new mobile game Project CA US Gala Games

[Source: WiJem Games]

Wijem Games said today (2) that affiliated company Won Universe has signed a contract with the US Gala Games to supply a new project CA.

Under the contract, Gala Games will have global rights around ‘Project CA’. However, the supply contract was private at the request of the parties.

‘Project CA’ is an NFT -based game developed by Uniflow, a 100% subsidiary of Won Universe.

On the other hand, Won Universe is a comprehensive meta bus company that merged with the largest VR developer One -Mulles and the No. 1 graphic studio Bombus in Korea. To date, the company has 10 kinds of service experiences developed in more than 200 stations in 10 countries around the world, and is in the process of metaphor projects in Korea’s best VR and AR technology.

He is working with global companies such as Square Enix, Netize, and Nexon, and as of April 2022, about 300 professionals are working.

Gala Games is a blockchain game company founded by Eric Sheer Meyer, a co -founder of the social game company ‘Jinga’ listed on NASDAQ. there is.

Echoes of Empire - Early Sneak Peek and Basic Game Overview - Play-to-Earn Space 4x Strategy
Working Dead’s IP -based MMORPG , Simulation Games , and MMORPG are developing and servicing.

In addition, the company is expanding its business to the entertainment area by launching the music platform, Gala Music, and releasing NFT albums of North American artists. The virtual currency ‘Gala’ issued by the Gala Games is listed on the world’s leading exchanges such as Binance and Coinbase, and domestic exchanges, Bithumb, Coin One, and Cobit.

Ko Se -jun, a representative of the Won Universe, said, “I am pleased to be able to show ‘Project CA’, which is being developed based on NFT and P & E to target the global market, through the world’s best NFT game publisher, Gala Games.” In addition to methuses, I will develop without missing strengths in my game business. ”

LOL: This is how the Riot laboratory works in which they create the new champions

The constant arrival of new champions is one of the most important aspects of League of Legends . Riot Games considers the creation of characters as one of the bases of the success of the long -term game and the community is usually very emotional when discovering new additions to the squad. We may take our hands to our heads or we are looking forward to enjoying them in the invoker crack, but what is certain is that we will talk about the addition for weeks. However, we know very little about the creative process or the aspect that the characters have before they terrify in the PBE.

10-Year Anniversary Celebration | Riot Pls: 10th Anniversary Edition - League of Legends

The laboratory for new Riot Games champions

One of the most interesting issues regarding the creation of League of Legends champions is the Riot Games laboratory. Of course, the developer has her modified version of the client where she can make virguerías that do not even think of us and that is where the phases of testing of the characters begin. To do this, all you need is to have prepared some skills kits and introduce them in the game in a very preliminary way. In this section everything is prototypes, but even we have video records that show how they work .

Although we have seen a miniature nautilus and a disproportionate size warwick, it is actually a single champion. We talk about Gnar , who adopted these two forms during his creation phase so that the first games with him could be played and will begin to prove their skills. These spells are also the result of recycling and change a lot throughout development. For example, we see how the W in mini (hyper) form increased the speed of motion, giant (sneak) was a potential self -Ataque and the R (Gnar!) It was a preliminary version of the definitive Tahm Kench .

This is not the only trick that Riot Games uses and there are times when these laboratory tests can reveal how a champion’s ability works internally. For example, in addition to Rek’sai’s curiosity using as models a recolored version of Kha’zix (normal form) and the appearance of the Fizz of Void (buried form), We know that Riot Games used the lantern of Thresh as a way to create your tunnels . At each end there are one of these devices and both relate to each other. This was not exactly a secret, since a developer made public this way of creating spells.

In short, this laboratory environment works a bit through improvisation and is the key to the launch of the champions . It allows Riot Games to do more evidence on the coding of some aspects of the design of the new characters and helps other team members to give their opinion and correct errors. A situation to which, in addition, we must add how curious it is to be able to see the new heroes of the game long before they launched. In an interview with Riot August we discovered that creating a new character can take about a year, and this footage belongs to the first months.

Remember that, although it seems simple, the creation of a champion goes through many different teams. In total 19 departments of the company are affected . From the conceptual artists who draw the models to the team that carries out the Skin, there are dozens of people involved. A complex and crucial process for League of Legends that practically takes its first steps with the prototypes you have just discovered.

2K Games: Rumor: Rocket League competitor in development

Rocket League sometimes enjoys a kind of monopoly because there is little to none of any competitors for this special niche. But the developers of 2K games seem to have to change that!

2K reportedly working on a Rocket League competitor “Gravity Goal”
According to a rumor, there is a game in development that bears the preliminary name “Gravity Goal” . In this game, similar to Rocket League, it should be about scoring goals with vehicles. However, there are clear differences between the two games.

In “Gravity Goal” the players drive motorcycles, which are supposed to very similar to the Lightcycles from Tron instead of the small car speedsters at Rocket League. In addition, the game will probably follow a somewhat more offensive attitude, as you can also throw discs to slow down your opponent or damage your two -wheeler.

The matches are held in 1V1, 2V2 or 3V3, as with the whispering competitor. A futuristic graphic style with a lot of bright LEDs is supposed to round off the whole.

According to the rumor on which all this information is based, the game for PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X | S is under development. There was supposedly a closed alpha test at the end of last year, which could speak for an announcement in the next few months.

As with all rumors in the video game world, you should look at all this information with a certain skepticism and wait for official information.

NCsoft, 2022 Summer Internship released from May 2

NCsoft (CEO Kim Taek Jin, NC) is recruited from May 2 (Mon), 2022 Ncsoft Summer Intern (2022 NCSoft Summer Intern) in 2022.

Game business (online / mobile sector) ▲ Game business (experience / mobile sector) ▲ Game business (experience analysis / business development) ▲ game AI ▲ Vision AI ▲ Speech AI ▲ Language AI ▲ Data Analytics ▲ Cinematics Art ▲ Sound Design ▲ PM ▲ SOUND DESIGN ▲ PM ▲ SOUND DESIGN ▲ PM ▲ SOUND DESIGN ▲ PM ▲ ▲ Game Planning (Live IP) ▲ Game Planning (New IP and Services) ▲ Game Engine Development ▲ Game Development (Live IP) ▲ Game Development (New IP Division) ▲ In-house Mobile App Development ▲ Back-end development ▲ Web service development ▲ Game IP brand planning ▲ Organizational culture (OD) ▲ HRM (HRM) ▲ Security Administration ▲ SYSTEM ENGINEERING ▲ 25 sectors including Cloud Development.

The recruitment procedure is accepted ▶ Applications ▶ Document screening ▶ NC test ▶ interview. The application will be accepted on the Homepage of Enrollment (NC) from May 2 to 2 pm (NC) from 2 pm). Anyone can support anyone else’s degree holder or a degree acquisition (February 2023).

The final successful person works as an internship for seven weeks from early July. The excellent solution is a NC flagship system through the NC Flagship system to obtain a full-time employee incidence opportunity in 2023.

CBCF 2022 Summer Internship Program

The NC (NC) has greatly reorganized the typical procedure and progress method for the convenience of the applicant. All types of examples are in a non-surface, and the application of the application and the number of letters was reduced. In the case of development stunning, the coding test screening was expanded to establish a chapter of life.

Coding testing is a development stitch ▲ Game AI ▲ Vision AI ▲ Speech AI ▲ Language AI ▲ Game engine development ▲ Game development (Live IP division) ▲ Game development (new IP division) ▲ Development mobile app development ▲ Back-end development ▲ Web service development, etc. In 10 sectors. After receiving the application, it is possible to take the developer career platform ‘Programmers’. For winners for each sector, the prize money of 10 million won is awarded at the time of incidence.

The details of the recruitment will be provided through various channels such as ‘2022 Human Intern Temple Public Recruitment Guide Webpage’ and ‘Encussion Homepage Webpage’ held on May 2.

Fortnite: Magisterial victory when killing his opponent with tires

Getting the Top 1 in Fortnite without shooting a shot is a major challenge, which has nothing to envy to the most brutal props in the world of video game. The Reddit user MTAYLOR0812 recently achieved a feat, getting magistral victory using tires.

To get this, the player has had to skill a very high construction, and then wait for his rival at the top and throw the tires that he had previously collected in the game. Judging by the difficulty of this fact, we can affirm that surely this has not been the first attempt at him.

Magistral tire

Implemented during Chapter 2 of Fortnite, tire batteries have several uses. Most of the time are used to customize cars in the game, so that they are off-road and upload sharp earrings. But tires can also be used to bounce!

MTAYLOR0812 I wanted to show that it was possible to win a game by bouncing its last rival and causing a fatal fall. In the video we can see that in just two tire launches, the player managed to bring down his opponent from the platform, located several tens of meters of the ground.

Tire eliminations ONLY in Fortnite!

More complicated than a grenade of shock waves!

Throwing the opponents to win through the air. It is not new either. Every day there is Top 1 in which players are eliminated from the area (which inflicts great damage at the end of the game) using shock grenades . But that’s something else with the tires, since the rebound is much smaller.

It should be noted that this beautiful action of MTAYLOR0812 was performed on a real player (we can see it build and try to build during the fall of it) and not about a bot, as it happens in too many videos.

Com2us Holdings, Latis Global, Hive Diffusion

Com2us Holdings said on the 22nd Platform Author Company Com2us Platformed Digital Content Operator Ratis Global Communications and a Partnership Convention to expand the Hive Platform Services.

Dlnvest — современная инвестиционная платформа для преумножения ваших доходов.

Depending on the Convention, the two companies will conduct joint marketing and sales activities to spread the game platform hive to domestic and overseas game developers.

Latis Global offers Localization Quality Assurance (LQA), Game QA, and Game Operation.

Hive is a game professional platform that provides most of the elements necessary for game development in a single SDK form. Google, Apple, Facebook, as well as Russia and Europe, VK, such as VK, the Negative Rights of the Negative Rights, Login and Payment Features, Marketing and Statistics for Game Services. It also supports more than 80% language response and compliance with different information protection laws.

Recently, we have advised a recent block chain technology to evolve into a 3.0-based game professional platform.

Elden Ring: Letmesoloher, hero of the game, immortalized by the community by a mod

The heroes forever in our heart. This is in any case what one can declare, following this beautiful story on Elden Ring: a player, become legendary by his altruism, has been immortalized by a mod on the game.


Attention spoilers

This article deals with an Elden Ring event that arrives at the end of the game. It is therefore not recommended for players who have not completed the title and who wish to keep the pleasure of discovery.

letmesoloher, the player become legend

The pseudo let me solo her does not tell you anything? You were talking about you last week. He is an Elden Ring player, raised at the rank of legend by the game community. Reason? His altruism: D E His real name Klein Tsuboi, he says help players (on PC) to defeat Melania. A dreaded boss, which falls, however, under the blows of a character dressed in a brief and a jar on the head . It is SAZED13, Solo Her_, who welcomes first (on reddit) the player’s feat. It does not take a long time so that the main interested will show up and shares a post in which he says help players to defeat Melania. A post approved more than 66000 times since.

A legend immortalized by a mod

In addition to the intrinsic talent in Klein Tsuboi’s combat, it is also what his act has garnered behind. * Other players felt similar desire to help other players defeat the boss, while others use it as a source of inspiration for Mods, unofficial changes on the game * . This is the case of Garden of Eyes, a prolific moder on Elden Ring. Yesterday, he publishes a video in which it is possible to invoke the ashes of let me solo her to wish. And as the player who served as a model, the invocation comes to the end of Melania alone… but can also overcome any other boss.

A downloadable mod on the Garden of Eyes Patreon and that will not fail to raise the eternal debate on the difficulty of the games… Even if it is the easy mod mode which is the most popular of the Elden Ring community. In any case, we can only welcome this tribute to let solo her: as his character, he is now immortal in the minds of players.

__Commander Elden Ring



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