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Xbox announces Game Pass games for May left

Like every week, here we are again. Xbox has announced the titles that will be added to Game Pass in the two weekly remaining of the month, to complete the May Games that have been adding from day 3. The first additions of this batch will arrive today will arrive today will arrive today will arrive today same, while the last ones will extend until Friday 27. As always, we are going to it.

Today, May 17, it comes strong, since five new games are added. Two of them are available for all systems (Xbox, Cloud and PC consoles): Jurassic World Evolution 2 , this Frontier and Umurangi Generation Management Title in its Special Edition, a game of First person photography that arrives at Game Pass with its launch for Xbox. The same day will arrive at PC Her Story , the particular mystery game of Sam Barlow, while the first skate will be published in Cloud Gaming through EA Play. The one that is missing is Little Witch in the Woods for consoles and PC, a narrative game that comes in an early access form on the same day of its premiere.

Xbox Game Pass Games To Play Right Now

Next Thursday, the 19th, will be incorporated Farming Simulator 22 to the Microsoft subscription on all platforms so that we can get to work with our farm, the same day in which it will also be added Vampire Survivors For PC, a roguelike full of hordes of enemies.

On Tuesday 24 another pair of games are added: Floppy Knights (cloud, PC and consoles) and Hardspace: Shipbreaker (PC). The first coincides with its launch on all platforms, and it is a strategy game and deck creation in which shift fighting are part of missions that we have to make to help our neighbors. Hardspace, which also arrives with the exit of its early access, is a game in which we will have to disassemble and cut spacecraft to obtain valuable materials to settle a debt with a megacorporation.

On the 26th it arrives alone Sniper Elite 5 for consoles and PC, the new installment of the mythical Saga of Reborn snipers, on the same day of its launch. The last spike will be that of Thursday 26, and will include Cricket 22 on PC and Pac-Man Museum+ (this collection with 14 games of the saga) out of all systems.

Of course, the hurry parrophy. On May 31, seven games will leave the service: EA Sports NHL 20, Farming Simulator 19, Knockout City, Resident Evil 7, Spellforce 3: Soul Harvest, Superhot Mind Control Delte and Yes Your Grace.

Price explosion at Nintendo & Co: Old games develop into real treasures

If you have a few really old retro games lying around in good condition, you can sometimes earn a golden nose. The market for antique games from Nintendo & Co. are booming – the prices keep shooting up.

Pawn Stars: SUPER RARE Nintendo Demo System is a HIGH SCORE FIND (Season 18) | History

Pokémon & more: Old games will be appreciated

If you got into the gaming quite late and now want to catch up with a few old classics in the Lockdown, you have to dig deep into your pocket. Not only old consoles are now traded on ebay and Co. at moon prices, retro games have also become damn expensive.

Old Nintendo games in particular seem to have gained a lot of value in recent months. The perfect occasion to take a look at the parents’ attic and to look for the lost treasures of their own childhood. Well-preserved first generation with original packaging Pokémon games are now being traded for around 150 euros **. The second generation games are even more valuable: collectors put around 180-200 euros on the table.

But Snes classics are also incredibly valuable. For Super Metroid with OVP, prices of 250 to 300 euros are called , Secret of Mana costs an impressive 90 to 120 euros (source: business insider).

_Wenn you are already on treasure hunt in the attic anyway, then it is best to look for the following things: _

retro games are worth a assets

But not only old Nintendo games have become more and more valuable over the past few years. The page calculates an average sales value of all vintage games and represents the development in an interesting graph:

While the corresponding games only brought in just around $ 7 on average a little more than 10 years ago, the purchase price has now risen to over $ 28 . No wonder: after all, the game offer is getting smaller over time. Age adds the modules and packs so much to the modules and packs if they are not properly stored. In addition, there is the increased interest from the corona pandemic, which also ensures a price increase (source:

So if you have a few old Nintendo or Sega games in stock, you can just ashes. A look at the old children’s room cabinet could be worthwhile – and your parents will also be happy when you come back to them.

The Stretchers Review – Friends with the rescue!

The Stretchers Nintendo Switch Review | Is It Worth It?
Nintendo rises high. The Switch works very well and the number of quality games on the platform is exceptional. Even if we expect low -budget titles to be offered in all open play markets, the level of conservation is excellent. The games published by Nintendo, in particular, offer players a wide variety of choices with regard to Switch. We can see it with regard to cooperative games.

However, although the Jon-Cons controllers are not the most specific controllers, they do absolute wonders to bring friends and family to participate to try new games for themselves, wherever they go.

So we discovered that they team up with the independent Swedish game developer Tarsier Studios to create a game designed for cooperation. It is a nice surprise, especially since the game is very fun (with a warning).

A hand

Tarsier, the team behind Petits Cauchemars and Tearaway unfolded, is currently working on a continuation to the old, but they have been relatively calm for two years. It is logical that they have an aligned game, but to release The civilians in the way he was, without brass band and simply throw it, seems very strange. Games published by Nintendo often see a lot of promotion. Smaller games with less resources tend to fall on the edge of the path, both in terms of marketing and quality.

But Tarsier presented an adventure that offers cooperative actions with enough variety, as in other local cooperative games such as trop cooked! , Continues to return to the end.

The central principle of the game is simple. One of your friends and yourself play the role of two paramedical paramedics in the Greenhorn islands, where the nasty Captain Brain is causing “dizziness” among the good residents, leaving them suddenly struck with incapacity. As two doctors on call, you have to work in a team to bring together patients at levels spread over the island. Using your faithful stretcher, you must place the patient on the stretcher and keep it until you have reached your ambulance.

The location of the patients is not always distinct, so you must use your cunning (or open all doors and move obstacles) to find all the hidden people in the level. Certain obstacles require coordination with your partner to be overcome, but you must also work together to move each person with caution on the stretcher in order to avoid dropping it on the ground or being hit by objects.

Verticality in levels too. They force the players to timer their movements while reflecting on the configuration and demanding excellent coordination skills to progress. There are time problems that start easily but that go up fairly quickly in difficulty. The ambulance is also part of your equipment later in the game.

The levels are based on scores, then find fun hidden objects and secrets within each level will enhance your score, while a bonus will be offered to you to finish the work within the time limits. There are also other objects, such as safes and valuables, which can increase your score during collection, but which must also be stretched in your ambulance. However, it’s not as simple as throwing your patients in the ambulance and calling it one day. These patients need to be saved!

Driver or dizzy

This is where the other element of the game comes into play. Not content with stacking sturdy bodies, The civilians forces you to take them to the medical center. This means that the ambulance must be driven there and that the player who takes the driver’s place must then cross the city to complete his mission.

He has vibrations of simpsons Hit and Run in his physique, with the possibility of making a way through small obstacles such as stop panels and barriers, but to bounce back on other cars when you zoom in zoom rear on the medical center. This is a fun addition to the game that contributes to giving depth to its relaxed and humorous approach.

There are other activities available too. Collection objects located on a fairly large map can offer fun extras, such as new hats for your characters. These are generally accessible by performing odd work missions around the card. They include rapid and timed challenges and cooperative tasks, such as slaughter of trees, but they all require teamwork to be completed and offer a pleasant alternative mini-game to the main missions.

Appeal stretched

While The civilians is undoubtedly fun to play with a partner, but the fact is that this is conditional to have it. The game can be played solo until the end, but its attraction decreases considerably in solo mode.

Checking the two characters at the same time with both sides of the controller can operate when the control diagram is simple. Frères: a tale of two threads testifies with its unique action button. But The civilians has many more controller entries and asks you to coordinate your movements with more care. The result means that you will take too much time to save additional time, or you will find it difficult to keep the two characters reliably, apart from those who have an expert hand coordination. And even in this case, the game was designed for two players. The reality is that it is not as fun in itself.

As the game is also based on the use of half a controller for each player, this also means that the owners of Switch Lite will find it difficult to play it without buying joy-cons. It does not work with two separate controllers (tested with a pro controller and a joy-cons). Consequently, Switch Lite readers should almost certainly invest in Joy-Cons to play it realistically in cooperation.

It’s not much to look at. The bright colors and the large open world annoy by a relative lack of details, with irregular contours in the environments and models of characters anchored or held in the hand. This choice may have consisted in compensating for the pseudo-opening structure of the world. Nevertheless, other technical problems, such as cadence reductions (particularly in driving) and bugs, also annoy the experience.

It is always easy to recommend The civilians to those who love their switch with friends. Local cooperation will always be an asset on the platform, so that the natural home of the game would have always been the switch. This requires good coordination, a quantity of content that can be replayed with a change of partners and, above all, it is delicious.

But be notified that if you are a solo player, you could find more entertainment elsewhere.

Disclosure: Otre copy of revision of The Stretchers was provided graciously by Nintendo.

Won Universe signed a supply contract with the first new mobile game Project CA US Gala Games

[Source: WiJem Games]

Wijem Games said today (2) that affiliated company Won Universe has signed a contract with the US Gala Games to supply a new project CA.

Under the contract, Gala Games will have global rights around ‘Project CA’. However, the supply contract was private at the request of the parties.

‘Project CA’ is an NFT -based game developed by Uniflow, a 100% subsidiary of Won Universe.

On the other hand, Won Universe is a comprehensive meta bus company that merged with the largest VR developer One -Mulles and the No. 1 graphic studio Bombus in Korea. To date, the company has 10 kinds of service experiences developed in more than 200 stations in 10 countries around the world, and is in the process of metaphor projects in Korea’s best VR and AR technology.

He is working with global companies such as Square Enix, Netize, and Nexon, and as of April 2022, about 300 professionals are working.

Gala Games is a blockchain game company founded by Eric Sheer Meyer, a co -founder of the social game company ‘Jinga’ listed on NASDAQ. there is.

Echoes of Empire - Early Sneak Peek and Basic Game Overview - Play-to-Earn Space 4x Strategy
Working Dead’s IP -based MMORPG , Simulation Games , and MMORPG are developing and servicing.

In addition, the company is expanding its business to the entertainment area by launching the music platform, Gala Music, and releasing NFT albums of North American artists. The virtual currency ‘Gala’ issued by the Gala Games is listed on the world’s leading exchanges such as Binance and Coinbase, and domestic exchanges, Bithumb, Coin One, and Cobit.

Ko Se -jun, a representative of the Won Universe, said, “I am pleased to be able to show ‘Project CA’, which is being developed based on NFT and P & E to target the global market, through the world’s best NFT game publisher, Gala Games.” In addition to methuses, I will develop without missing strengths in my game business. ”

LOL: This is how the Riot laboratory works in which they create the new champions

The constant arrival of new champions is one of the most important aspects of League of Legends . Riot Games considers the creation of characters as one of the bases of the success of the long -term game and the community is usually very emotional when discovering new additions to the squad. We may take our hands to our heads or we are looking forward to enjoying them in the invoker crack, but what is certain is that we will talk about the addition for weeks. However, we know very little about the creative process or the aspect that the characters have before they terrify in the PBE.

10-Year Anniversary Celebration | Riot Pls: 10th Anniversary Edition - League of Legends

The laboratory for new Riot Games champions

One of the most interesting issues regarding the creation of League of Legends champions is the Riot Games laboratory. Of course, the developer has her modified version of the client where she can make virguerías that do not even think of us and that is where the phases of testing of the characters begin. To do this, all you need is to have prepared some skills kits and introduce them in the game in a very preliminary way. In this section everything is prototypes, but even we have video records that show how they work .

Although we have seen a miniature nautilus and a disproportionate size warwick, it is actually a single champion. We talk about Gnar , who adopted these two forms during his creation phase so that the first games with him could be played and will begin to prove their skills. These spells are also the result of recycling and change a lot throughout development. For example, we see how the W in mini (hyper) form increased the speed of motion, giant (sneak) was a potential self -Ataque and the R (Gnar!) It was a preliminary version of the definitive Tahm Kench .

This is not the only trick that Riot Games uses and there are times when these laboratory tests can reveal how a champion’s ability works internally. For example, in addition to Rek’sai’s curiosity using as models a recolored version of Kha’zix (normal form) and the appearance of the Fizz of Void (buried form), We know that Riot Games used the lantern of Thresh as a way to create your tunnels . At each end there are one of these devices and both relate to each other. This was not exactly a secret, since a developer made public this way of creating spells.

In short, this laboratory environment works a bit through improvisation and is the key to the launch of the champions . It allows Riot Games to do more evidence on the coding of some aspects of the design of the new characters and helps other team members to give their opinion and correct errors. A situation to which, in addition, we must add how curious it is to be able to see the new heroes of the game long before they launched. In an interview with Riot August we discovered that creating a new character can take about a year, and this footage belongs to the first months.

Remember that, although it seems simple, the creation of a champion goes through many different teams. In total 19 departments of the company are affected . From the conceptual artists who draw the models to the team that carries out the Skin, there are dozens of people involved. A complex and crucial process for League of Legends that practically takes its first steps with the prototypes you have just discovered.

Buy Xbox: Xbox Series X now available at Saturn / Media Market


  2. Available again and even cheaper: Govee Immersion Kit makes TV picture much bigger

  3. Buy an Xbox Series X with Xbox ALCCESS

  4. Current Game Publications for Xbox One / Xbox Series X / S)

  5. Xbox Series S Bundle with Fortnite & Rocket League for 269,99 €

  6. Amazon is the address # 1 to buy an Xbox Series X

  7. Xbox Series X and accessories

  8. Free Games for Xbox One and Xbox Series X / S in March

  9. Games with gold in March

  10. Xbox Series S: Where are the differences to the Xbox Series X?

After the Xbox Series X was available recently in the context of today’s Amazon Oster offers, you can buy them at Saturn and Media Market at the moment. It can be ordered in the online shops of the two electronics dealers. The pure Microsoft console (without games) is offered to the regular price of 499.99 euros. The delivery date is “19.05.-21.05.2022”. In order to actually order you can also link the overview pages, as the direct links often cause error messages.

  • Xbox Series X for 499.99 euros at Saturn
  • Xbox Series X for 499.99 euros at Media Markt

Order Xbox Series X for 499,99 Euro at Saturn

Buy Xbox: Check availability of Xbox Series X

  • Amazon
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  • Cyberport
  • Media market
  • Saturn


A topgame like Elden Ring, Call of Duty: Vanguard, Halo Infinite or the brand new Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga “Free” dust – how does it sound? While this is not completely free, but with Media Markt you have the chance to get a topgame as a gift at the 3 for 2 action. You order 3 games, but only pay 2 pay – the cheapest you get quasi for free. For Xbox One / Xbox Series X / S, there are numerous games in the action. Who wants to know how it works exactly how to get used for example Elden Ring, which finds here all the information.

Topgame for Xbox at Media Markt “Free” dust

Available again and even cheaper: Govee Immersion Kit makes TV picture much bigger

Govee immersion makes the TV picture much bigger. Source: Govee / Amazon

According to our statistics of the Renner under the PC Games readers, the Govee Immersion Kit, which makes the picture of your TV much bigger. For weeks, the TV backlight was not available, but now you can order it again at Amazon and even saves 8 euros thanks to a discount action. You pay only 69.99 euros for the Govee Immersion Kit instead of 77.99 euros. It works as easy the “Technik-Wonder”: You bring the LED Lightstrip at the back of the TV, placed the Colorsense camera and Already the TV image information is projected in real time via the Lightstrip to the wall. Quasi “Ambilight for Retrofitting”, which ensures a more intensive game or film experience and a subjectively perceived enlargement of the TV image. More information about the Govee Immersion Kit read here.

Goveee Immersion Kit for larger image impression at Amazon

Buy a Xbox Series X with Xbox ALCCESS

Xbox ALL Access: Xbox Series X + Xbox Games Pass Ultimate immediately receive and pay off over 24 months. Source: Cyberport

Almost daily write us readers who desperately want to buy a Xbox Series X without usuch surcharge. And we quickly realize that these people have never heard of the Xbox All Access offer. That’s why we want to introduce it again at this point. With Xbox ALL Access you get an Xbox Series X within a very short time (we’ll tell exactly where it is available). Included in the package is also the game flat rate Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. You pay 32.99 euros / month over a term of 24 months – the principle is therefore comparable to a smartphone that you buy with two-year contract. After 24 months, the Xbox X is paid off and you can keep it. We’ve got out the calculator: Overall, Xbox ALCCESS costs 791,16 euros. One would be 499 euros for the console (if you get a get) and additional 311.76 euros (24 x 12.99 €) for two years Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. In total, the 810.76 euros are. With Xbox All Access, you immediately get an Xbox Series X Plus the extremely useful Xbox Game Pass Ultimate and pays less than in the single purchase. Yes, we find the deal so well that we would like to have pointed out again. And with Cyberport we also found a dealer in which the Xbox Series X is available with Xbox ALCCESS from stock.

Available now: Xbox Series X with Xbox ALL Access at Cyberport

Also worth reading: Technology wonder: LED Lightstrip for 75 euros makes TV picture much bigger

Current Game Publications for Xbox One / Xbox Series X / S)

  • Battlefield 2042
  • Crusader Kings III (Day One Edition)
  • Dying Light 2: Stay Human (At-Pegi)
  • Elden Ring Launch Edition
  • ELEX 2
  • Far Cry 6
  • Grid Legends
  • Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga 59.99 euros
  • Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands: Next Level Edition

  • WWE 2K22
  • 20. April: Necromunda: Hired Gun 39.99 euros
  • 13. May: Evil Dead – The Game 39,99 Euro
  • 26. May: Sniper Elite 5 59,99 Euro
  • 26. May: The Ascent: Cyber Edition 49,96 Euro
  • 10. June: The Quarry 74,99 Euro

Bestseller for Xbox Series X at Amazon

XBox Series S Bundle with Fortnite & Rocket League for 269,99 €

Regular costs the Xbox Series S at Amazon 269.99 euros. Alternatively, you can buy the Xbox Series S Bundle with Fortnite & Rocket League at the same price (!). This is of course the better deal, even if Fortnite and Rocket League are Free2play games. At Fortnite you also get the Midnight Drive Pack Set, while Microsoft at Rocket League packs the Purple Masamune Car with Purple Virtual Wave Boost and Purple Zefram Wheels as well as 1,000 Rocket League Credits.

Amazon is the address # 1 to buy an Xbox Series X

At Amazon, the Xbox Series X sales are the largest, the online giant opens because of a few hundred consoles not even his sales locks. To be successful at Amazon should be essential prime customer. For the last Xbox X-Drops you could only order if you had a prime membership. Amazon Prime (incl. Prime video, Prime delivery, Prime Music etc.) can be tested for five days for free. Those who want to continue to use Prime afterwards, paying 7.99 euros per month or 69 euros annually.

XBox Series X and accessories

  • Xbox Series x 499.99 euros
  • Xbox Wireless Controller 54,99 Euro ~~ (69,99 €) ~~
  • Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series 2 144,99 Euro ~~ (179,99 €) ~~
  • Xbox Stereo Headset 48.99 Euro ~~ (59.99 €) ~~
  • Xbox Play & Charge Kit from 9,99 Euro
  • Xbox Game Pass Ultimate

Free Games for Xbox One and Xbox Series X / S in March

We know that many of our readers who want to buy an Xbox Series X (Buy Now 624,89 €) have an Xbox One or Xbox One X. And these people will be sure which games there are free within the Xbox Live Gold Membership. Xbox Live Gold costs about 60 euros in the annual subscription. At Amazon you can save a few euros compared to the regular price. Alternatively, you reach the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate membership for just under 13 euros a month. Within a subscription you can dampen the inclusive games permanently.

Games with gold in March

  • The Flame in The Flood – Xbox Series X / S, Xbox One – 1st to 31st March
  • Street Power Soccer – Xbox Series X / S, Xbox One – March 16 to April 15th
  • Sacred 2 fall Angel – Xbox Series X / S, Xbox One, Xbox 360 – 1 to 15 March
  • SpongeBob: ice cold escapes – Xbox Series X / S, Xbox One, Xbox 360 – 16th to 31st March

Click and save: LG OLED TV & Samsung QLED TV v. 2021 with discounts up to 2,450 euros

XBox Series S: Where are the differences to the Xbox Series X?

While Xbox Series X has mostly sold out since its publication on November 10, 2020 and is hard to get, the sister model looks different. The Xbox Series S is for e.g. near Amazon almost continuous. But what is that? Why is the demand here apparently so much lower? Well, in contrast to the “big brother”, the Series S does not have a drive, so it is completely geared to digital content. It has built a 512 GB SSD (instead of 1TB at the Series X), and the graphics performance is weaker. The Series S creates a maximum of native 1440p resolution (and scaled on 4k UHD high), while the Series X games are native in 4K UHD (2560P). However, all Xbox Series games run both on the X and on the S, so it is 100% compatible and also significantly cheaper. While for the Xbox Series X (theoretically) is 499 euros, the Xbox Series S costs only 299 euros. Currently it is even available at Amazon for only 269.99 euros – and of course available.

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Available again and even cheaper: Govee LED Lightstrip for 66 euros makes TV picture much bigger

With a LED Lightstrip for 75 euros, the TV image looks much bigger. 0

iPad Air & iPad Pro on sale: Apple tablets with discounts up to 328 euros

After the Apple Keynote and the presentation of the M1 Ultra you can now buy the iPad Pro (2021) M1 with Amazon now much cheaper. 0

PS5 raffle – only today! Here the PlayStation 5 can be downloaded for free (Update)

Xbox Series X vs. Xbox Series S (full comparison)

Anyone who has tried in vain to buy a PS5, which can now dust a PlayStation 5 console for a raffle.

MORE TOP Deals can be found in our daily updated Daily Deals: graphics card, mainboard, gaming monitor, gaming mouse, gaming chair, TV, games highlights and many other products for PC and console players from Amazon, Media Market and
Co. too often reduced prices.

By Thomas Szedlak

13.04.2022 at 15:00

Stacklands analysis

Since the beginning of 2018, the collective of Designers Sokpop has been developing a game a month thanks to the support they receive from Patreon. The idea of constantly creating and frantically part of a challenge that the four developers were self-imposed the previous year and by which they intended to gain experience by dedicating only 30 days to deepen an idea, leading it to the limits of their possibilities. During these months, and counting the extra titles that often accompany the monthly mini-game, Sokpop has managed to finish more than 90 different games, among which they stand out – according to their own patron – the Title of Strategy with Simmiland cards, the Heliopedia spatial exploration game and the deck Builder Toverblade.

But although with each title the developers experience with different genres, artistic and mechanical styles, it is with the letters with what they usually get better results. The team has perfectly controlled the sensation of random generated by the deck and are experts on counteract it with enough elements as for games to always feel righteous. In addition, and precisely because it is the design element to which they usually appeal more often, they know how to work the gamefeel of the cards so that the final result is always superior to what we could expect from a title created between two people, In just a few days. With Stacklands, his last proposal, the collective demonstrates his good to do through a survival game and construction of cities that we discovered through the interaction between different card packages.

The randomness is the central element in Stacklands. The game, completely set in a single screen where we can place the elements to our liking, offers us a small free card package. In addition to a “citizen”, this package will randomly contain a series of basic letters between which rock, wood, trees and shrubs with berries can be found. To start exploiting each of these primary resources we will have to combine the letters with the citizen, putting one on top of another, and leaving them acting for a limited time until we can use secondary resources, items that we can use for constructions or sell to get even more envelopes of letters. Thus, Stacklands raises two game loops, the first, focused on survival, encourages us to grow our society, being limited by our ability to feed the villagers that we have at the end of each month. The second loop, conditioned by the internal economy of the game, leads us to try to create expensive resources that we can sell for more currencies, so that we have the ability to invest in the most expensive envelopes, with the strangest and most valuable cards. Developing a good game strategy goes by finding the balance between the two loops that reward approximations different from the game, and also, becoming clear that there is a limitation in the number of maximum letters we can have on the board. But once our departure takes off, the interesting thing is to move guided by curiosity. Also because of the satisfaction of seeing the surprises that each of the envelopes keeps for us.

Although among the letters we can find in Stacklands there are “ideas” that will tell us how to develop ambitious constructions, the title is designed so that we are we who discover the recipes following our instinct and applying a bit of logic. Thus, when we reveal the flint, it is natural that we investigate the possibility of making fire. In the same way, when one of our citizens dies, it is normal that we investigate the possibilities to get rid of the corpse. Stacklands, despite having only 100 different elements and constructions, is full of ingenious surprises that take out all the game to the simplicity of representation by letters. While other “major” proposals are limited by the characteristics of realistic representations that introduce, when using letters, Stacklands shows us its different elements such as “similar objects” with which it makes sense to experiment. That’s why it’s not others to try what happens when mixing ese building with sa fruit or ese type of citizen with the idea of the house.

However, the most interesting thing in Stacklands is as it uses all the design elements surrounding the loot boxes in a totally harmless and honest way. To advance the game we have to constantly buy envelopes of progressively more expensive and sophisticated letters that we must pay with money in-game. The satisfaction of opening a package after another, and the pleasure of finding a strange or especially valuable letter, they are a Very important part of our experience as players that we can enjoy openly by not being associated with real money or external elements to the game. Resell the letters that do not interest us or those that we still can not get it out, it becomes especially interesting when we unlock the market and we must choose if we prefer to sell them there, with the cost of associated time, or do it immediately, at a lower price, In the basic system of the game. In the proposal of Sokpop we are both an omnipotent God who plays with a civilization and stressed strategist who must adapt to the conditions of the game. But the mixture works. The two independent loops cross at a certain moment thanks to the characteristics of roguelike that allow us to maintain the accessible “ideas” at the beginning of a new game.


Stacklands surprises a depth that contrasts with the simplicity of your gameplay. By the simple way in which it launches complex ideas and the eloquence with which it presents the bases of any survival game, making it clear that those pillars can give for much more. Sokpop’s goal may not pass by revolutionizing any gender. After all, the collective only wants to experiment with different ideas without arriving at any time to commit to a project, looking for the returns of commercial viability. But this is one of those games that are short, one of the best experiences that has come from the group of creators. A solid, direct and complete title, which takes out all the possible game of the minimum elements that put it to work.

Is Green Man Gaming a safe and legitimate site to buy games? Answered

If you are looking to expand your PC Game Library, you may have met or have heard of Green Man Gaming. This site offers players the opportunity to buy from everything, from smaller independent games to the latest AAA releases, often at a slightly reduced price. As a result of this, potential customers often question the authenticity of the site. Here is all you need to know about whether Green Man Gaming is or not a safe and legitimate place to buy games.

Is it legitimate GMG?

Yes, Green Man Gaming, or GMG, as is also known, is a respected, safe and legitimate site where you can buy more than 6000 games for PC. It also sells some digital codes for Xbox titles.

Green Man Gaming Review - Is GMG Legit?!?
Green Man Gaming was founded in the United Kingdom in 2009 by Paul Sullyok and Lee Packham and officially began selling games in 2010.

The site has grown exponentially, with more than 1350 publishers that publish their games for sale on the platform that operates in 195 countries using 140 payment systems and admitting 18 coins.

In 2015, the site was accused of selling unauthorized keys. However, GMG clarified that most of the keys sold come directly from the editors, with the occasional need to offer keys for publishers’ games that can not provide them directly due to commercial restrictions.

After these accusations, the company added a ‘source’ section on the store page of each game, indicating where the keys that are sold come from. In almost all cases, you will notice that the editor appears here, as in the example of Outer Wilds below.

With all this in mind, you can be sure that it will not be scammed with a false code or that steal your credit card data.

For everything else about videogames, be sure to search site or consult more guides below.

Search to get more

Mobile Games Association, MacBook, MacBook, etc. Development Devices Discount Sales

The Korea Mobile Games Association announced that it opens a game manufacturing device for a member of the Association and the Domestic India Small Game Developer with the On Face.

Associations are sold at a discounted price for a dismissal for game development, such as Mac, MacBook, and iPad, and rental for a complaint that is difficult to purchase. Device settings and maintenance can be received free of charge, and various seminars are carried out with the on-page operation.

On-fai Kim Min-seok is: A small and medium-sized Indie Games developers know the complaints of small and medium indie game developers through a subsidiary. Through collaboration with the Korea Mobile Games Association, domestic small and medium-sized game developers can be prepared to have a scaffolding that can be prepared together. In addition, many of the games, many of the games, will be the desire to enter the Android market as well as the Android market.

Google Play to allow in-app payment options in S. Korea from Dec. 18

The Korean Mobile Games Association Hwang Sung-ik said, “Excellent game development devices for small and medium indie game developers are essential, and I hope to have a little help with the on-page and good activities. In the future, the Korea Mobile Game Association As a member of the Association, the member of the Association, as well as a variety of businesses that can help small and medium-sized game developers.

Discounts apply only to association executives and member companies, and if you want to register for membership, you can join the Korea Mobile Games Association online membership form. General membership is free, and you can contact the Korean Mobile Games Association below for the executive company ([email protected]).

Person 5 will leave the PS Plus collection in May; terms

The PlayStation Plus collection will say goodbye to one of the titles that are included since its launch. Person 5 Leave your participation behind the next May 11, which will mark a stay of 18 months. All players who can exchange it will continue to download it from their digital library Person long Person they keep their subscription to PS Plus.

What is the PlayStation Plus collection and what games does it include?

The collection of PS Plus is a catalog of 20 games “that defined the generation” of PS4. Exclusive and third-party projects, the company offers this advantage added to subscribers who have a PS5 in their power. Of course, the games once you can see you can be played on PS4.

PlayStation Studios

  • Bloodborne
  • Days Gone.
  • Detroit: Become Human
  • God of War
  • Infamous second are
  • Ratchet and clank
  • The LPersont Guardian
  • The LPersont of Us RemPersontered
  • Until Dawn
  • Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End

Third Games Party:

  • Batman: Arkham Knight
  • Battlefield 1.
  • CALL OF DUTY: BLACK OPS III – Zombies Chronicles Edition
  • CrPersonh Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy
  • Fallout 4.
  • Final FantPersony XV Royal Edition
  • Monster Hunter: World
  • Mortal Kombat X
  • Person 5.

Почему 6 игр вместо 20 активация ps plus collection ?
* Resident Evil 7: Biohazard

How to download the games from the PS Plus collection in PS5

  1. Turn on your PS5 and go to PS Plus section in the main menu (the yellow + icon)
  2. Enter, you will see that there are no loading times. Go to the section Explore .
  3. There you will see several categories: PS4 month game, game of the month of PS5, PS Plus Collection…
  4. We click on PS Plus Collection and we will see the 20 included titles (the Complete List left it below).
  5. Select the games you want and download them; When you have finished the download you can execute them whenever you keep subscribed to PS Plus.
  6. Make sure you have free space. PS5 and PS5 Digital Edition have 825 GB on your SSD storage disk ( 667 GB usable ).

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