The assortment of Genshin Impact kitchen dishes includes a classic egg roll, an air and a sweet egg dish that can be used as a rebirth. When used, it revives the selected character and restores from 50 to 150 HP, depending on the quality of cooking.

Genshin Impact How to GIVE KLEE 3 DELICIOUS EGG ROLLS - A Story for You

How to get an egg roll in Genshin Impact

Egg rolls cannot be purchased in neither one store in Taywate. However, you can buy a recipe: An egg roll at Chanbey Shimura in Shimura’s , a restaurant, located opposite the guild of the adventure of the adventures of Inadzum. The recipe costs 1250 Mora and is a one-time purchase – it allows you to prepare so many egg rolls as you want after using it. A small stove is conveniently located on the right of the restaurant.

How to cook an egg roll in Genshin Impact

To make one egg roll, you need to use one bird egg and one sugar . Sugar can be treated with two sweet colors, or you can buy it for 450 Mora in some stores, including Shimura.

If you are using Kudsos Sarah Prepare egg rolls, there is a chance to get her brand dish, Vera Eternal . When using it, it revives the selected character and restores 10 percent of its maximum health plus an additional 150 health points.

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