MMORPG Lost Ark was released in South Korea in 2018 and has been eagerly anticipated by Western fans. It will finally come to us in 2021. We revealed what makes Lost Ark unique and why so many people look forward to it. Lost Ark plans to launch PCs in Europe and North America in 2021. Amazon has not announced the exact release date but has designated the release time as autumn 2021. But today, June 11th, the first technological alpha began in the West. But what makes MMORPG so interesting, and how does it stand out from other games?

Diablo feels but in MMORPG.

The most notable feature of Lost Ark is the perspective. You will not play the game in the first or third person as usual, but look down on the action from above. The so-called ISO perspective is mainly used for Hack’n Slays such as Diablo or RTS games.

Diablo has some other similarities, including the combat system and the loot spiral.

How do you fight in the Lost Ark?

You can move in the game world by clicking with the mouse and have various skills that can be used in battle:

Over time, you can upgrade and develop your skills through the tripod skill system.

These level increases provide more damage, more range, or shorter cooldown.

You can also use many passive skills to adapt your build to the way you play.

How does the loot in Lost Ark work?

Most of the equipment is obtained directly from opponents or raids and dungeons. Every piece of armor has an item level—the higher the level, the stronger the equipment.

Your armor can also be further customized:

There are rune slots with their effects

The secondary status value can be re-rolled at a specific price

The ring can have unique engravings, different effects, and so on.

The drop rate is relatively high, and you will change equipment regularly. This gives a strong sense of progress, and there is almost always a carrot in front of your nose that you can chase.

Variety of Classes

What does Lost Ark offer in terms of systems? At the beginning in Europe, you can choose from 5 introductory courses, which are later subdivided into different majors:



Martial artist



Each primary class starts in its area, and at level 10, they are all clustered on the main path. Introductory courses also offer 2 to 4 majors to choose from 15 courses in the European version.

Each specialization uses its weapons and provides its combination of skills, and these skills can be adjusted according to your game style or the type of content using the tripod system. Career constructions that perform well in certain PvE content are not necessarily suitable for duels or 3v3 battles in PvP.

How was the world of Lost Ark constructed?

Similar to Guild Wars 2, the game world of Lost Ark is divided into several areas, but you will encounter other players time and time again in these areas.

Each map looks good and provides different content, including:

Information about trucks you can find in your adventure book

Various collections can only be found through careful observation

Mini-Boss that appear regularly, comparable to elite opponents in Diablo 3

World events such as dimensional cracks

Great world boss

From a visual perspective, the world is a mixture of high fantasy, elves, demons, and steampunk.

However, the game world offers a small problem. There are relatively few side tasks outside of the story. However, the mob provides so much XP and loot, and you don’t have to work hard for progress.

Various content, such as PvP, NPC relations, and housing

What does the Lost Ark offer in terms of content?

In addition to the stories and missions in the open world, Lost Ark also provides shared MMORPG content, including:

Collect and make

Dungeons and raids

PvP in some regions of the arena and game world


Relationship with NPC

Especially the last aspect is a small profession that does not exist in every MMO. You can talk to NPCs and have different options to answer them. You can also exchange emoticons with them, do tasks for them, give them gifts or play music for them.

In this way, you can build relationships with the corresponding characters, learn more about the background story, and get valuable items, such as boosters for status values.

How does the housework? In Lost Ark, you will have your island, which you can design according to your wishes and upgrade over time. This place can also be used as a place to store unnecessary equipment.


What is unique about sailing? Around level 35 to 40, you can unlock navigation. You can use them to move between continents, and you can also recover some treasures located in dangerous waters.

Navigation is a prevalent feature. You can expand your ship at any time and hire a crew to help you transport. In addition, your boat may be damaged and then must be repaired. There are also ghost ships that you can board and fight with undead creatures.