NCsoft will proceed with the “Legacy): Great Heritage ‘update, which includes articles on the 23rd, Lineage M, and Dark Elf.

Updates include several new content together with the upward mentioned above. The update has been initiated from 10 days, and details are released sequentially.

By participating in a pre-reservation from the official homepage of Lineage M by March 22, you can choose from a great compensation box and one of the great support boxes. Both compensation are all containing great lucky cubes (events) that support seamless play.

Dark Elf Character Creation Time! Sexiness Overload | Part 3 «Lineage 2»
Then give three TJ coupons. Adena (in my game) [Season Pass] When you buy a great heritage, you get a coupon-special store equipment recovery of TJ as a third-week compensation. Four weeks of coupon-special transforming synthesis / special magic type synthesis of TJ can be obtained.

TJ Coupon – Special Store Equipment Recovery allows you to recover destructed store equipment or replace with other kinds of store equipment that can be worn on the same area. Then, using the coupon-special transformation synthesis / special magic type synthesis of TJ can rebuild the highest grade transformation / magic criminal card synthesis that failed to synthesis during the specified period of time.

For more information, see Lineage M Official Website.