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Minecraft: Microsoft Announces Minecraft Preview, where you can play the news before anyone

Microsoft has just announced on the official Minecraft blog the arrival of minecraft preview . This new independent program is no more or less than an evolution of Beta Bedrock, and will allow developers to extend their application to other platforms in the future.

Minecraft is now available on Game Pass for PC!

Minecraft preview is available

This application is already available in the so-called “Bedrock” platforms, that is, all that are not Java , iOS, Xbox and Windows 10 and Windows 11 , and thus allows the title players of Mojang Studios Test all the latest functions added in the test versions. This means that users no longer have to choose between beta and final version: Both can now be played on the same device or console .

In addition to this, Microsoft has also declared the following: “E _L existing beta program will be superimposed with Minecraft Preview before the existing beta programs retire permanently, and for Android users, we can expect this application to also reach Our devices.

Finally, good news for the owners of the subscription to Xbox Game Pass , since Minecraft Preview is available on Windows PC for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate and PC Game Pass subscribers. In addition, the application will also be added to Game Pass for console at the end of this year, but we still do not have a date announced at the time of writing this article.

As a reminder, since March 16, the Snapshot 22W11A is available at Minecraft and brings with it several new features. Among them, the introduction of the new biome, Deep Dark , but also the establishment of frogs and tadpoles.

MINECRAFT is updated by big The Wild Update was unveiled

Minecraft 1.19: The Wild Update! Deep Dark & Warden Delayed, Allay & More! Minecraft Live 2021
Mojang has revealed minecraft the next great update, The Wild. The video at the end of the news can look at what you have to keep. Next year, the Wild update focuses on improving the ecosystem regions of the game and also increases the new underground Deep Dark Biom. By renewed mangroves, in turn, it may, for example, collect the mud in the various construction cats. The frogs will also appear in the environment. Before The Wildia is still in the first part of Cliffs & Caves, which will be published later this year. ► The man built the engine with the engine-equipped Minecraft-Possun – Hamborghini name passed by a carrot after three more peaks

Minecraft brings big The Wild Update 2022 content blocks and boat

During the Minecraft Live 2021, the team with The Wild Update announced the new update for 2022 inminecraft. It brings an important boot upgrade, frogs, tadpoles and new mangrove swamps. The Deep Dark area is also part of it.

What is the new update? MINECRAFT publishes the second part of the Caves and Cliffs updates this year. But even for the year 2022 new content is on the plan, this is called The Wild Update .

The focus of this new content is the wilderness with new creatures like frogs but also new mechanics. First insights into the update we show you here.

The Wild Update – All Content, Release, Boot Upgrade

When is release? is planned so far that the update will appear in 2022. An accurate release date is not fixed at this time.

What is changing? With the big The Wild Update you celebrate the supernatural wilderness of the sandbox game. For this you change the marsh bomes so that you can find frogs there and their spa. Even tadps and fireflies are then part of the game.

You can also get the tadpoles from the water in a bucket.

Depending on which biom the frogs grow up, you can assume different types and colors. It is planned that every frog type brings the player to the player. What advantages that are is currently unclear as the frogs are still developed.

The fireflies can grab frogs with an animation from the air and eat.

As a new kind of trees, there are mangroves in Minecraft for the first time. Their seeds can pick them from the trees and then plant them underwater or on land again.

The new mangrove swamp biom is full of mud.

New blocks: In the mangrove swamp, you can find the new sludge blocks with the update. You can make you with dirt and sound blocks in combination. Alternatively, you can build you out of mud. If your water tilts to a dirt block, a mud block arises.

The special thing about these blocks is that you are sinking something when you re on mud.

Important Boot Update: For a mechanics, Minecraft players have long and the The Wild Update finally brings improved boats. After the release it is possible to place crates in boats. You can then fill on your travel over water with Loot and then take it comfortably home.

The Deep Dark and Warden – Release now 2022

What is it? The Deep Dark biomes were actually, together with the new opponent Warden , part of the Caves-and-Cliffs update. But the Minecraft team announced at Minecraft Live 2021 that these content now belong to the The Wild Update and appear in 2022.

The new opponent Warden was announced on the Minecraft Live in 2020. The Warden is blind and responds to your vibration.

The you need to know about Deep Dark: you expect new Sculk blocks and Sculk sensors blocks. The latter can perceive vibrations.

Come to Sculk-Schreier blocks that appear to scream can.

Who dares despite these formidable opponents in the Deep Dark areas that can be richly rewarded there. Because there is her boxes of loot that can be found only in the deep darks.

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????Minecraft 1.19 WILD UPDATE REACTION! Minecraft Live 2021

How do you like the look of the new update for 2022 in Minecraft? is shooting the team in the right screws and fits with the wilderness, marshes and the boot upgrade the right content to, or wishes her to you in other areas of Minecraft changes? Leave us your opinion but here on MeinMMO in the comments and exchanges you out with the community.

What is the release date of the Minecraft Caves Cliffs update

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After posting the Nether update for Minecraft, it was only a matter of time before the next update of the game is announced. We now know that the last update will focus on the highest and lowest altitudes: cliffs and caves.

This update will add many new monsters, both hostile and passive, such as fierce Warden, the adorable Glow Squid and the adorable and fierce Axolotl. There is a new ore, new factories and new biomes, but when will everything come out?

Shadowverse x Shadowverse Anime Leader Ignis Dragon
First of all, do not expect this year. The developers of Mojang like to tease them around a year. Second, although we have been aware of most of the new components of the update itself, developers have not yet given an exit date or specific months.

That said, they confirmed that the update of Caves & Cliffs should go out in the summer of 2021.

The major updates of the game fell every summer months, so it is impossible to say if this update will take place in June, July or August, but as the weather approaches, there is a good chance. that the actual output date is revealed.

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