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Overwatch 2 will replace the original in October and make it impossible to play it again

To dead king, king placed. Blizzard hplay Overwatch confirmed that You can no longer play Overwatch once its sequel goes on sale. play Overwatch of October 4, when it reaches stores, the original game will be removed and The only available option will be 2 Overwatch. At leplay Overwatcht this wplay Overwatch explained by Aaron Keller, director of this second part, in a Reddit questions and answers, where he hplay Overwatch also spoken play Overwatch follows on the launch:

We are using the term Early Access only to indicate that this is only the beginning. Even so, Overwatch 2 will come with new heroes, maps and unpublished options. There will be new content every nine weeks and we have even detailed Recently seplay Overwatchons 1 and 2 of the game. There are also important parts of the experience that have always been part of our plans, such play Overwatch the campaign or cooperative mode, which will arrive throughout the next year. When Overwatch 2 is launched on the 4th of October will make substitute for the current service .


The decision will arouse quite controversial because Jeff Kaplan, director of the original, promised in his day that both games would live without problems. He also awakens a good number of questions about what the process will be like. Does it mean goodbye forever to A Items 6 against 6 of the original to bet only on the new 5 vs 5 model of Overwatch 2? What will happen to the physical copies of the first?

It seems that Blizzard does not want to divide the community and a strong bet on the Free To Play model of Overwatch 2, in which it will banish the original DL boxes for seplay Overwatchonal pplay Overwatchses. Overwatch is a game with its own and constantly evolving, said those responsible. This change of strategy seems the best for our players and the game. We will see how the community reaction and how is the transition from here to that October 4 in which Overwatch 2 leaves in Early Access for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S, Nintendo Switch and PC.

Overwatch 2, a Ping System to better communicate

While the beta phase of overwatch 2 should soon start, Blizzard unveiled in detail (source in English) its new communication system via a ping system. The FPS is therefore a rather classic action roulette and messages in team shooting games, allowing the teammates to communicate with each other without flood the vocal chat.

Overwatch 2 Developer Livestream - 18th March 2022


While the Voice Chat exists since the output of the first opus, OW 2 will have a real ping system, allowing to transmit accurate information to your teammates without opening your microphone.

This ping System is very similar to what we already know about FPS and team games. It makes it possible to identify the presence of an enemy, to communicate on your intentions as well as ask for help.

In addition, a ping on an enemy will follow a few seconds, as long as it is visible. On the other hand, if a character disappears (like Sombra), the ping will be placed at the last known place of the enemy.

This novelty should help to communicate better between players, especially low level where the vocal chat is rarely used wisely. In addition, Blizzard considers that this new system will improve communication within a team without using your microph1. This could therefore hope to limit the toxicity to Overwatch 2.

A date for Overwatch 2?

If you still not have a date for OW 2, the Blizzard FPS is more and more over time. While a beta phase should be started soon, we consider that Overwatch 2 should go out around the start of the school year 2022 (at the end of August / early September).

Blizzard works on a new game Online Open World RPG

New job offers, which confirm that Wow-A, Overwatch and Diablo – in addition to existing projects are confirmed on the pages of Blizzard, Overwatch and Diablo – in addition to the previous projects.

Blizzard requires from future employees:

Designing and implementing new content for the open world
Understanding Mechanic RPG
Early experience in designing online games / multiplayer games

An additional advantage is also Experience FPS games , which may suggest that the new Blizzard product will be something similar to Fallout 76. Online game, open world, RPG elements, but Shooter (primary) fighting system.

I have already seen several comments of people who wish to be something like Destiny 2 (or mentioned F76), but embedded in StarCraft universe. Well, it could go … Especially that StarCraft 2 was killed by Blizzard and is currently on a complete car.


Unfortunately, if you receive a preview of such a game, the earliest for a year, two years, maybe even three years on some Blizzconie.

That says Blizzard all who because of sexism

Blizzard, the studio behind World of Warcraft, Overwatch and Diablo, has been entangled in a scandal for some time. This could affect future sales, as many fans now doubt whether they should still support the gaming studio. One of the bosses from Diablo 2 resurrected has a clear announcement to all who hesitate.

Diablo 3 all cinematic with Eng Sub
That says Blizzard: In an interview with Axios (via Axios), the design Director Rob Gallerani talked about the Remaster of Diablo 2 and the difficulties of last weeks. Specifically, there are about fans who are not sure if they should buy Diablo 2

Many are looking forward to the Remaster, but the sexism scandal overshadow the release up-to-date. Gallerani says: It was really worrying to hear all these things and we really want to support our colleagues and employees.

The fans turned to the fans, he says they should do now, What feels right.

So if you do not want to buy Diablo 2, you do not seem to do it. However, the dialogue with the community is important: We have heard many really positive things, but I do not think that s done. We will always have to ask.

What is that for a scandal? In July 2021 Activision Blizzard was sued by an authority in California, because the company promotes a so-called Frat Boy Culture – Rough: strong sexist behavior, especially towards women.

It should have given cocaine on the toilet and sex in the lounge. The scandal continues to escalate and has put the community in turmoil.

Finally, the Blizzard boss J. all Brack has even resigned from his item. Instead of him there is now a new boss duo at the top. More about the scandal we have summarized here for you:

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The Game Director of Diablo IV and 2 more important employees are gone

Diablo 2 resurrected – the first new game since the scandal

What is Diablo 2 Resurrected? From the well-known Remaster Studio Vicarious Visions comes Diablo 2 Resurrected, the new edition of the 21-year-old ARPG classic. The main feature of the Remasters are the new, modern graphic for which even the Cutscenes were revised.

Resurrected will contain all content that has been published in 2000 since 2000 – also the EXPERATION LORD OF DESTRUCTION and all 7 classes. The spirit of the game should be preserved.

That s why the team has changed as little as possible, with resur rat not, as you will still know it from earlier. A few mistakes have been fixed and even new features are thought:

More about Diablo 2 on Meinmmo:

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Diablo 2 is still popular under fans enrorm and is still actively played after 21 years. It is considered a milestone in the ARPG / Hack n Slay genre and is the direct model for more recent hits like Path of Exile.

When will Diablo 2? The release for resurrected is planned on September 23, 2021. At 17:00 of German, the starting signal falls. For the first time, Diablo 2 is published with Resurrected not only on PC, but also on PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S and Nintendo Switch.

In our hub you will find all the important information about the release: Diablo 2: Resurrected as Remaster – everything you need to know about the release

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