The various changes that the study should do (or not) in Diablo 2 Resurrection have been regularly encouraging social networks from the announcement of the latter. In recent days, the individual multiplayer booty was debated heavily, as well as the resolution of a certain error that would be very requested, even by purists.

In the midst of all this, it is difficult to judge exactly what the changes will be when the game is launched on September 23, especially because some are really technical and dark, and probably will only talk to the most tanned veterans of the original title. Therefore, with the help of the community, we have compiled a list of all the changes known here, along with some explanations to help you understand your impact on the game.

Changing list made in Diablo 2

Let’s start with a list of confirmed changes for the launch of the game. The study is currently working on the stability and optimization of Diablo 2 Resurrected as Rod Fergusson announced.


  • The new graphic engine, sound and kinematics remastered. This is the most obvious. You can switch between modern and classic views by just touching a button in the game.
  • All elements have a unique appearance, which is correctly displayed in your character when he is equipped.
  • Hold the game to the Xbox, PlayStation and Switch consoles, with the respective saved items (between platforms).
  • The highest resolutions and the wide screen admit an aspect ratio of up to 19: 9. Beyond that, for ultra-wide screens, black bands are present on the sides, they can be removed by zooming.
  • Joystick management, even in PC.
  • Accessibility options, such as the size of the text, the mode for Daltonic and others were added.
  • TCP / IP was deleted, which means that you can not play it in LAN, also known as a local network. There is no Lan party for D2R at this time.
  • Additions of global servers. You can simply change the region before starting the game to play with anyone.
  • Multiplayer management through the new Battle.NET system. But beware, some essential characteristics such as lobbies and written chat are missing in the console versions.


  • A more detailed screen was added for the statistics of your character with more specific information such as Hit Recovery Speed ​​(FCR), Search for Magic Items (MF) and more.
  • More details about the skills of the mercenaries are offered to be recruited.
  • It is possible to link objects in the chat window to show them to other players.
  • Equipped items can be compared with other elements by pressing pressed the Shift key (on PC). It simply puts its features and attachments side by side, without recommendations.
  • You can activate the permanent display of the names of the objects on the ground, without having to hold the ALT key.
  • It is possible to send objects to the safe with the Ctrl + Click Combo instead of having to drag them one by one with the mouse.
  • A watch was added in the game.
  • An option to activate shows a message when you fail to a monster with an attack.
  • The visibility and readability of the map have been improved.
  • The characters selection screen shows it in the foreground, with the act in which it is as a backdrop.

game convenience

  • Automatic Gold Collection near your character (can be deactivated).
  • Storage chest increases to 10×10 spaces for each character, with 3 additional shared tabs among all your characters in this game mode.
  • The merchant that offers bets on items automatically updates their products and items do not disappear when you purchase several copies of the same type.
  • Killing the King will no longer prevent them from reopening the secret level at this level of difficulty. Then you can kill him too and plunder it without worrying (monster).
  • The limit has been eliminated in the amount of games created in a given time.
  • Your characters no longer expire in multiplayer mode (expires after a period of inactivity that ranged between 10 and 90 days before). We do not know if there will still be a limit of 20 characters in the launch.
  • The exclusive elements of the Ladder mode are now available in a player mode and in the multiplayer mode without a ladder.
  • Similarly, the recipes of runic words and exclusive horrified cubes of the ladder mode are now available both in individual mode and in multiplayer without ladder.
  • The different Uber-bosses, as well as the invasion of Uber Devil also unlock in solo mode, but we do not know if the conditions of invocation of the latter remain unchanged or not.


  • The fault of the weapon switch (WSG) was removed, which allowed certain harmful control effects, such as stunning your character, canceled immediately by quickly changing as a weapon. The players abused him a lot of him on player against player, and also caused desynchronization.
  • Eliminated the Ebug, a trick that would drastically increase the defense of certain pieces of ethereal armor while adding plugs.
  • There are probably other corrected errors, especially in everything related to traps, copy of objects, as well as actions taken against bots, etc.

Possible changes after the launch of Diablo 2 Resurrected

After the last phase of public tests, Blizzard sent a questionnaire to players asking them what they thought of possible changes. This does not mean that they will be integrated, even if most of the comments are positive.

  • Addition of details about objects to indicate the possible window of results for each feature.
  • To be able to stack gems and runes.
  • Automatic inventory classification.
  • An advanced spell bar for the keyboard (similar to the PAD).
  • An inventory dedicated to charms.
  • The visualization of the remaining duration of the bonuses.
  • An encyclopedia of the horadic cube recipe game.
  • Additional ways to restore your skills and attributes.

The most realistic changes we can expect from occurred after the launch are:

  • Lobbies and multiplayer features were added that are not found in the game console versions.
  • The Next Hit Always Miss (Nham) error was corrected, initially Rod Fergusson gave a ridiculous response that this is one of the errors that were part of the experience of the original game, which does not seem to be the case. And what’s more, the requests for correction of this error seem to be numerous and unanimous. It remains to be seen if this will be technically feasible.

What’s new after the launch?

The questionnaire also asked players if they would like seasonal changes (similar to Diablo 3) and, therefore, temporary, which could include new recipes for the horro cube, changes of class skills, new elements, modified runic words and even New spells. But for the moment, no official statement has addressed the issue, nor the future of the game.