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Elden Ring: This indicator belongs in your supply

From now on you can see in a brand-new video for Elden Ring, where you will discover the fire-spitting sign.
The fire-spitting guard is optically stunning, yet the skills it brings are also reliable.


Particularly against several opponents you can have fun right here.
In the following video you can see where you can locate the indication:
Elden Ring is currently offered for 69.99 euros and can be purchased from the Microsoft Shop.
You will obtain the Elden Ring Deluxe Edition for 89.99 euros.
If you intend to support us, after that share this video, the Elden Ring YouTube network, leave a thumbs up when you suched as the video-and turns on the bell so that you will be informed as quickly as you will be informed as quickly as
a new video clip is released.

Elden Ring: Letmesoloher, hero of the game, immortalized by the community by a mod

The heroes forever in our heart. This is in any case what one can declare, following this beautiful story on Elden Ring: a player, become legendary by his altruism, has been immortalized by a mod on the game.


Attention spoilers

This article deals with an Elden Ring event that arrives at the end of the game. It is therefore not recommended for players who have not completed the title and who wish to keep the pleasure of discovery.

letmesoloher, the player become legend

The pseudo let me solo her does not tell you anything? You were talking about you last week. He is an Elden Ring player, raised at the rank of legend by the game community. Reason? His altruism: D E His real name Klein Tsuboi, he says help players (on PC) to defeat Melania. A dreaded boss, which falls, however, under the blows of a character dressed in a brief and a jar on the head . It is SAZED13, Solo Her_, who welcomes first (on reddit) the player’s feat. It does not take a long time so that the main interested will show up and shares a post in which he says help players to defeat Melania. A post approved more than 66000 times since.

A legend immortalized by a mod

In addition to the intrinsic talent in Klein Tsuboi’s combat, it is also what his act has garnered behind. * Other players felt similar desire to help other players defeat the boss, while others use it as a source of inspiration for Mods, unofficial changes on the game * . This is the case of Garden of Eyes, a prolific moder on Elden Ring. Yesterday, he publishes a video in which it is possible to invoke the ashes of let me solo her to wish. And as the player who served as a model, the invocation comes to the end of Melania alone… but can also overcome any other boss.

A downloadable mod on the Garden of Eyes Patreon and that will not fail to raise the eternal debate on the difficulty of the games… Even if it is the easy mod mode which is the most popular of the Elden Ring community. In any case, we can only welcome this tribute to let solo her: as his character, he is now immortal in the minds of players.

__Commander Elden Ring



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Malenia Fugeable I do not see or perso, a tidal of boss are worse…
Regarding the mod that remains a niche experience for more only the PC public so unfortunately this player, despite his prowess, will be immortal for few players overall…

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Boxing – Felix storm after defeat against Istvan Szili: Was it with the career?

Blood and frustration instead of new World Cup chance – after his sixth professional defeat, Felix Sturm is facing the end of the career.

Antonie Douglas-Istvan Szili highlights

Blood overflowing and with plenty of muzzled face Stand Felix Storm in his corner. The bitter defeat in the World Cup falling fight against Hungary is Van Szili had brutally retrieved the earlier box champion in the Ring of the Ring in the Ring: instead of becoming a world champion for the sixth time, the 43-year-old is now close to the end of the career.

“It was a tough fight. Something completely different than I expected,” Sturm said at bild tv after his sixth defeat in the 52th Profiptight.

That this has been his last, the native Leverkusener did not want to confirm at this bitter evening in Dortmund yet: “I’m talking to my family now, I’m still healthy. We put together with the promoter and then meet the right decision.”

Whether it was the right decision to have returned to business, also storms of third struggle after almost five-year-old (forced) pause, as a result of a prison stay due to tax evasion, violated the anti-doping law and injury violence only The first two he had won against Timo Rost and James force after points.

This time storm but was heavy with the high pace of the 39-year-old Szili, the judgment of the dot funnel (116: 111, 115: 113, 114: 114) was sometimes flattering.

Felix Storm’s trainer scolds over freight

“But I do not see Felix as a loser. For me, the frier lost,” Sturm’s coach Maurice Weber said in his eyes “very dirty fight”.

What weber and storm brought above all to the palm: after a head of Szili in the third round bleeding storm violently from a cut over the eye, but the referee evaluated the attack but unintentionally. “Felix had three place wounds without impact – and the freight is not a warning,” Weber’s weaving.

Articles and videos about the topic
* Tedesco: “Are enough for Fürth professionals enough”
* Emotions and shattering statements! Refrigerated Donetsk professionals land in Brazil
* Experience boxes live on Dazn. Register now! Can be terminated at any time monthly.

“That was no intention, and besides, it’s nonsense. I felt my fist often enough in his face,” said Szili, who is now instead of storm against the British Lerron Richards around the crown of the small IBO band in the supermidizing weight boxing.

Elden Ring sells an amazing amount of copies

An absurd amount of copies of anillo from Elden have been sold, according to fromSoftware. It was not exactly a secret that Elden Ring has been a gigantic commercial success, but the exact figures have been kept near the chest so far. It has been a perfect storm for Elden Ring, since its incredible reviews helped him become the 38th best qualified game of all time in Metacritic. Its immense reception has surely helped become inevitable for the most casual players, especially because it dominates talks on social networks and games platforms like Twitch. That said, it is difficult to imagine anillo de Elden would have been successful as it has been.

A new FromSoftwary press release reveals anillo de Elden has sold more than 12 million copies worldwide in less than a month. Despite the incredible difficulty of the game, fromSoftware managed to convert it into great success for the general public. The genus Souls has previously been a niche because of its difficulty, but it seems that the choice of going to an open world scenario combined with the positive reception has allowed it to become a great success. Industry Analyst Daniel Ahmad noted that he took up to almas 3 so that the Dark Souls series accumulates 12 million copies sold, helping to exemplify even more anillo de Elden the achievement of. You can read a statement from the Game Director Hidetaka Miyazaki below.

«It’s amazing to see how many people have been playing Elden Ring. I would like to extend our sincere thanks on behalf of the entire development team. Elden Ring is based on a mythological history written by George RR Martin. We hope that players enjoy a high level of freedom by venturing through their vast world, exploring their many secrets and facing their many threats. Thank you for your continued support”.

Elden Ring Talisman Stacking Glitch/Exploit - Get Unlimited Stamina/Armor Regen And Much More!BROKEN
It seems that Anillo de Elden has had a tremendous impact and it is likely that it will not only generate FromSoftware follow-up, but also of possible competitors. If someone can overcome anillo de elden remains to be seen, but it is likely to generate a lot of money for all those involved.

Have you bought Elden Ring? If so, what do you think about it? Let us know in the comments below or contact me on Twitter @Cade_ONDER.

How to solve the puzzle “Well of the Siofra River”

The well of the Siofra River is a large area located underground in Elden Ring. At first it seems a beautiful scenery with several strong enemies, but in fact there is a puzzle to pass this area. So how to solve a puzzle with a well on the Siofra River?

Elden Ring - Siofra River Well How to Light All Flames & Ancestor Spirit Boss Fight Location

Having descended on the first lift to the depths of the Well of the Siofra River, you will come across a large open area with a plot of grace, called the shore of the Siofra River. You will see a large stone plate with a pointer for a fire in front of the grace. Go to it, and a hint appears to light it.

ignition flames

There are six lights that you need to light to complete the puzzle. Torches on the steps located to the right of the banks of the Siofra River will also light up when you burn stone signs. The layout of the tables can be seen below.

You will have to defeat some followers of ancestors and avoid lightning balls, but you can quickly solve the puzzle, if well oriented in the area. After the ignition of all the lights:

  1. Climb the steps to Hallowhorn Grounds.
  2. Go to the big beast at the end, and a hint will appear to touch the remains.
  3. Get ready for the battle with the boss with the spirit of the ancestor.

Advanced Elden Ring Guides, see Where to find a Dark Moon Ring for Early Quest in Elden Ring? in professional guidelines for the game.

Elden Ring: Action Roleplay is just before a steam

It is no secret that the action role-playing elden ring (from 50.99 € at buy) has been extremely successful since its launch. This is reflected not only on the basis of the charts placements or the audience at the streaming platform Twitch, but also in other categories. With one of them, the game of from software is even shortly before a large milestone.

How to Fix Steam Restart Loop when opening Elden Ring or any Steam game | QUICK FIX/TUTORIAL

How to take a current statistic on SteamDB, the PC version of Elden Ring was able to reach a peak of more than 950,000 active players last Saturday (March 5, 2022). It was just 953,426 users, which is well above the numbers of each other game published by FROM Software. In addition, Elden Ring was thus able to push into the top 10 and even in front of such strong competitors such as New World, Terraria or the Survival-Hit Valheim. It can not be ruled out that soon the 1-million mark will eventually fall, which could ultimately mean the leap before cyberpunk 2077 in this category.

This scenario is not unlikely that this scenario is not: Currently, the PC version of Elden Ring is plagued by some (technical) problems. These certainly scares some players. If the developers of From Software could eliminate the mistakes in the near future, some of the skeptics may return and drive the game numbers upwards.

Last updated video: StoryTrailer

Elden Ring: Less fire

Elden ring is not known for its beginner-friendly difficulty level. The game no errors forgive you. But there are ways to make life easier in the intermediate lands. Some attentive fans have new tips ready with whom the opponents in Elden Ring no longer be so hard.

Weather effects on spells

On Reddit, for example, User Light_Inc shares its latest discovery with us. For different weather conditions, the player tried the same magic to the same opponents and found that rain has an influence on the spells.

Which effect has the weather? As the weather changes the status of the opponents on “wet”, fire magic make a little less harm. But there are wet opponents more susceptible to electricity, lightning spells share a stronger damage. Sounds logical.

Of course our guides also help you to get the most out of Elden Ring:

  • Elden Ring: So you get a super strong sword, without a single fight
  • Elden Ring: Makes with simple trick Your double blade to ‘Darth Maul’s lightsaber’
  • Elden Ring: The Best Ghosts – These 5 ghost panels are My Favorites

Additional useful tips

The Youtuber Iron Pineapple has even shared a whole collective tour of tips that are very useful for newcomers. We have picked out a few tricks for you, which you should keep in mind:

  • Wind columns: At these places, you can normally liberate a super jump with your render. But it works conversely, jumping with your riding of high altitude to a windsamer, you do not suffer any case damage.
  • Luminous eyes: If you should meet opponents with glowing orange eyes, you should kill them as much as possible. These opponents droppen five times as many runes as normal representatives.
  • Toxic areas: You should not use the role in toxic areas if possible in toxic areas. So you covers you with poison and your poison display also rises when you are already out of the toxic fluid.
  • Use objects as a projection: Barrels, tables and other objects usually break when we run a jump or a role on or on them. But we jump from a larger distance to boxes and other objects, they will not be destroyed and we can land on them. So you can use in some places as a projection to get higher places.
  • FRIENDLY FIRE: Did you know that opponents can harm each other? Rises on your horse and rides around an opponent group, so that the enemies turn off each other with their own attacks.

The rest of the tips can you discover in his video. That’s in English, but an automatic translation in German can be set. There he reveals a total of 25 helpful tricks and mechanics with which opponents are easier to defeat:

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Elden Ring — 30 More Tricks and Hidden Mechanics

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Link to YouTube content

Other useful entry-level tips also get you on Toxic:

__48 __5

Elden ring

8 valuable tips that make you the entry easier


Elden Ring celebrates sales success

Although the high degree of difficulty could be deterrent for many newcomers, Elden Ring sells like warm rolls. Even the technically weaker PC version creates a large launch success.

No wonder, because in the intermediate lands there is a lot to discover. Although the map is not the utmost in comparison to other video games, it was fully stuffed with all sorts of puzzles and secrets to discover.

Incidentally, more guides to Elden Ring can be found in our guide category. There, not only finds of rare items, but also important places on the map and how their spirits can summon.

Do you have useful tricks with whom you hit you through Elden Ring?

All Elden Ring classes have been revealed

ELDEN RING Final Starting Classes Revealed

Elden Ring will be released next week, as if I needed to remind some1. During the last year, FromSoftware and Bandai Namco produced trailers, revelations and beta, so that fans are prepared. Yesterday, the last playable classes have been revealed. One was very revealed.

This may not be your first ride FromSoftware, so you may know some of the types of characters with which you can play. There is usually between eight and ten classes, including Choosing and Elden Ring will be launched with ten. Five of them were revealed before the closed network test, some others were shown later, and now we glance at the prophet and miserable.

The Prophet is described as “an ostracized seeing for unpleasy prophecies. Well paid into cured incantations. ” If you expect healing when traveling through the intermediate lands, the prophet can be a class to consider.

The miserable is described as “a poor cuntless, naked, like the day of their birth. A beautiful club is all they have. “Almost all Foursoftware classes have a simple class. It seems that the Wretch has no redemptive quality and will be a little more difficult to use.

To summarize all the choices available to you, confessor, samurai, astrologer, bandit, prisoner, vagabond, warrior, hero, miserable and prophet can be selected. Who knows? Maybe fromSoftware will add more types of TERNIS to play after launch.

Elden Ring will be available on 25 February on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X | s.

In which class will you play? Let us know in the comments below.

Where to jump through the ignite ring of Salty Springs in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 4

For one of the weekly challenges of Fortnite Chapter 2 season 4 week 5, you will have to drive a vehicle through a burning ring in Salty Springs. Salty Springs is west of authority and is usually a relatively popular place.

The floating ring is at the top of a wooden ramp located south of the city, while you head to Weeping Woods. The challenge indicates a vehicle , so we assume that you can launch a boat, a car or a choppa through the ignite ring and the challenge will be over.

Frankly, the most troublesome part of this challenge is that Salty Springs has a very low reappearance rate for cars, and you prefer to find a truck here that else. A truck will have trouble accelerating any type of speed to cross the ring, so it can be better to take care of another POI nearby such as Holly Hedges, then to go to Salty Springs to take up the challenge.

Keep an eye on other players, because Salty Springs is always a hot murder and chaos, although it’s a fairly small place.

You can find the rest of Fortnite Chapter 2 Challenges 4 weeks 5 below:

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