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LOL: The curious side effect of re -champions to champions confirmed thanks to UDYR

The behavior of the community of League of Legends is always one of the most interesting elements of the Riot Games title. Players have a changing attitude and, as expected, are also affected by different psychological phenomena. Throughout history, several of them have been demonstrated. A scientific study showed that choosing a certain champion can change our attitude and a failure of developers the existence of the placebo effect within the game. With the UDYR Rework just around the corner, we have the opportunity to see live an equally interesting effect.

The last goodbye to the League of Legends champions

The theory is simple and says the following: in the patches prior to the arrival of a great reWork, even the least beloved champions suffer a great rebound of popularity . It is a usual situation, which only happens when visual and playable updates arrive complete that Riot Games even named the last alive! (The Last Hurrah). A special farewell that groups the players who mean by the character before their changes, those who do not finish understanding the reasons of the ReWork and those who attract the attention that the hero in question is so present today of the video game.

The imminent arrival of the UDYR Rework, which will land in the game in the next 12.16 patch, allows us to observe this real-time phenomenon. Riot Games has just officially made the arrival of the relaunch to League of Legends, but in the days that have passed since then a great rebound can be observed. The hero has gone from being used in 1.7% of the qualifying items to be chosen by approximately 2.5%. The increase is very remarkable in percentage terms by assuming an improvement of almost 50% and shows an upward trend that probably continues to increase as we approach its launch.

In addition, if we want to focus on the case of UDYR we must take into account that There have been no remarkable changes for him in the last patches . The champion was present with all the members of the League of Legends squad in the durability patch, but his last improvement before these changes came in version 11.20 that was still launched in 2021. In this sense, there is no other factor to point out. In addition, his performance is still quite discreet being unable to achieve victory or in half of the games in which he is chosen.

Although it is an interesting phenomenon, it is also one of the most foreseeable of League of Legends. The champions who receive a Rework are usually heroes that have accompanied us for years. In recent times we have not paid attention, but they have probably been important to us. UDYR, for example, is one of the jungles that players were recommended who wanted to start in that position during the first seasons of League of Legends. An old friend who is renewed to the one we are not going to miss so much. It must be remembered that his update has been very continuous and respects all the character’s identity signs.

LOL – Patch 12.15: Riot seeks stability and says goodbye to two very controversial champions

League of Legends Receives a new update on the occasion of Patch 12.15 . Riot Games has decided to lower the rhythm of changes compared to the rest of one of the most chaotic seasons we can remember. However, it still maintains its essence. Champions, objects or runes receive modifications in a version that seeks to stabilize the state of the game. First step of a medium-term project that has an obvious intention: keep the game in a continuous line until the 2022 Worlds begin.

Riot Games seeks stability from patch 12.15

League of Legends is still a bit scrambled after so much update and it is easy to meet too powerful heroes. Notable are the cases of Master Yi and Sivir , who have received in-depth changes in the previous versions and will now suffer some power reductions to prevent them from continuing to dominate the qualifying items. To these champions nerfs we must also add two very interesting brushstrokes in the form of power reduction for the divine heartbreaking and First blow , the key rune in the branch of inspiration.

Of course, not everything is nerfs. If, for something, patch 12.15 is characterized by introducing improvements to some of the characters that needed it most. Lee Sin O Thresh , who had not enjoyed the glory they had a small respite with which the whole community agrees. Something more controversial are the decisions to increase the power of Zed or Rammus , which already held a fairly high rate of victories before Riot Games decided to introduce the changes in patch 12.15. In this sense, we all know that there is no such thing as an update without controversy.

Of course, patch 12.15 is also responsible for introducing new aspects in League of Legends. On this occasion we do not have a lot of additions, but the skins monster tamers arrive after a great wait. Lulu, Kog’maw and Veigar will be the first beneficiaries of a theme that debuts in the game and whose success will depend their return in future seasons.

Summary of patch 12.15

As usual, later you will find all the detailed changes. However, before we will review them quickly.

Champions changes

  • Nerfs: Master Yi, Qiyana, Sivir, Gwen, Taliyah and Kalist
  • Buffs: Lillia (Jungla), Singed, Rammus, Leona, Thresh, Zed, Lee Sin, Akali, Kennen and Shen.

Changes to objects

  • Nerfs: Divine heartbreaking
  • Buffs: Dawn of Meraplata and Cimitarra Mercurial.

Changes to Runes

  • Nerfs: First blow


  • Monster tamers: Veigar, Lulu and Kog’maw

Lol: The arrival of Game Pass is a blessing, although eight years ago I would have changed my life

Tales of Berseria It is my favorite game for how I identify with Velvet, I am in love with genshin impact because I am a firm believer of Keqing‘s supremacy and would be able to donate a kidney to Amicia from Plague tale If you need it. The video games that I like usually do it for their characters and League of Legends is no exception. I live in fear of looking at how many hours I will have dedicated in more than nine years playing and not everything is due to its qualifying mode.

When I log in to the Riot Games client I do it to play rankeds, but above all to make spectacular combos with Lee Sin , connect to an almost spiritual level with Kindred or use to Yasuo . The results may not be what I hope and that my colleagues do not consider me more than a friendly uncle unable to press two keys at the same time. However, the MMR matters little when the intention is to enjoy what the champions do, how they communicate with me as a player or what they allow to express in the crack.

The problem that, probably nobody escapes, is that in order to use all these characters, they had to unlock them practically blind. Riot Games And many other developers know that I am not exceptional and focus on their heroes of progression or monetization mechanics. It is logical and I understand it, but I hate it with all my being. Something that, on the other hand, made me celebrate the recent collaboration announced between the company responsible for League of Legends and Microsoft to unite all its multiplayer video games to Game Pass .

Goodbye to the League of Legends system that I hated most

To guide us a little, we must remember that Riot Games announced his collaboration with Microsoft through Game Pass. An association that will offer players signed to the service the possibility of immediately unlocking all the characters of League of Legends , Valorant and Wild Rift . Members will also enjoy advantages as a selection of minileeyendas in TFT or the possibility of having some important letters in Legends of Runeterra . In general, an improved experience that unlocks the most interesting elements of these video games.

This addition would have saved my life in my early years with League of Legends. Maybe my case is something particular, since I started playing after seeing competitive and not vice versa. This is how I fond of SK Gaming or to 34 United of Nainiwa . At that time I was working and studying, which left me very few hours of grindeo. When he arrived home, what he wanted to do was jump to the crack to try those champions he had seen on the bus while he returned consuming data as if they were not worth.

The most logical decision in the world seemed to buy champions. It almost sounds like a sacrilege, but he was a victim of the Pay to Fast before the phenomenon even had a name. At that time I had money as someone who still lives with his parents needs it, but not time. Reviewing how much I have spent on the LOL, I think I do not exaggerate saying that more than 50 of the 300 euros that I have spent since the game launch were owed. If I saw a xpeke playing Orianna wanted to try it and it was enough that Ocelot taught her karthus once for the acquisition to be instantaneous.


I’ve been playing Riot titles for nine years and, even so, there is something for me

The problem is that, although I enjoyed new things, the process of choosing champions was completely erratic , and still is. In a way, it is not different from using an application to flirt. We have a photo and text that gives us small clues. We find red flags and things that connect with us, but we make a misinformed decision and 90% of the time we are wrong. Any success is the result of chance and a connection that can happen or not, but we barely knew anything until it intimates a little.

The process is worth it because the simple possibility of being right can change us . It may not be a vital transformation in this case, but it will make us happier playing video games. Although I do not regret or one of the cents that I spent in League of Legends, the truth is that it is not something that I would like the new players to pass. At that time there were fewer characters and they were cheaper, but at present the figure has risen to 160 and the last time we bought all the characters already worth more than 800 euros.

Even today I have similar problems with Valorant , a game that I love that I can’t dedicate so many hours.
Unlocking characters takes me a good time and I have not yet been able to try the last additions beyond the beta phases that Riot Games sometimes invites us.
Something that will change thanks to the incorporation of the video game to the game pass and that I hope very much, since I do not want to miss what they can give me neon or fade.
As one more fan, I am excited and I think that the news has not been given its true dimension.

LOL: This is how the Riot laboratory works in which they create the new champions

The constant arrival of new champions is one of the most important aspects of League of Legends . Riot Games considers the creation of characters as one of the bases of the success of the long -term game and the community is usually very emotional when discovering new additions to the squad. We may take our hands to our heads or we are looking forward to enjoying them in the invoker crack, but what is certain is that we will talk about the addition for weeks. However, we know very little about the creative process or the aspect that the characters have before they terrify in the PBE.

10-Year Anniversary Celebration | Riot Pls: 10th Anniversary Edition - League of Legends

The laboratory for new Riot Games champions

One of the most interesting issues regarding the creation of League of Legends champions is the Riot Games laboratory. Of course, the developer has her modified version of the client where she can make virguerías that do not even think of us and that is where the phases of testing of the characters begin. To do this, all you need is to have prepared some skills kits and introduce them in the game in a very preliminary way. In this section everything is prototypes, but even we have video records that show how they work .

Although we have seen a miniature nautilus and a disproportionate size warwick, it is actually a single champion. We talk about Gnar , who adopted these two forms during his creation phase so that the first games with him could be played and will begin to prove their skills. These spells are also the result of recycling and change a lot throughout development. For example, we see how the W in mini (hyper) form increased the speed of motion, giant (sneak) was a potential self -Ataque and the R (Gnar!) It was a preliminary version of the definitive Tahm Kench .

This is not the only trick that Riot Games uses and there are times when these laboratory tests can reveal how a champion’s ability works internally. For example, in addition to Rek’sai’s curiosity using as models a recolored version of Kha’zix (normal form) and the appearance of the Fizz of Void (buried form), We know that Riot Games used the lantern of Thresh as a way to create your tunnels . At each end there are one of these devices and both relate to each other. This was not exactly a secret, since a developer made public this way of creating spells.

In short, this laboratory environment works a bit through improvisation and is the key to the launch of the champions . It allows Riot Games to do more evidence on the coding of some aspects of the design of the new characters and helps other team members to give their opinion and correct errors. A situation to which, in addition, we must add how curious it is to be able to see the new heroes of the game long before they launched. In an interview with Riot August we discovered that creating a new character can take about a year, and this footage belongs to the first months.

Remember that, although it seems simple, the creation of a champion goes through many different teams. In total 19 departments of the company are affected . From the conceptual artists who draw the models to the team that carries out the Skin, there are dozens of people involved. A complex and crucial process for League of Legends that practically takes its first steps with the prototypes you have just discovered.

LOL – Patch 12.4 PBE: Renata Glasc, New Skins and everything we expect on the test server

Start a new cycle on the test servers of League of Legends . According to the Riot Games updates calendar the next patch 12.4 will reach the game next Wednesday, February 16. However, the novelties will be available for all players in the PBE throughout the next two weeks. An immovable tradition for Riot Games that this time has left us very interesting details, among which the launch of Renata Glasc and a good number of new aspects stands out.

News of next patch 12.4


As in any patch in which a new champion is launched, all the attention is focused on the future premiere. Renata Glasc has proven to be more balanced than we expected during the first tests and it seems ready to get to the game. There is no doubt that she will bring the crack of the invoker some confusion with her interesting unique mechanics of control of enemies, as she is called to be one of the most interesting supporters who have received players from this position.

It is also worth noting about the new champion that will join the game ignoring the thematic line chosen by Riot Games for the League of Legends patch 12.4. Kassadin , qiyana and Shen will receive cosmetics referred to the Skins Collection of Lightning; While Renata takes a new exclusive appearance that receives the name of Admiral Glasc and is closely related to her asia of her on the lines of trade in the world of Runaterra. In addition, it also arrives Ekko Firelifgt after the controversial delay of it and a new prestigious edition for Xayah.

Of course, on patch 12.4 there will also be balance adjustments. However, the tradition marks that these are published in the PBE in the absence of a week for the launch of the changes. In any case, You can find this same updated page when available .

Summary of the changes

In the next pages you can find the adjustments to detail, but before we make a quick review of the changes that will reach the game.

New Champion

  • Renata Glasc

New Skins

  • Lightning sheet: Kassadin, Qiyana and Shen.
  • Firelight Ekko.
  • Xayah phoenix courageous prestige edition

Valorant: Why were G2 ESPORTS scolded at VCT?

In the framework of the closed qualifier at Challengers of Europe, a clip arose where he heard the coach of G2 ESPORTS talk. The rules of Valorant stipulate that there can only be communication between the players during the clashes. Otherwise, Riot Games will sanction as required.

The famous audio took place at the G2 ESPORTS match against Team Vitality , where bees came victorious to continue their campaign towards the Challengers. The Samurai was not satisfied, made adjustments and managed to sneak into the competition through the second qualifier. A few days before the first circuit challengers Valorant Champions Tour , arose a statement that deals with the situation of Daniil “Pipson” Meshcheryakov .

Riot Games confirms that there was a violation of paragraph 7.2.11 of the Global Regulations of Valorant. Just as happened in Riña de T1 and TSM, it was reaffirmed that the coaches can not talk to the athletes in the course of the games. Only in technical or tactical pauses, with limited number in the latter. But What did he say? How severe is the sanction?

As we mentioned, Team Vitality won the day. Pipson’s communication, in addition, was not to offer strategies information : It was a cry of celebration that was not silenced in the microphones. Remember that this phase is played online. Then, more than a sanction as in T1, it is a warning so that it does not happen in the future. What generated some discussions about whether it is worthwhile to avoid coaching to celebrate victories of rounds with athletes. Through your Twitter account, Pipson offered an apology for violating the unauthorized communications regulation. He can be with the team at the first Challengers of Europe.

G2 ESPORTS will come with a different equipment than advertised for 2022. Óscar “Mixwell” Cañellas Colocho was the holder when Pepson happened, but the Challengers has Wassim “Keloqz” cista in the template. Spanish veteran has permission to listen to offers from other organizations.

Valorant: the small change of next patch that could bring a forgotten character back

Omen takes time to be added in its own darkness. In other times he was one of the most powerful and interesting agents of Valorant, but he has been suffering reductions of power that have left him much behind the rest of the characters. A situation that could change from next patch 4.03 that should arrive next Tuesday, February 15. For this update, Riot Games has carried out an adjustment in the accuracy with which the skills that your Teleport could greatly improve.

The first step for the return of Omen to Valorant

The Omen Skill Kit has several problems in relation to equilibrium issues, but with difference the most clouds to their players is that of teleport. This skill has proven to be very inconsistent , so that the location in which the character ends up his trip may not correspond to the point that was marked by the visual effects. A particularly worrying error in cases where it is used to gain height and that can leave it exposed to attacks from which he apparently would be covered.

NEW YORU REWORK UPDATES! YORU IS OP?! (ft. Riot Devs) - Valorant Update Preview

With this small adjustment it is to be expected that when using teleport players are exactly in the marked area without suffering unforeseen and more easily . A change that will affect all the skills of Valorant, but it will be noticed especially in the only character in which these inaccuracies could have such a negative effect and were, literally, the difference between ending a rival or receiving a bullet in the head nothing More appear.

Despite this situation, the players of this character have also wanted to suggest the developer some additional adjustments that allow the return of this character, as possible improvements to their smoke or blind. Omen is one of the most beloved agents by the community, but the good performance of him during the beta and the first months of the title caused numerous reductions of power that have been left far from the highest positions of the tier List

Valuing – Mixwell Pass on G2 Banquillo Sports: Whatever Captain?

G2 ESPORTS was one of the most successful clubs during the first steps of the Valorant circuit. However, he fell from the top with the beginning of the first official season of Riot Games, living since then on a Russian mountain. The samurai bet strong by the tactical shooter, but at the scarcity of successes they have been forced to make changes in numerous occasions. Substitutions in which only Maxwell remained as an active member of the team at all times, something that could be about to change.

Maxwell could end up on the G2 ESPORTS bench

After having stayed outside the First World Championship of Valorant, G2 Esports has sought to reinforce Hood and Meed’s signings. However, the club suffered a sound failure in the first stage of the qualifying closed to EMEA Challengers . This will be the first great competition of Riot Games in its new competitive circuit and consists of two qualifiers. In the first of them, the team lost the first round in front of Vitality and repeated Failure in Alliance to burn its first opportunity.

Considering this situation, Maxwell would have passed to the G2 ESPORTS bench being replaced by Keloid . This has been done to know new , journalist who works for the French environment 1PV. According to the information about him, the Spanish player would no longer be participating in training with the team and would be his partner who occupied his position in the second batch of qualifiers who will begin next week. Everything is said, have not transcended the reasons why the eternal captain of the Samurai set would have been replaced.


It is precisely the why what will serve to resolve the incognito with respect to the future of Maxwell in G2 Esports. It could be a technical decision, the desire of the club to transfer it or a movement of the player himself in case of not feeling with confidence to channel the difficult situation in which the club is located. In any case, you will have to remain attentive to the next steps of all the parties involved in order to unveil the reasons for this hypothetical supplement.

Update (14/01 – 17:37)

Maxwell has confirmed on his social networks that the team decided to have his team’s partner for the next gradual qualifier at EMEA Challengers.

Koi reveals to your Professional Roster of Valuant

This brand-new devices will certainly begin in the following NRL Spain, New Regional League that Riot Games had already announced a couple of weeks ago. One of the purposes that this brand-new group will certainly have will be to qualify the VCT promotion event, and also we will see if they have the ability to attain it.

KC Rekkles ???? Was Left Speechless Due to the Audiences Emotions Towards Him | KC vs KOI
This brand-new team will be made up of three previous gamers of CAM, among them, we have Ladislav Sachs Scale, Oskar palmist fern, and Gabriel Vessel Shrew. These three will be accompanied by Poona Parviainen G1BER, and also Gabriel Marques Stark. For his part, the coach liable for this group will certainly be Antonio Loan Asia, that will certainly be sustained by Sergio Rodríguez Mikado.

After a countdown, the other day, he ultimately came to be known to the professional roster of Valorant by KOI, the new team of esports founded by IAI Llanos and Gerard Piqué. It was a couple of days full of rumors, however we currently recognize exactly that will certainly be the five gamers who comprise this new team.

LOL Riot shows new images of a UDYR converted to Freljord s demigod

Rigs of Rods - New Route Sheet (2/7/20)

Riot Games, Inc. is an American video clip game developer, publisher as well as esports event coordinator. Its head offices remain in West Los Angeles, The Golden State. Started in September 2006 by Brandon Beck and also Marc Merill to establish Organization of Legends, the firm has taken place to establish numerous spin-off games of Organization as well as an unassociated first-person shooter, Valorant. As an author, Riot Games oversees the production of League spin-offs by other designers via its publishing arm, Riot Forge. Considering that 2011, Riot has been a subsidiary of Chinese conglomerate Tencent.
Riot operates 14 international Organization of Legends esports organizations, the Organization of Legends Globe Champion and also the Valorant Champions Trip. The business, which had 24 offices worldwide since 2018, markets corporate sponsorships, merchandise, as well as streaming legal rights for its leagues. Riot has actually faced claims of a harmful office society, including sex discrimination as well as unwanted sexual advances. The firm s action was criticized for its use forced settlement.

Riot Games has returned to the load on his last Route Sheet of the Year , where they have spoken above all from the full update of UDYR. The development of the spiritual walker seems to be going by very good path, with an aesthetic change rather than daring and above all with the protagonism of totally new horns for the character that has so since talking about everything in the spring season when It was pick or ban in the competitive scope.

Cornamenta was something immovable for developers, since it was the best way to represent a character with just the silhouette of him. From here, they began to work around these to be the central axis in the champion s abilities, changing state for each of them as now. Being a Frelljord demigod, Riot Games wanted to give him a much more mystical touch, so the Powers of Udyr would go from being animals to Mother Nature elements.

demigod in the jungle, change them in our hearts

In addition to these large changes, developers always want to add them small references to the character to work in turn in the lore of Runaterra. That is why you will see details as one of the you use read without because of the great friendship that these two champions have harvested during your trip through the lands of the kingdom of Frelljord.

The rework of UDYR seems to be a almost completely changed of both its aesthetics and the skills of it, although it is undeniable that Riot will leave room to make rescues of the current champion. And is that he is and will be one of those characters that even though it does not play many people, the community has had it special affection through cooks and memes over the last years at rhythm of Samba . We look forward to this change from the change and the appearance of it more often both in competitive and in soloq of League of Legends.

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