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Valorant: Let me see the agreement- Moms and dads of a Wunderkinds tell exactly how they have an e-sport

That is Zekken? Zekken is an American e-athlete that is currently playing Valorant in Group Xset.

Zachary Zekken Customer (17) just recently began his career as a specialist e-athlete in the online shooter Valorant (COMPUTER). The parents are his largest fans. They informed Zekken from the Wii in the living room to the professional e-sport.

So Zekken pertained to e-sport:

  • At the age of 13: Zekken participated in a neighborhood Super Smash Bros tournament, but was destroyed there
  • At the very same time there was an overwatch competition, Zekken saw and his interest in e-sports was stired up
  • Zekken initially played privately CS: GO
  • He acquired Valorant on the initial day of the releases, educated independently with pals and after that came properly
  • There was a very first fantastic success in the Super League Arena in early 2021, and also Zekken achieved initial area in the Valorant team Phoenix1
  • Ever since it has been considerably uphill as well as Zekken has actually accomplished number 1 with his groups numerous times

father always carried out boys, did not give him a triumph

Over time, Zekken established an excellent aspiration in the video games. This discusses the papa of Zekken in a meeting with the E-Sport web page.

That was his entrance right into the globe of video games: In his young people, Zekken commonly played with his dad Wii Sports as well as shed lots of games. The child frequently responded distressed to his beats. Occasionally he also sobbed, his dad informed.

His mom likewise sustains the reality that the boy played a lot: However just when his school grades were ideal and he did his research. His dad liked to play with the young boy, also when he consistently shed to him on the Wii.


Zekken initially played a whole lot with pals and his moms and dads: Gaming came to be an activity that reinforced the family gang. Initially Zekken played a lot of CS: GO, on the launch day, on June 2, 2020, he then won Valorant and also became part of the first strings. Eventually, he managed to obtain started.

did you have this inspected by customer protection?

He desires to go to college if it shouldn’t function with e-sports.

My first reaction was: this is a fraudulence. Exactly how should somebody pay you? As a mommy, you ask on your own that, do you recognize? I am old. I don’t play video games-I claimed: Did you have it inspected by consumer defense? Phony information! That was my very first reaction. He was still a small, certainly you desire to safeguard your kid as a mom..

Zaida (Zekken’s mommy) via

_ In between Mamazekken joys her child as well as the Xset likewise in the social networks channels: _.

Not so with Zekken’s parents. They are completely behind their son and sustain his decision.

How was it when he ended up being a professional? When the specialist agreement originated from Xset, the mother initially believed that it was a scams. Initially it was inconceivable that her boy was spent for pc gaming:.

What do the moms and dads claim about Zekken’s job? Many moms and dads would love to see their children in secure and risk-free. The E-Sport location is typically deemed a unsure task as well as is instead critical.

They go along with Zekken at his competitors and also sustain their boy. Assistance that validates Zekken to start as an e-athlete, as he stated in the interview.

What does the fallback look like from Zekken? Also if the e-athlete career for Zekken is currently steep, the 17-year-old has a strategy B.

Zachary Zekken Client (17) just recently started his job as a professional e-athlete in the online shooter Valorant (PC). They informed Zekken from the Wii in the living room to the expert e-sport. That was his access right into the globe of video clip games: In his youth, Zekken typically played with his papa Wii Sports and also shed numerous video games. At very first Zekken played a great deal of CS: GO, on the release day, on June 2, 2020, he then won Valorant and also was component of the initial groups. What do the parents state about Zekken’s job?

We only have this one life. We need to have him shaped his life. I desire him to be pleased, effective, risk-free as well as healthy..

Zaida (Zekken’s mommy) through

A 15-year-old Fortnite player likewise had the imagine the specialist player. His mommy took him from college because of that. Now he quits.

What do you assume of E-athletes from the occupation? Like to write it to us in the remarks.

Zekken’s dad looked closer to the contract. The moms and dads’ concerns can ultimately be relieved. The teamwork between Xset and Zekken happened.

Im really glad I came. – Crazy Raccoon immediately after deciding to participate in the offline, what I think is more exciting than exciting.

Valorant domestic tournament Valorant Champions Tour 2022: JAPAN STAGE 2 CHALLENGERS PLAYOFFS Day3 is over. In the third match CRAZY RACCOON VS REJECT, CRAZY RACCOON won the Map Score 2-0, and we decided to proceed to DAY4, which will be held at Saitama Super Arena on Saturday, June 25. 。

The editorial department interviewed CRAZY RACCOON’s Neth player immediately after the game, which decided to participate in the offline tournament. We asked the expectations to play at a large venue and the deep bonds through the boot camp.

―― Congratulations on participating in offline. First of all, please give me a frank impression.

Neth player: I think that MUNCHKIN with a strong ace-like impact will come out, RION will return, and you may be able to compare the previous rotor. It’s not over yet, but I’m really relieved to be able to participate in offline tournaments.

――― The opponent Reject was a partner who once fought and won, so was there any part that was difficult to do?

Neth: Looking at today’s RCVSFAV match, the structure of the bind has changed a lot from the time when we fought with them, and what we have seen so far has become very meaningless.


Also, RC has been gaining momentum because it has won the first round of Lower. There was more pressure than when I fought before, and I was really scared.

-In the ice box, RC was 3 centinel. How did you fight?

Neth player: I had never fought 3 centinel in Skrim. Even if you can get out of mids, kitchens, such as rakutsu (shortstop) when attacking, it took a long time to respond. It was a little difficult to do because I dropped the round in such a part.

-In the defense, the impression that RION was keeping and controlling the area alone, was one of the strategies?

Neth player: I didn’t decide **. Regarding RION, there are some places that are free to play, and if you think you can go, I respect them.

-I leave it to you.

Neth player: That’s right.

-In the ice box, RION protected it at the forefront, and the initiators NETH were protecting the line in front of them.

Neth: In fact, it doesn’t make sense. However, there is still RION-san’s intuition, and I can support you if you stop by B, so in that sense, I think it is ant to protect A on the front line.

―― In the official distribution interview, it was said that after the BB game, it was a bit of a mouth that was not satisfied with personal performance, but in the RC match, he regained his confidence. What kind of change has changed?

NETH: Even in the previous tournament, there were some situations where the condition went down on the way. This time, I was using a phantom and could not be defeated, so I changed my mood to a vandal with a high firepower that I could play bullishly, and I think that I was confident.

―― From the change of the roaster, I felt that it was very complete in a short period of time. How do you evaluate the finish and perfection of the current team yourself?

NETH: Until now, there were many configurations that require jets, but now the meta is a time of change, the composition of the fighting opponent is not determined, and it is not clear which agent will enter the opponent’s composition. There are many.

We could change the composition if we wanted to change the composition, but we did not make a big change in the composition. Even in the composition so far, if you change the way of fighting and protecting, you had the power to respond to the composition of the other party, so I think that it was excellent in such a part when compared to RC.

-How did you grow as a team through the boot camp?

Neth: There are many, but if everyone is actually nearby, I will be confident and energetic. When there is a player who feels depressed, you can hit your shoulders, put your back, or have them reversed.

Astell also said, but there are some parts where voice chat alone does not know what kind of expression and atmosphere it is. Through a lot of time we are actually together, we have more chats not only about games but also for games, and we get better. I’m glad I was doing boot camping because I was going to know what I was thinking about to some extent.

――Are there anything else?

NETH: The rice that everyone eats is delicious (laughs)

―― ― The official tournament is the first spectator, including domestic and overseas, what do you think?

Neth: In VCT, I was the first offline audience, so I wanted to go there, so I’m glad I was able to participate first. I think it’s big, I can’t imagine it, and it’s amazing that it’s beyond imagination.

In the CS: GO era, I was fighting Absolute as Ignis at a venue of about 1,000 people. From there, the other day’s RAGE event and the tournament held at the Super Arena are really impressive. It’s messy that I was really glad I came rather than exciting. If you live normally, you won’t be standing, so it’s an honor to work hard from another game and play in front of many people.

— Finally, can you give a word to your fans?

NETH: I received a lot of reply and direct messages during the tournament, and it was really helpful. Before the game, I try not to look much on SNS, but after today’s BB match, I decided to switch and look at frank opinions and support. I was really saved because I was able to play with confidence in the RC battle.

I’m sorry that I couldn’t go up with the UPPER, but I want you to keep supporting the amazing CR in day 4 and 5 so that you don’t sad.

–thank you very much. I am looking forward to my success in offline tournaments.

It was a very impressive interview that was really happily talking about being able to play on a large stage called Saitama Super Arena.

On the offline day4, it has been decided to fight the loser of the UPPER SEMI FINAL Zeta Division vs Northeption. Let’s look forward to the amazing CR played on a large stage that you can not imagine. The game will be distributed on YouTube / Twitch.

Valorant: Why were G2 ESPORTS scolded at VCT?

In the framework of the closed qualifier at Challengers of Europe, a clip arose where he heard the coach of G2 ESPORTS talk. The rules of Valorant stipulate that there can only be communication between the players during the clashes. Otherwise, Riot Games will sanction as required.

The famous audio took place at the G2 ESPORTS match against Team Vitality , where bees came victorious to continue their campaign towards the Challengers. The Samurai was not satisfied, made adjustments and managed to sneak into the competition through the second qualifier. A few days before the first circuit challengers Valorant Champions Tour , arose a statement that deals with the situation of Daniil “Pipson” Meshcheryakov .

Riot Games confirms that there was a violation of paragraph 7.2.11 of the Global Regulations of Valorant. Just as happened in Riña de T1 and TSM, it was reaffirmed that the coaches can not talk to the athletes in the course of the games. Only in technical or tactical pauses, with limited number in the latter. But What did he say? How severe is the sanction?

As we mentioned, Team Vitality won the day. Pipson’s communication, in addition, was not to offer strategies information : It was a cry of celebration that was not silenced in the microphones. Remember that this phase is played online. Then, more than a sanction as in T1, it is a warning so that it does not happen in the future. What generated some discussions about whether it is worthwhile to avoid coaching to celebrate victories of rounds with athletes. Through your Twitter account, Pipson offered an apology for violating the unauthorized communications regulation. He can be with the team at the first Challengers of Europe.

G2 ESPORTS will come with a different equipment than advertised for 2022. Óscar “Mixwell” Cañellas Colocho was the holder when Pepson happened, but the Challengers has Wassim “Keloqz” cista in the template. Spanish veteran has permission to listen to offers from other organizations.

Valorant: the small change of next patch that could bring a forgotten character back

Omen takes time to be added in its own darkness. In other times he was one of the most powerful and interesting agents of Valorant, but he has been suffering reductions of power that have left him much behind the rest of the characters. A situation that could change from next patch 4.03 that should arrive next Tuesday, February 15. For this update, Riot Games has carried out an adjustment in the accuracy with which the skills that your Teleport could greatly improve.

The first step for the return of Omen to Valorant

The Omen Skill Kit has several problems in relation to equilibrium issues, but with difference the most clouds to their players is that of teleport. This skill has proven to be very inconsistent , so that the location in which the character ends up his trip may not correspond to the point that was marked by the visual effects. A particularly worrying error in cases where it is used to gain height and that can leave it exposed to attacks from which he apparently would be covered.

NEW YORU REWORK UPDATES! YORU IS OP?! (ft. Riot Devs) - Valorant Update Preview

With this small adjustment it is to be expected that when using teleport players are exactly in the marked area without suffering unforeseen and more easily . A change that will affect all the skills of Valorant, but it will be noticed especially in the only character in which these inaccuracies could have such a negative effect and were, literally, the difference between ending a rival or receiving a bullet in the head nothing More appear.

Despite this situation, the players of this character have also wanted to suggest the developer some additional adjustments that allow the return of this character, as possible improvements to their smoke or blind. Omen is one of the most beloved agents by the community, but the good performance of him during the beta and the first months of the title caused numerous reductions of power that have been left far from the highest positions of the tier List

Valuing – Mixwell Pass on G2 Banquillo Sports: Whatever Captain?

G2 ESPORTS was one of the most successful clubs during the first steps of the Valorant circuit. However, he fell from the top with the beginning of the first official season of Riot Games, living since then on a Russian mountain. The samurai bet strong by the tactical shooter, but at the scarcity of successes they have been forced to make changes in numerous occasions. Substitutions in which only Maxwell remained as an active member of the team at all times, something that could be about to change.

Maxwell could end up on the G2 ESPORTS bench

After having stayed outside the First World Championship of Valorant, G2 Esports has sought to reinforce Hood and Meed’s signings. However, the club suffered a sound failure in the first stage of the qualifying closed to EMEA Challengers . This will be the first great competition of Riot Games in its new competitive circuit and consists of two qualifiers. In the first of them, the team lost the first round in front of Vitality and repeated Failure in Alliance to burn its first opportunity.

Considering this situation, Maxwell would have passed to the G2 ESPORTS bench being replaced by Keloid . This has been done to know new , journalist who works for the French environment 1PV. According to the information about him, the Spanish player would no longer be participating in training with the team and would be his partner who occupied his position in the second batch of qualifiers who will begin next week. Everything is said, have not transcended the reasons why the eternal captain of the Samurai set would have been replaced.


It is precisely the why what will serve to resolve the incognito with respect to the future of Maxwell in G2 Esports. It could be a technical decision, the desire of the club to transfer it or a movement of the player himself in case of not feeling with confidence to channel the difficult situation in which the club is located. In any case, you will have to remain attentive to the next steps of all the parties involved in order to unveil the reasons for this hypothetical supplement.

Update (14/01 – 17:37)

Maxwell has confirmed on his social networks that the team decided to have his team’s partner for the next gradual qualifier at EMEA Challengers.

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